Arkansas sucks!

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  1. And that's where ah'm movin'.
  2. Old news is old.
  3. Oh that's nice. o__o I live in one of the most depressing states in the country.

    ....Must be all the meth.
  4. Oh wow. 030 What has the world coming to!! D8
  5. Banjos? that's Kentucky..
  6. Actually it's Alabama, Kentucky would likely be an upgrade.
  7. No.

    Kentucky is worse. D:
  8. Arkansas is the birthplace of Wal-Mart. What did you expect? Quite obvious Arkansas is where the Devil goes when he wants to know what hell feels like.
  9. You know what sucks? This massive heat wave. :I
  10. And she's one hell of a woman.
  11. It couldn't be all the meth, meth makes things exciting. The T.V. told me that. Breaking Bad is an awesome show!
  12. Whenever I hear Arkansas mentioned I always think of a billboard I saw there. The ad was for a pest exterminator and had a picture of a baby sleeping peacefully in her cradle. Then overtop the baby was photoshopped a huge tarantula, like the ones native to South American jungles and exotic pet stores. Then below it read, "can you afford not to hire an exterminator??" or something to that effect.

    Now whenever I picture Arkansas it is as a land gripped by a spider epidemic where babies are constantly being devoured by giant tarantulas.
  13. That's why Gibs keeps his axes.
  14. Of course he would.
  15. Oh.. we do have tarantulas.. This is one next to a silver dollar made in the 1800's that was under one of Isabellas plants.. Should have used a quarter since most people have never seen a silver dollar.. Silver dollars are equal in weight and mass as 4 quarters or two half dollars. Diana was mad to see Isabellas let it loose in the house for pictures..
  16. That spider was fucking huge and terrifying. And seriously was a bigass tarantula. >< I had to look it up on the internet just to see if it was a native spider or if someone's pet got loose and made a hoard of babies...
  17. Don't want a real life remake of "Arachniphobia"? Where's the fun in that...