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  1. Been having trouble drawing lately, so I was hoping some requests could get me back into the swing of things. I don't think I'm good enough to ask for paid requests yet, so for now it's all free.


    Some things to consider when you make a request:
    Full body or portrait
    : Full body will take more time and I'll be more likely to deny a fully body request I'm not fond of.
    Shading or no shading: Second verse same as the first.
    Character detail: While a lot of detail is good, if you you get uber specific it becomes less fun for me. Plus, my art style is very simple, so i may choose to omit certain details for sake of style.

    You should be able to judge whether or not your character will work in my style. Also, I have the right to refuse and request I am uncomfortable with drawing, but for the most part I will be glad to accept.
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  2. Is it fine if I request tomorrow by chance ? oAo its late at this time for me...
  3. It's all good.
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  4. Cool stuff Titee, can't wait to see some more.