Art challenges: One For All and All For One

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Which do you think is best

  1. One challenge for each Artist Arch type once a month

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  2. One ARTIST ARCH TYPE Challenge once a month (Alternate Arch types)

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  1. Hello, Lovely Writers, Artisans, and readers, I'm Fijoli and I would like to get some quick opinions from you, briefly share a little of myself with you all, Introduce myself a bit, and touch on ART ETIQUETTE.

    Is Writing in RP's just is not enough for you, when you write, or read other's writings you are then filled with inspiration to pull the images from your head and slap them onto paper or write your own short stories or poems or novels? As a traditional artist of the Fine Arts, I am not entirely ignorant of our graphic artist hard work or writing in its many forms so cutting to the chase
    we are all artist here. Art Arch types have collected here to one corner of the internet, and here in the community of Iwaku we can share and talk amongst ourselves, share with each other and learn from each other without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. I have taken the Writing and art museum under my wing and hope to inspire and help bring the best out of you in the hopes that you all will bring the best out of me.

    I just want to get a general idea of how many artists would enjoy a monthly challenge, and while we have Art in these directions I will have one challenge for each arch type. Please keep in mind the challenges will be very simple so that if someone decides to start drawing they can practice with us too, I don't like to leave anyone behind. Including everyone is very important in the ARTIST community, opinions must be shared and discussed and we must learn to hear what others want, and while we don't have to agree, at least learn and teach each other how to 'entertain' the criticisms of ourselves from others.

    I've had a teacher tell me once, my art was complete shit once and that he would rather use my painting to wipe his ass then to use the toilet paper ;__;
    needless to say this is not nice and I WILL NOT condone this type of criticism in the museum here in Iwaku, I went on to start that painting over and that 'criticism' may have made me cry but it also won me a 2000 dollar art shopping spree right before I graduated in 2007...
    My Favorite teachers have instilled a lot of simple knowledge in me and the first thing I was taught by my grandmother, whom, by the way, can't draw a stick figure, always said to me; If it doesn't hurt, you are not doing it correctly, Practice makes perfect. Granted My Gran wasn't talking about art, But thats how I took it. Art has always been my passion, Art, and its MANY ways to Express. Life does not hold enough days, and I myself have wasted many hours already.
    so what I am trying to say is don't be afraid to tell an artist what you are thinking and artist don't be afraid to start over...We artists are only artists when we have learned to let go of our EGO and persevere onward, when we absorb what we don't want to hear it makes us better artists, it makes us more attentive to other people, more observant and determined. IF you aren't sure if you'll hurt someones feelings or not, IF YOU HAVE TO SECOND GUESS IT, THATS YOUR INSTINCTS TALKING AND YOU SHOULD PROBABLY NOT SAY ANYTHING.

    This applies to all artist arch types all opinions are welcome and often I miss the joke or two from non artistic friends just because their mind works so differently than mine. So BLAH BLAH BLAH I'm done with all that nonsense. Now for some Business.

    Arch types are as follows

    Writing – from themed poetry to the strict and simple epic short story, challenges of 5 minute free writing, simple exercises to stretch our vocabulary, ridiculous mad libs.

    Traditional – painting, ink work, the hand has done it all without technologies help, clay and stone, pencil and paper, markers, watercolors, paintbrushes and the like. We will focus on simple sketches and color theory.

    Graphic – Photo manipulation, Rotoscoping, levels, image merging, curves , logos, and much more. These would be challenges all based around mostly advertising and photography, but in the graphic arts you are limitless and can, with a little creativity, manifest great masterpieces.

    Art Challenge - Too Invoke Creative Thinking and Harness Visual Motor skills.

    So What would I like from you, The community of artists? Your opinion, you all make this community so I want to know which way would be best from the general census of active artist who go beyond writing in RP's. I greatly Appreciate your taking the time to give your opinions on Art Challenges, and more for reading through that snippet into my brain O.o

    Have an Epic day Iwaku

    ((PS - this poll will close in 7 days))