Arms of the Past (Vol-chan+Bluedragon1200)

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  1. This is a roleplay between myself and Bluedragon1200. Please do not comment or post (unless you're one of us).
  2. The sound of steel against rock and dirt echoed through the English countryside. It was an extremely hot and bright summer day in Yorkshire, England. A group of men and women, all in light clothing, were working in a fairly deep pit. They'd been digging all day, and it was obvious they hadn't found what they were looking for. Most of them looked to be in sour spirits.
    "Neal, do we really have to keep doing this? There's nothing here!" One of the older men asked with a sigh as he looked to a young redhead that was digging furiously in the opposite corner. The young male paused and looked over his shoulder at him, giving a look that stated he'd not noticed his companions' woes until that very moment. He stood straight and sighed, wiping some sweat from his brow.
    "Sorry everyone. I know you've all been working hard." He said, glancing about them with his green eyes. They had soft golden specks in them that gave his eyes a strange brilliance.
    "We'll stay just a little longer. Please bear with me."
    The others said nothing, but it was obvious they weren't with him at all. He was the youngest of the why was he in charge? He wasn't THAT smart.

    Neal Whittaker went back to work, throwing dirt into the air like it was nothing. He'd only just recently graduated from the school of archaeology at the top of his class. This was his first real dig, and he was certain he'd find something. It was nearly an hour when suddenly his shovel hit something, something hard. He crouched down and moved away dirt with his hands. At first it just felt like a rock, and it was, but it wasn't just a rock, it was some kind of storage device. Neal blinked and, with some trouble, lifted the heavy rock lid off of the small storage unit. The others had gathered around him now, all curious. He carefully reached in and pulled looked like some kind of pendant; like a necklace or something. It was a single brilliant gem looped through a faded piece of leather.
    "I wonder what its significance was..." One of the others murmured. Neal wasn't sure himself. The gem was pretty though. He reached out and grasped it, and at that exact moment the gem began to glow a brilliant color. Everyone gasped as the light engulfed Neal. The young man heard them shout and the next thing he knew he was standing in a field that expanded for miles without end. The air felt one was there, not even the pit he'd been standing in moments before. He looked around himself, in shock, the gem still held tightly in his hand.
    "What..........what happened......? Where am I?"
  3. William sat on a grassy knoll, watching the sheep in a small valley below. The late summer sun was warm on his tan arms and a light breeze played with his messy dirty blond hair. The tall wild grass moved in waves like a giant green sea. He could hear the light rustle of the trees in the distance. The sheep called to one another in their usual way, in a happy pitch that floated to William and he dazed off into the distance. The bell tower of the little town was visible over the next little hill. His lips pulled down into a frown as he remembered needing to pick up supplies again.

    He stood from his favorite place and stretched. She slowly meandered over the little knoll to the open space where even the bell tower wasn't visible. A man stood in the middle of the grass, wearing strange clothes. William considered turning around and continuing to look over his sheep, letting the man do whatever. No on in the village ever wondered up this way to bother him. He was the only sheep herder for miles, so no one wanted to steal or harm his sheep. The man did not appear to be sneaking in any way, if anything he was confused. Perhaps he was lost. Whatever the reason, William wondered his direction, curiosity getting the better of him.
  4. Neal had stood there in confusion for a few minutes before deciding to try and find someone. Perhaps he'd spaced out....maybe that's why he couldn't recall getting here or even where he was. He tucked the strange necklace into his pant's pocket before heading up one of the hills. It was as he was standing and trying to spot his dig site or his crew that he noticed someone walking towards him. When he saw the blond her perked up a bit, feeling somewhat relieved.
    "Excuse me, do you know of a dig site around here? I've somehow gotten myself lost." He said, smiling and brushing a bit of his red hair behind his left ear. He was certain the excavation site had to be close; he just couldn't seem to spot it.
  5. William paused for a moment, as the man called to him. He was speaking English, as far as William could tell. The accent was strange and he wasn't sure what "dig site" meant.

    "A what?" William asked, as he came closer. He stopped a few yards away from the stranger. He wasn't carrying a bow for hunting, or a sword or armor as a soldier would. In his hands was a pendant on a leather string. William wasn't sure how the man got to the middle of the field as the roads were no where near it.

    "Who are ye and where did ye come from?" William called.
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