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  1. Name: Matthew Hopkins
    Nickname/Altered Name: Hopper, Speedy, Hype, Tweek, etc... Whatever you wanna call him.
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG]

    Personality: Very hyper and friendly; tries to get a long with everyone.

    History: Matt was a very active kid, and loved running, soccer and baseball. Ten days ago, he had gotten really sick. He became bed-ridden for several days before his parents got worried, and took him to the hospital. It was there that they discovered he had NIV. After five days, Matt recovered. At first they thought he was having a heart-attack, but realized that he had became Altered. It was then that agents from the Government came, and took him away.

    Main Alteration: Super Speed

    Lesser Alterations: Appearance of being really strong, maybe discover more little tricks as he learns about his power.

    Misc: To him, he is moving at normal pace, it's everyone else that's slowed down. Unknown to him, his true power is Super advanced electromagnetic pulse field that is around him at all times. This shifts him on the edge of the normal flow of time, making him appear faster than everyone else. He can control the rapidity of the EM pulses to slow everything around him more than the normal effect. He has to talk slow for everyone to understand him. He will appear to age faster, eat more, etc. because of this. This field also protects him from the strain of moving at super speeds.

    Sound good?
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Thread Status:
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