Arranged Marriage

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  1. Princess Elestia Godiard, of the mountainous country of Dezera, fanned herself furiously as sweat poured down her fair skin. She was a tall beautiful woman, with long wavy light brown hair that went just past her waist (currently held in a large bun covered in gold and jewels), and with piercing light blue eyes. Upon her body she wore a long white gown with golden flowers embroidered along the edges. Though she was very beautiful and quite elegant, her skin and eyes did her no good in the climate that she was traveling in. The hot sun easily burned her so she had to stay covered in shade at all times, and her light coloured eyes were also very sensitive to the Sun's rays, making it difficult for her to see at times.

    The royal caravan that Elestia was traveling in felt as if it were traveling as slow as a snail and it frustrated her greatly. Patience was not something she had a lot of at the moment. It was bad enough that she had to marry someone that she had never met before, but having to live in such an arid climate as well made it a lot worse. Soon enough though, the caravan finally arrived in the city.

    Elestia gasped as she poked her head out of the curtains of her caravan. The capitol city of Fohrgar was as beautiful as it had been described. Tall decorated buildings and palm trees lined the river that passed through the city, which was one of the main sources of water and the reason for the little bit of life that grew here. People waved with smiling faces at the caravan as she passed by. They were all excited to see the princess from the far away land. Her "exotic" appearance seemed to intrigue them. With so many people though, it made it much more difficult for the caravan to move quickly and the guards had to keep asking people to move out of the way. Eventually though, they finally arrived at the palace.

    Elestia carefully stepped out from her caravan. A servant held the door open and helped her down while another held an umbrella over her head to ward off the sun. She surveyed the scene before her. Servants from the Palace were gathering her things and bringing them to her room. Important Palace Staff were present as well as some of Fohrgar's military to greet the princess. Where were the royal family? And the prince? Her eyes squinted from the sunlight that was glaring in her eyes, making it hard for her to identify anyone. They could be standing just behind someone or even right in plain sight and she wouldn't be able to tell.
  2. Prince, crowned prince, Devereaux Fohrgar stood in his bed chamber watching the carriage role in. He could see a woman in a glowing white dress, from the sun, but even if the umbrella wasn't there he was to high up to make out a face. He turned away and walked to his mirror that hung on the wall. He normally wouldn't stare at himself but he just didn't feel right in these fancy, tight fitting clothes. Which he was made to wear since it was his wedding day. Nevertheless there he stood gazing at his awkwardness.

    Devereaux was tall like his father, maybe reaching the height of six foot four, well built, and tanned from the sun. His brown soft curls hung just slightly above his eyebrows and rested halfway down his neck. His eyes matched his dark 'desert' hair as people would say. His well toned body looked squished and strained. He hated when he had to dress up, and for a someone he didn't even know.

    Sighing he left the room in his prince like black clothes and walked down the hall. Since he wasn't allowed to see this girl untill she walked down the ile he figured it was because she was horribly deformed in the face. He smirked to himself, why else would they say not to met? But he would do anything to honor his father. If he didn't do this his kingdom would crumble, the kingdom of Fohrgar. One he loved at that. He loved the heat of summers and the cold of night. The villagers and the royal family got along well. His father was well loved by the people as his mother had been. He missed his mother, however this was not the time to think of that.

    On his way to the church where he would stand at the top of the isle and wait, when his eleven year-old sister came running up wearing the cutest lavender and pink flower girl dress. A big boy in the back and a couple layers of frills under neither, it made her look younger. Big puffy sleeves in all. He knelt and she jumped into his arms. He loved his baby sister.

    "Hey lovely, shouldn't you be with Rebecca getting ready for the wedding." He kissed her cheek and set her back down on the floor as she smiled up at him.

    "Your really gonna marry her?" She asked holding his hand as he walked her back to her nurse.

    "Yes, I really am. Now be a good girl and go back." He patted her head and sent her on her way. He continued on his way praying that he wasn't making a mistake by doing this.
  3. "This way, your Majesty" said some servants as they urged Elestia to follow. The servants and guards walked uniformly around Elestia, hiding her from the eyes of others, mainly the prince. One servant girl held onto her hand to support her. The heat was really getting to her. She still hadn't seen any sign of the royal family yet or the prince she was to marry, which she found strange. Couldn't she meet him at least once before the wedding? Unfortunately, that would not be. For some reason she couldn't even see the prince till the wedding began.

    "It'll be alright, Elestia," said a servant girl "Be strong."

    Elestia gave a little laugh, "I sure hope so." she said with a weak smile. She just hoped that she didn't faint during the wedding.

    The girl holding Elestia's hand looked to be about the same age as her and was one of the her personal servants. Saya was her name, and she had helped take care of Elestia on the trip to Fohrgar, and also happened to be one of her best friends. Unlike Elestia, she fitted in with the rest of the Fohrgar people, with her tanned skin, black hair, and hazel eyes. This was probably because her mother had originally been from Fohrgar. The girl's mother, Lenora, had felt more like a mother to Elestia than her own, and Saya like a sister. With her here, she felt slightly stronger.

    The servants and guards brought her to a room in the palace close to the church. Saya closed the door and the servants got to work getting Elestia ready for the wedding. She washed and then they did her hair. Her hair was pulled away from her face and held back with gold ribbons, falling down her back like water. Makeup was then done, not much though as it was not needed, and after that they put on her wedding gown. Though the gown she had been wearing before was beautiful, the one they dressed her in was even more stunning. The dress was made of white silk and covered in small diamonds, the sleeves were short and puffy, and golden stars were embroidered at the neck, arms, and waist. With everything finished, the door was opened and Elestia headed towards the church.

    Elestia put on her best smile, masking how she really felt, while she walked towards the church. She looked like an angel, or like a living star with the gold and diamonds shining in her hair and dress.

    "You look lovely, your Majesty." said one of the servants. A few other servants and guards nodded in agreement, making her blush even more than she already was. At least the people here were nice. Hopefully the other people were nice as well, since she would be living here for the rest of her life.
  4. When Devereaux entered the church and stood near the alter, people already spilling in a servant came up and patted the sweat of his head and commented about how handsome he was. He smiled and thanked the servant but he didn't think so at all. The clothes weren't too bad, just not him at all, he would rather get married in armor. That definitively was not allowed.

    As people came in he started to get curious, would he fall in love with this women? would she be nice? Would they be able to get along or would his fathers kingdom fall to the dust. He would have to produce an heir at some point, but that was not on his mind. He did think about women sometimes but he had better things to think about as of right now. Like if she was even pretty, and how his feet hurt. He hoped this wedding would start soon. The sooner it started the quicker it would end.

    He fondled his tie moving it slightly, trying to look presentable. The weight of this country rested on his bond with this girl he didn't even know. Someone he was told he did not do well in countries like this, so it wasn't even likely that she would like it here or him. He had to think of something other then the pressure.

    The priest at that moment walked in and everyone got seated. He would be married soon. Smiles filled the room and he was handed a class of water just before the ceromony began and they waited for the chorus to play that would signal the bride to walk down the isle. His heart beat fast in his chest as he grew nervous.
  5. Elestia walked towards the church doors, heart beating fast in her chest. This whole day felt so unreal, getting married to someone she didn't even know, being surrounded by people she didn't know, and having to live in a foreign country. The prince may have been in a similar situation to her, but at least he got to live in his own home; it made her feel slightly bitter. As the doors to the church opened though she quickly dispelled those thoughts.

    The church was decorated beautifully for the wedding and smiling faces could be seen all around. They were all dressed their best for the occasion and in their eyes she saw shining hope. It reminded her why they were having the wedding. This marriage would help bring the country out of despair. These people needed her. Knowing this, she put on her best smile, a sincere one this time, and walked confidently down the isle.

    Elestia greatly stood out from everyone else in the building. Her light skin and sparkling dress made her look like a shining star. Some gaped at her appearance, making her blush, but she liked the attention. She couldn't be sure if her life would change for better or for worse, but she would at least enjoy this moment.
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    Devereaux steared in awe as a sparkling star came walking down the isle. Her skin was pale, much paler then any he had seen. Though he did not leave his castle or village often, so he hadn't seen much. She looked to be happy walking down the isle smiling like that. Which brought guilt to his thoughts. Here he was thinking that she would be ugly and he would have an exuse to not be happy. THis was for the betterment of his kingdom, that is why she was here. She was willing to do this, to marry him

    He suddenly felt not so odd in his clothes. Yes they were a bit tight but he looked presentable in them. He looked nice. He was ready to do this. He straightened and smiled slightly as she came closer and closer. This would be his future wife, the queen of his kingdom. He would become king. Pride struck threw him. He wanted to be king. He wanted to save his people that loved this land and his family so much. Many could move, but they all stayed. They had memories and he wanted to protect them.

    Once she got a foot away from him he held out his hand to hers smiling softly at her.

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    As Elestia walked down the isle she saw ahead of her the man she was to marry. His face was handsome and he looked strong, muscles faintly showing from under his tight fitting clothes. The look of awe he held when he saw her making her blush once again. She was happy to know that the prince she was to marry was handsome, and probably a decent fighter, judging by the shape he was in, but as she came closer and closer to the altar she couldn't help feel a little nervous. Was his personality as fine as his appearance? This was somebody she would be spending the rest of her life with. She felt reassured though when he smiled back at her, reminding her that at this time she had no room for negative thoughts.

    The prince, Devereaux held out a hand to Elestia as she approached the altar. She accepted it, his strong hand wrapping around her delicate fingers, and stepped onto the platform with him. Even though Elestia was tall for a woman, she was still much shorter than Devereaux. Her piercing light blue eyes gazed up at him, examining him more closely. She soon looked away though when the priest began the ceremony.

    Elestia spoke slowly and carefully through her vows to keep herself from making any mistakes. She felt strange saying them, and wondered if she could truly live up to them. Some she felt like complete lies. How could she truly love someone she had only just met? She may have felt attracted to the prince, but it was only because of his appearance. Despite these insecurities though, she continued on, the end of the ceremony coming closer with each minute.

    As the end of the ceremony approached, Elestia became increasingly nervous. She was a strong woman, but there was a lot bearing down on her mind. Her dress didn't help how she felt either, for it was making her quite hot, and the heat made her feel slightly faint at times. She struggled to keep her composure as the last vows were said. Now, it would be time for the kiss. Her sparkling blue eyes looked up the the prince, seeing if he would make the first move.
  8. Devereaux listened as she spoke her vows and he spoke them back. Her voice was soft and quiet lovely to listen, he wouldn't mind having to listen to her speak for forever. He spoke loud and clear through his vows and turned to face his future wife. He had kissed strangers before, so why should this be any different. He felt as though he would break her if he touched her, so he leaned in slowly seeing the nervousness in her eyes and brought his hand up to her face cupping it. His lips only brushed hers for a moment before he pulled away. It was a sweet kiss, but had no feeling in it. How could he kiss her with love? He didn't know her at all. The best he could hope for was that they became close enough to rule this castle well.

    He smiled once more and held her hand again, this time facing the crowd of people. He held her hand tight and keep glancing at her. She looked as though she might faint. He knew he should get her to a cool room soon, but they would have to go through all the congratulations of practically everyone in this room.

    Devereaux's dad was the first up, the king. He pulled his son in a big hug and whispered 'I know you'll make a great king' in his ear then let him go and kissed Elestia on the forehead. "My new daughter. Welcome." The kings smile was soft, like Devereaux's. Anyone might say that they were brothers were it not for his fathers considerable hight and his show of age. It might have been a common mistake. His sisters however took well after their mother, rest her soul. His littlest sister the most. Her hair was brown like her fathers but she had piercing green eyes and bright creamy skin, beautifully tanned by the sun.

    She ran up and hugged his waist though she could barely reach and smiled up at her big brother. Due to the up coming war and his mother passing Devereaux had been the one to raise her. He thought of her as a daughter. "Lily, this is my wife." It felt weird to say that but he pried his sister from his hip and nudged her to the glowing star next to him.
  9. Prince Devereaux's hand cupped Elestia's face as he gave her a small gentle kiss. The wedding ceremony was finally finished. Devereaux held her hand as they turned to face the cheering crowd. Elestia was glad that he held her, for if he hadn't she felt she probably would have fallen off the platform. With the ceremony finished everyone came up to give their congratulations. First came the king, Devereaux's father, who looked very much like his son, nearly the same really except for their difference in age. He gave her a warm welcome and kissed her on the forehead. Next came Devereaux's sisters. Unlike their brother, they shared very few features with their father. The youngest of them, Lily, bounced over to the prince and clung to his waist.

    Devereaux introduced his sister's to Elestia. It felt strange when he called her his wife. "Hello, Lily" said Elestia warmly as she crouched down by Lily "I am Elestia. It's a pleasure to meet you." Lily looked to be very close to her brother. Elestia had many siblings but none of them were very close. She happened to be the youngest girl in the family, the only person in the family younger than her being her brother Leo. Seeing the two together made her wish that her older brother's were as nice as Devereaux.

    Elestia began to wonder what life would be like here. So far everyone that she had met had been extremely polite and kind to her, although it was still hard to tell how things would be since this was only the first day. The prince seemed to be a good person, for his little sister simply adored him. With the approaching war though, anything could happen.

    More and more people came to give their congratulations. Soon though, it would be time for the feasting and dancing. Elestia wondered what kind of dishes they would eat. Sometimes at her home they had food and spices imported from Fohrgar; they had always been very flavorful and delicious. As for dancing, Elestia was actually quite good. She knew many different styles of dance, including those from Fohrgar. The reason why being that a dancer from Fohrgar came to Dezera and taught her and her siblings how to dance. That was quite some time ago but she still practiced what they taught her. She looked forward to surprising everyone when the time came.
  10. Devereaux sighed relieved that that was over. He slowly led Elestia to the dinning hall and sat at the long table that faced the hole room. Two gold and red thrown chairs laid in the dead center of the table. The king's slightly taller then the Queens. The seat was still techinically his fathers but he offered the two of them the seats. They were now the face of the country.

    Devereaux pulled out her seat far enough so she would be able to get the whole dress under the table. He smiled as she sat and pushed her chair in gently and sat in the seat next to her. His father sat on the other side of him.

    It was only a few minutes before the food started rolling in. The king's table, filled with the royal family and their closets friends, were served first. platters of food were placed before them and the covers taken off. Reveling a appetizer soup, filled with spices and tiny little pieces of potatoes. "You don't have to eat anything you don't like. Do not be afraid to request anything else." He spoke soft to her in-case that was the case he didn't know if he spoke to loudly if it would embarrass her. He didn't know how accustom to spices she was, he loved spicy food.