Are you SERIOUS?!

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  1. So, I had a bad day/long weekend.

    It made me really wonder something and I got talking to my coworkers. It ended up being a hilarious discussion.

    So now I've brought it to you, Iwaku!

    What is the worst thing anybody has ever said to you??

    Maybe it was a horrible break-up speech, or maybe they said you looked pregnant with twins when you're underweight and 13.
    Whatever it was, share and let us all groan together!
  2. OKAY. OKAY. This is THE biggest thing that stands out in my mind, because it was such a WTF moment.

    I was staying at my friend and her husband's place for a week. I was 18. My friend is -always- trying to hook me up with people, and she has the WORST taste in men. Her husband seemed to think I was some sort of endangered species cause I never had sex before too. e__e Anyway.

    They went to the swimming pool, and I stayed at the trailer to finish painting up their guest room cause I wasn't interested in going.

    Suddenly, this guy shows up and walks in, saying they JUST MET HIM at the pool and told him to come and talk to me.

    The first thing out of his mouth. "Oh hey, Are you REALLY a virgin?" dude.

    I spent the rest of the evening being the biggest bitch in the universe to that guy. >> And told my friend I was going to kill her if she ever put me in a situation like that again.
  3. Oh my god, Diana, I would have just kicked him in the babymaker and called it a day!
  4. "You're a complete waste of air, space, and time."
  5. :C What a jerk!
  6. I don't know what the absolute worst is, but this came to mind and was during a horrible period of time. These weren't the exact words. It's to the best of my knowledge:

    "When I look into your eyes, they just look cold.
    Talk to me again when you've got a fucking soul."

    Don't talk to that chick anymore.
  7. Bitchy =C
  8. This happened to me when I was a little girl.

    My mom is ironing clothes and I'm standing underneath the ironing board, staring up at her. Apparently she's pissed with something that I did, I can't remember what. But then she bursts out saying, "I can't wait until you're 18 and you've moved out of the house."


  9. Aww, poor mini-Zen!
  10. Didn't get the 4.0 GPA before February so I won't graduate in white. But I have it now >. <

    This came from my dad

    "That happened because you were fooling around and not taking it serious."

    Ummm excuse me 'Daddy' sorry for not been a bum like my 17 year old brother who doesn't do shit, cheats on tests, doesn't do his h.w, and almost failed school TWICE!

    But yeah that was pretty messed up of him to say. I did try my best, he isn't here to watch me and really have an opinion of what I do educationally.
  11. During my math class one time we had to work in groups to complete a study guide. While my group and I were working, one of my group members, who I had been forced to be grouped with, asked me, "Are you a worshiper of the devil?", while I was listening to J-pop on my iPod.

    My reaction was more or less, "0_o Do I look like I worship the devil?!"
    I don't usually care if people insult me, but this question greatly upset me because of how random it was.
    They were completely serious about it to, which makes it even worse.
  12. You should have tilted your head at a creepy angle and been like "Yessssssssss"

  13. This was... two years ago, I think.

    I had just gotten my mark back from my English diploma, a 2 part test. For the written response, I had gotten 49/50 marks, and an overall score of 93% with the two parts combined. This is an amazing mark, and it made me really proud, because throughout school my teachers, especially my English teachers, had all given up on me, thinking I was a lost cause. Just cause I don't do my homework and I can't write an essay worth pig spit, does not mean I'm not an amazing writer.

    Anyway, so ecstatic with this mark, I brought it home to show off to my parents, rub it in their faces that Im not an idiot. So I brought it to my dad. He didn't even look at the mark. "Hm, that's nice hun." I really wouldn't have minded, except what happened next really hurt.

    He takes my brother's report card and shoves it in my face. "Look! Devon got honors in ALL OF HIS CLASSES! He's going to be on the honour roll again next year! It's amazing, right? I guess he got all the smarts~"

    "...Yeah. That's great dad. *forced smile*"

    I went and burnt my test marks after that. My parents are under the impression I did it so that they couldn't see how horrible they were. I'll let them keep thinking that.
  14. Okay, so, I got moved to a new state, new school, the whole shebang right in the middle of my junior year in high school. Well, so that screwed me up a little bit...well, long story short, I messed up until I got out of high school. I still got a full ride scholarship (which I didnt get to use) and sponsorship for my major. On the day of my graduation, because it wasnt what they wanted. My parents look at me and say:

    "You're never going to be more than a barefoot pregnant cocktail waitress working in a dive bar in the middle of nowhere."
  15. Oh, I think what stands out most to be because it was just a random act of meanness by a stranger was when I was about seven. I was at a gas station with my mother and my step-father, minding my own business and getting myself a fountain drink because my mother said that I could. There was another lady there who was getting a drink too and so I had to wait. I happened to catch her eye by accident. My mother and my step-father came over, because I was talking so long, because of her. I'm not even kidding, she looked me in the face, then the other two and said:

    "Oh, you have beautiful eyes, but why aren't they aren't the same color as your mommy or your daddy's eyes?"

    If I didn't already know the answer, I probably would have been very upset by the question as a kid. >:| As it was, I thought that my mother was going to punch her. XD
  16. I think my brain might blocked out most things, but I can think of one. This was during one of his rage episodes when I was about 10 acting out and first finding out about my diagnosed mental illnesses. He would generally get wide-eyed, red-faced, and all up in my face.

    "You better straighten the fuck up. No son of mine will act like that. Do you hear me you little puke?!" -Dad

    He used puke frequently. The only solace I had, when he said it, was that it sounded off.
  17. "You enjoy the suffering of other people, you're a huge dickhead and I'm entirely sure that if your bad side ended taking over I'm fairly sure you'd have me killed at the slightest provocation."

    Seriously though, that was an interesting conversation to have near her kid.