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  1. I have recently been watching the tv show Arrow, and am officially a member of the fandom. I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a small group roleplay? Maybe three people. I would play Oliver Queen/The Arrow

    My idea for this would be that we would do 'scenarios', like one bad guy, we have the team defeat them, and then we start another scenario.

    Also, I am not a fan of...libertine activities in roleplays , So let's keep it PG-13, k?

    Reply here, or pm me if interested. (BTW I am only through episode 9 of season 2, so no spoilers Please.)
  2. What other characters were you thinking?
  3. We could bring the team in (Felicity, Diggle, Roy, and maybe even Sarah), maybe even Thea, we can use some as NPC's where anyone can control them. Any of them are free game, just want to keep it a small circle, as I have known big group roleplays die quickly.
  4. I've only started the second season, but I may be interested in this....
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  5. I'm midway through season two. O.O I think I just gave you a big spoiler, sorry about that.

    We could chat about how this is going to work, if you want?
  6. I'm not worried about spoilers, I have a friend that's always talking about it. Let me catch up a bit because I've been out of the fandom and I'll get back to you this week on my interest. :3
  7. Hey, still looking for this? I just finished season 2
  8. I just started season 3, and OH MY GOSH WHY DO THEY HURT US IN THIS WAY?
    Erm--sorry. actually, my schedules a tad full I am not sure I have time for another. I'm sorry. :l
  9. I'm super interested in this if your still looking for people!!!!
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