Are you a jumper or a planner?

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Jumper or Planner?

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  1. Are you a Jumper, who flies by the seat of their pants and tackles obstacles as they happen, spontaneous and adventurous?

    Or are you a Planner, carefully considering the possible outcomes, and using your wits and tactical thinking to achieve maximum reward for minimum risk?

    If a jumper and a planner are watching tv together, the planner is all 'it'd be cool to go to Paris someday, maybe we should save up', and the jumper is already googling ticket prices, trying to remember how to say 'where is the bathroom?' In French, and saying "we can totally afford tickets next week! Book the time, this is happening!"

    I know I'm a planner. If be all 'what? The schedules already out for that week, we don't speak the language, we have groceries in the fridge, and we'd need a house sitter; calm your shit."
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  2. It really depends on the situation. For most important things, like college admissions, I'm definitely a planner. Got that shit all scheduled out, missed almost nothing, had practically everything in WELL ahead of time. It's kinda satisfying not to have to worry.
    But for other stuff, like vacation, planning smothers the fun. I like to go in with absolutely no clue, so I just go with what's fun. Usually turns out better that way- you find all the cool stuff when you aren't too busy looking for the stuff you found online. XD I got a last-minute train and couldn't sit next to my mother. Boom, made a great friend in my random seatmate. Decided against a tour of the A&M campus and just wandered around- an ex-department head and leading expert in his field found me in the anthro building and gave me a full tour of the Nautical Archaeology department, including the artifact storage, workshops, and an in-depth discussion of everything they were doing at the moment. I could go on and on; suffice to say there are some times that just letting fate take over winds up being abso-fucking-lutely awesome.
  3. I am more a planner than a jumper but I have a both in my personality. Important things especially things like money and school work has to be planned to a T for me. However I am the type to randomly perk up and be like lets go to the cinema and find out what movies we can pick from. So it really depends on the situation. Business and "Grown up" Things are most definitely planned in a perfectionist fashion. Outings and the like are normally like I said just hey let's get in the car and go somewhere, lol.
  4. I plan so I can jump.
  5. I'm not sure what to put, because I'm a maticulous planner when it comes to stories, but in real life I tend to be impulsive. However, even my impulsive moments come with plans and preparation. But when I write sometimes I just have to go with it, so I'm a bit ofa jumper there. Hmm...

    Is there a third option?
  6. Well no one is 100% one attribute, so I figured if I gave a 'both' option, everyone would vote that and the poll would be useless :P
  7. Huh...So how do I vote?
  8. I always prefer to plan. I actually freak out when I'm presented with spontaneous plans. I can't even be thrown a surprise party because I'll be pissed off about not being notified. xD (Plus, shouting "SURPRISE" in my face will make me run away crying.) My poor boyfriend can't even be like "Hey, let's go out tonight." without me saying something like "Really? As in, tonight-tonight? CAN WE? THIS WASN'T WRITTEN IN MY PLANNER. THE PLANNER KNOWS ALL AND TELLS ALL."

    I have this irrational fear of unpreparedness. x__x

    I think the only time I'll take the risky move of jumping is when I'm at the store deciding what I want to buy. ^^; I'll plan to buy the same kind of something we always have, but maybe I'll feel like getting a different brand for funsies.
  9. I normally just jump.

    You only live once, even if that once was your last.
  10. I'm definitely a "jumper." I'm quite brash, impulsive, and often finding myself doing weird stuff.

    My mother is definitely a planner vacationer, but she always makes AWESOME vacations. We went to Las Vegas, San Francisco, and fifty million different restaurants and saw relatives in a span of like THREE DAYS. It was freakin amazing too.
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  11. See, I HATE planned vacations. XD So much travel time, you can't leave when you want to, reservations are made so you can't just eat somewhere else if you feel like Italian or Asian or Indian food that night... I mean, I guess I see the appeal of fifty million things crammed into one vacation, but it's not for me. I'd rather spend three days just wandering around and checking out whatever catches my eye.
    I guess there are two types of vacationers, lol.
  12. Breed and Born Jumper. I am as Carefree as the wind and Plans makes me anxious
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