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  1. [​IMG] In her Casual Attire

    [​IMG] Hair Pulled up Focused on her Gaming

    [​IMG] Her with short hair smoking a cig; which she rarely does.

    [​IMG] Formal Attire

    Personality: She never lets people in. She has a trauma of being harmed too many times in her past and so she is closed off. She's friendly to the face but there's a secret to her, a wall, safely setting her apart from others while being friendly. It's hard to see past her wall, impossible almost. When she's in public she's a wonderful girl, everyone will recognize her and know her in her little town, but when she's alone, she's different. "Well she paints a pretty picture but this story has a twist....Her paintbrush is a Razor and her canvas is her Wrist" Is generally how she is alone, but she never wears short sleeves or tee shirts, even in the summer, no one can see her scars and while she is depressed there are times when she can be a very cheerful and wonderful person. Very rarely will these moments be truly something to her. Arius LaVari is a kind person who can love everyone but herself, because that's just the kind of girl she is.

    Bio: She was born and raised in America, she's very 'the girl next door' kind of girl. Easily forgotten and leaves no real impression on people. Her face is easily forgotten and as such people can never connect her unique name to her face. She's been like this since she was a child, the oldest of 3 children she was often left alone to do her own thing, sometimes she didn't think her parents remembered she was there, because they'd look at her startled all of a sudden before recalling that she belonged in the house. This did damage to her mental state and in High School other children made fun of her, never even bothering to remember who she was, they just made fun of her, because she didn't fight back. This gave her depression, though she managed to hide the harm she did to herself; one of the benefits to being forgettable.

    Arius grew up like this and it affected her adult life just as well. She had found a job that one would forget her in the sea of faces at a small store that she used to slowly pay off going to a technical college for Dog Obedience Training; she loved dogs more than anything and wanted to work with them always. That was the only thing that made her happy anymore. She has no other happiness and so she always works hard towards this goal and has lived a slow, uneventful life up until she meets you.

    (But who are you? If you're interested in this character I'm sure we can work out something fun to do with her.)

    {Also yes, she is a special character to me and my most depressing one, hopefully you can handle it if you decide to pursue a game with her~ Also, I'm hoping to plan this whole thing together; so hope you don't mind collaborating.}
  2. I'm very much interested.
  3. I find you funny. XD I didn't think to ask you. owo' Don't take offense. DX' I wasn't sure if you'd like to do anything else with me.
  4. But I'd like to do it. :)
  5. Really? If you'd like to I wouldn't mind. owo
  6. Yeyy!!!!
  7. normalanimefav120yn.jpg

    Name: Umair
    Age: 25
    Built: Lean
    Skin tone: Light brown.
    Height: 5 ft 7 in​

    Personality: He is an extremely kind, loyal and reliable person. He only needs a very few people around him and it takes him some time before he make friends, but then they are mostly friends for life. He remains a little reserved; therefore often giving others the impression that he is arrogant or snobby. But whoever succeeds in winning his respect and interest has a witty and very intelligent person to talk to.

    He always has this curiosity about life and the purpose of human existence. Born in a religious family but he abandoned all the myths and mysteries around religion by challenging all the false notions and mindless beliefs. He is not an Atheist, and thus believes that there has to be a reason for human existence but he has no answers just yet.

    He avoids huge gatherings but is always up to travelling and visiting places around the world. For him a night spent with stimulating discussions and good food with his loved ones is better than anything.

    Bio: He was born and raised in a poor family in India. He went to a school where there were no classrooms or white boards or playgrounds. It was a very small school created on an abandoned construction site by laborers and workers, where children of the needy could come and study on their own, and on very rare occasions a teacher would come and assess them.

    After completing his early education and being extremely frustrated by the financial status of his family he started tutoring children to raise money he could use for his college education later. He finished is college education with a degree in computer science and got a job in an IT firm to kick start his career. And since then he never looked back. He loves his family very much and supports them financially. Recently someone suggested him to a get a business management degree from an American university to help him in his career progression. Acting on the advice, he enrolled himself in a one year MS in Management information systems course at the Buffalo campus of the state university of New York.

    He is extremely excited to be living in a new city and naturally wants to meet people to make new friends. Let’s see if he encounters anyone exciting...

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  8. Yay! <w< He's really cool. <w<' I also notice what you did there....if you have no idea what I'm talking about sorry. XD I know exactly what I'm talking about, since this character is similar to me; minus all the suicidy things.
  9. Great!! When can we start? on the same thread or a different one? xD
  10. We don't have to do a thread if you don't want to, we can PM or do a thread; either is fine. We've still got a few things to iron out though, like how the pair meet and things like that.
  11. Haha I'm fed up of PMs. Lets do it on a thread.

    My character will meet you at Meijers. Is that okay?
  12. XD That's fine. though I find it funny. <w< So lemme just go and put the thread up then I'll link you to it here.
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