Arrowhead [A Beginning]

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  1. Eclipse | Partner Request

    If you're interested in my idea, then please send me a private message as I'll update this thread in future
    If you're open to the idea but do not want to start with Arrow, then please let me know! I'd be open to it :)

    I'm looking for a partner that will maybe want to start a series of DC character stories with me! I've seen a couple of DC related threads dotted around and it has inspired me! So, I don't mind if we use pre-made characters but revamp or alter their canon backstories, but I would much prefer to use the defined characters of the cinematic universe (including television shows.) We can expand on this in more detail over pm's since there'll be a lot of kinks to work out regarding my partner's play-style etc. I'm looking for one person to begin this with me and we can sort out who plays who later on, primarily because involving more people could become an option.

    I'm hoping to start with Arrow.
    lead characters
    x. Oliver Queen / Green Arrow, referred to as simply 'Arrow' or 'the Arrow'

    x. Sarah Lance / the Black Canary, sister of Laurel Lance

    possible characters (not all characters need to be included, we can decide that)
    x. Felicity Smoak / aides Oliver with technical needs, possible endgame

    x. Barry Allen / Visiting starling city on a police case, soon to become the Flash
    x. Helena Bertinelli / Daughter of a mob boss, later becomes the Huntress
    x. Laurel Lance / Long-time friend of Oliver and sister of Sarah, likely to become the same Black Canary
    x. Thea Queen / Sister of Oliver Queen, possible lover of Roy Harper
    x. Roy Harper / Partner of Oliver Queen, possible lover of Thea Queen
    x. I want somebody who can create structural sentences and mirror my writing skill: intermediate
    I’m looking for somebody who will contribute to moving the plot forward, because what’s mine is yours
    x. If you’re getting bored or losing interest in the role-play, please let me know because I’ll do the same with you
    x. Please don't start a role-play with me unless you're in it for the long haul
    x. When the ideas start flowing, I usually write a lot if we’re discussing things via pm, so please let me know if I’m throwing too much at you
    x. I don't care about your gender behind screen as long as you're 18+, it's merely a personal preference since future role-plays and the one listed below may contain mature scenes
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  2. Still looking for a dedicated partner! :)
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