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  1. If you're an active gamer on STEAM and are interested in a survival game involving Dinosaurs, please check out ARK. It's available on STEAM as an Early Access Game. It's 30 bucks, although there's a chance that this game might be going on sale soon. It's like Minecraft, but for adults. You will die a lot. You will get frustrated a lot, but damnit, there's dinosaurs, and guns, and mounts -- If you're willing to work for it.

    I'm currently running an unofficial server and I need some people to populate it. If you're interested in this game and need some people to play with, come join Hyperion.

    Here's some information about this server:

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    Hyperion is a new unofficial server looking for some survivors to populate the place. Here's some information about this server:
    • This server is based in Las Vegas, Nevada
    • This server has minimal lag, although we ask that new members try not to make mega-structures to keep the server at peak performance
    • 35 slot server, 3 slots currently in use as of this posting
    • No using Gates as Fences, this includes Behemoth Gates
    • Your Admins are the tribe Followers of Apollo
    • This server was made because the Admins were tired of griefing, camping and lag from the official servers.
    • Griefing/Camping is not allowed. Doing so will get the person banned.
    • Hacking will also result in a permanent ban
    • Official server settings are in place ( This means 1x rates )
    • Mods are not in use.
    • PVPVE
    • Your Admins will be more than happy to help newbies
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  2. Always did mean to give this game more than a brief whirl, now you mention it.

  3. Please do. =DD It's a seriously addicting game and I really can't wait for it to come out officially.
  4. I already own the game.

    I'd be willing to join once others are on, so that I can just the hang of it.
  5. Tried it out some time ago, never really got the hang of it, tbh.

    But I think I'd like trying it out with a group if I can combine it with my many other gaming responsibilities :P
  6. Love the building mechanics in this game. Wish it did better performance wise. Can't seem to run it at 30 FPS consistently no matter what kind of tweaks I get.

    Will check it out if I can get a stable FPS. Always loved building little comfy houses.
  7. Just went to find the server, it wasn't available.
  8. ARGH. Let me find the server IP
  9. There ya go.
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  10. Still not finding anything, including a server address search option.
    It only lets me look it up by name.
  11. ... That is really bizarre. O.o

    The name won't just be Hyperion though, it will have some stuff in brackets. It'll still have Hyperion in the name though. You could filter through the Unofficial servers, let it load (there are at least 2000 servers) and then search for Hyperion.

    If that doesn't work you can try joining my game through my Steam account. User is zenebaona
  12. Is there anything that's in the name before "Hyperion"?
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