Arondight: Legend of Anabel (Sign Ups)

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  1. Plot: It was a wonderful afternoon in the kingdom of Arondight, For it was the Festival of Nature the king and queen host every spring. All of the sudden, an evil sorcerer by the name of Excallibur kidnapped the wonderful princess Anabell of Arondight, heir to the Arondight family treasure and the throne. Devastated, the king and queen offered a reward and possibly her hand in marriage to any knight willing to rescue her. A week later, a knight by the name of Sir Finn of Claiborne offered to rescue the princess. Can Finn rescue the princess? Play this RP to find out!
    Name: Anabell
    Age: 14
    Kingdom: Arondight
    Title: Princess
    Personalty: Very logical and almost like her mother.
    Background: She was born to the current queen and king of Arondight, her mother and father taught her how to lead the kingdom like them in the future. Her mother always said: "Remember, Anabel, the choices you make today, may affect the kingdom tomorrow."
    Relationship Status: Single

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  2. Question, is the role of Excallibur playable? And if so, may I play as him?
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