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Are YOU a stalker?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by October Knight, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. I know I have been, no need to take the test! But now I'm in love with a woman who loves me back and who tells me everything.
  2. <_< >_> <_< According to the quiz im not : D

    P.S. <3 @ vay babes ^_^
  3. That quiz is asking for private info I am not giving them. D<

    I am a Google stalker, though. It's also part of my job. I have to look up the complete zip codes for some of the addresses on the mailing list. I will also find anyone I need to on the internet without fail. I've done this to my enemies who were all "You don't know where I live, that's an empty threat."

    Mehehehe... >:3
  4. I think I'm too reserved to be a stalker, as it told me as well.
    But you, Flufflebums, you can stalk me any day, all day ;3
  5. The Cautious Stalker

    42% stalker!
    Hey! You scored 42% stalker! Not one to make a fool of yourself, you cover your tracks pretty well. If you keep this up, no one will ever be able to call the cops on you.
  6. The Stick in the Mud Stalker

    24% stalker!