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the town of heshun is a small village with over ten centuries worth of history. the population just under ten thousand with the majority being the elderly while most working-age adults find better jobs located a couple kilometers away in the city center of yunnan, china. while not being secluded from the outside world or the latest advancements in technology and medicine the town still manages to preserve old traditions and culture.

however, with the passage of time stories and folk tales of the ancients and belief of superstition is dwindling. people slowly began to forget what secrets lie within the small town. it was in this town they had gathered and uncovered the hidden truth behind the strange happenings that happen within the town, their background, and themselves.

the story begins when all the characters are within their second year of middle school. during this time the students are all on their chinese new year holiday. as most children were from the village many spent their time playing within the village while some had a family vacation to the city. no matter what they did with their time they all made sure to come back in time for the annual lantern festival in town.

that day the cold night was suppressed by the warmth brought by the brightly lit lanterns. nearly everyone in the village gathered within the temple's courtyard, eating food, playing games, and praying for good fortune. it was on that fateful day did their fates intertwined.


  • in the past treasure hunters were no more than mere grave robbers. with time the occupation has gained more prestige within the community and has been recognized in their efforts of uncovering secrets within the ancient era. he was from one of the renown families within the circle until an incident occurred with the head of the family, his father, and his mother had disappeared on an expedition. with them gone and him still being young the family's power declined. in the end, a retainer of his father had taken him to the town of heshun to go into hiding from those who are after the family's treasures.
  • born into a prestigious family known to expel evil since ancient times. even with its history, the family has never fostered such a genius. however, such geniuses were always given tribulations by the heavens. failing to overcome their tribulation the exorcist has recently transferred to heshun town to recuperate and test their fate hoping to receive answers on how to overcome their inner demons.

  • an orphan. when they were just born they were left in front of the temple's gates. since then the one monk which resided and took care of the temple has taken them in hopes of nurturing a successor as well as a companion on the path of the tao and buddhism.

  • it hasn't always been like this. at least that's what they think. they only remember seeing such abnormalities when they were seven. that or maybe during their childhood, they weren't able to make out a distinction between what was living and those who were not.

  • their life has always been smooth sailing. whether its background, family, genetics, wealth, there was nothing to complain about. not to mention they just seem to have everything go the way they'd like, until they had their fortune read by their grandfather's trusted clairvoyant. the results were a short perilous fate. as urged by the clairvoyant the lucky one was sent to heshun town by their grandfather in order to change their fate.

  • they always seem to be on the short end of the stick in life. misfortune likes to stick to them, literally. without them knowing they attract all sorts of potential dangers. generally they brush it off as being unlucky but this time they had got into a mess they can't get out of alone.

the treasure hunter  the exorcist   the diviner   the medium   the lucky one   the catalyst

3.1 // follow all iwaku rules
3.2 // discord is a must for occ
3.3 // the main roleplay will follow six main character roles. players are limited to having one main character. other characters may be made sometime further in the roleplay with different/alternate plots, i just want to fill in the six slots first.
3.4 // will be a roleplay clan/group, so if interested please comment and join the clan.
3.5 // primarily will be east asian fcs.
3.6 // hopefully if there's enough interest i'll get the discord occ and character thread ready by monday.

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