Are you a believer? : Ghost Stories

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    Somehow today I was thinking of my dad and what he used to tell me about his grandma. Weird things happened when he was little and stayed at her house. One of the stories I heard from him was the one night while staying over, he woke up to the sound of drums and little people dancing outside the window. He told me that once he was outside he could see little footsteps on the dirt. This obviously scared him but he already knew that his grandma was kind of 'into weird stuff'.

    Are you a believer? Do you have your own ghost experience? Does your friend or family?
  2. There is absolutely no compelling evidence for ghosts being real.

    Paranormal investigators/ghost hunters are almost invariably full of shit, insane or in it for the money. The methods they use are laughable (see the recent ‘ghostbox’ shit they’re pulling for an example). Every claim that they’ve ever made have never been replicated under suitable test conditions to prove it’s legitimacy.

    And besides, if we are just electronic currents and reactions in our brain where the hell does a ghost come from in the first place? I don’t buy the whole ‘soul’ thing (just a personal view, I’ll admit), so I really don’t see what aspect of us could linger on after death.

    I’m not saying there’s no such thing. One day ghosts could be shown to be real, after all, and on that day I’ll happily accept it as fact. But there is no evidence, the methods to detect ghosts are all nonsense, and most ghost experiences are based on personal experiences (which aren’t reliable sources).

    So put me in the ‘I don't buy it’ camp.
  3. I am kind of in between since I am open minded and think about everything although not hard enough.

    There are millions of people to have claim paranormal experiences but is this really true? Don't know for sure until I experience it myself. Then again, most of the population would be skeptical about personal experiences. Oh well!

    Then again, if there were to be ghost why is it that some people see them and others don't? Here is were my non-believer side comes in.
  4. I am not really sure if I believe in ghosts or not. Sure, there are a few mysterious things that happen seemingly without explanation, but maybe if one looked into them, they could find the reason for these happenings. Then again, I sort of believe in souls existing, so why could not there be souls that stayed here, on Earth instead of passing away? I also find stories involving ghosts interesting, but I really do not know if they exist or not. I have not had a personal experience either, I have only seen footage and/or pictures that other people made, and those could be easily faked.
  5. True, with the kind of technology we have now a days anything could be easily faked/changed.
  6. I believe that ghosts exists BUT I aren't certain what they are. The most people thinks that ghosts are dead peoples spirits but there are also theories that it is electric imprints in the time (or something like that) That has been stuck. I don't remember exactly what I read about it, but simply speaking it is this:
    A person have a strong emotion of something that happens to them (for example their child have just died) And that emotion is so strong so it gets stuck there and when a person walks there some years later they can "trigger" those stuck emotions because that person that has gotten there has some strong emotion and then you see a ghost or a ghost activity starts.
    There are also theories about that we see a glint of another dimension that is parallel to ours. And then we have the boring "natural" causes (theories) for ghost activities x)

    So I don't necessary thinks that they are dead people but I think that ghost activities exists, then what they are I don't know and I will probably never know.
  7. Spirits/ghosts/demons/angels all exist. I am a Christian but even we believe in the Holy Spirit so the idea that spirits can't exist is a bit well ignorant on based on how I view the world. I have had experiences with ghosts and always been interested in paranormal/supernatural things.

    As far as my experiences with ghosts, the house I have currently live in used to belong to my grandparents and before them a family that lost their son to suicide(gunshot to head). My aunts and uncles had experiences with hearing things like a ball bouncing off the wall. My sister and I always felt weird being downstairs by ourselves. It gave a creepy feeling like someone was watching. I had one experience when I was alone watching Ghost Hunters(ironic I know) that I felt my hand being grabbed but no one was there. Though after we built a wall downstairs, it does not feel as creepy nor does anything happen. Anyways that is my story.
  8. Ghosts exist.

    Done and done.
  9. I've always been on the fence with this one. I would love to believe that there are spirits and such, but the wimp in my just doesn't want it to be true.
    my best friend is always telling me that she things her grandmother is haunting her house because she and her daughter (my friends mother) hated each other up until the grandmother passed away. She likes to think that they have unresolved business or something. She swears she can feel someone touch her hair when no one else is around. she's told me before that in her dreams her grandmother asks were her mom is and she replies with "i don't know". Turns out, this started happening after her mom had the same dream and told the grandmother to "go away, i don't want to talk to you"

    *curls up and dies*

    I personally would love to have some hot guys like Dean and Sam Winchester out fighting bad supernatural stuff, but the chance of them saving me from an angry spirit is pretty i'm just going to keep hoping it's not true.
  10. That is yet another big mystery.

    Perhaps, there are people who have encountered ghost.

    They may not want to talk about it because, people make think they are crazy for it.

    There is a good possibility that they do exist.
  11. >.>

    I've had my own experiences with ghosts and my sister and brother in law as well.

    As far as my own experiences go, I've seen/felt my boyfriend's step dad's spirit/soul/ghost. I've had it happen to me twice and both times have left me extremely dizzy, sick and not quite normal. The first time was in the hospital, and the second time was when we were in the church with his casket. I know people's experiences vary, and some people can see spirits as clear as day, but for me it was more or less a 'mental' picture. And I know, you skeptics out there are going, "Mental picture huh? Is that another way of saying you're seeing things?" Sorry, I don't see ghosts like I do normal people and it's not very often when it does happen.

    I don't typically see menacing spirits or anything. There are other things that I can pick up but I'm not quite comfortable to speak about them.

    My brother and sister in law have both seen their twin sisters in their dreams. They were still born but neither of them were able to see the twins, only the mother. The twins visited their sister in a dream and said, "Tell Mom it's not her fault." Years later, my sister in law relayed the message and left her mother in tears. Apparently the mom really did think it was her fault the twins didn't make it.


    I have had soo many experiences with ghost/ otherworldy beings that I can't even count them all. Honestly, now I know that most people don't believe which is why I never really tell people I can sense/see/hear/feel them because I think they will be all "Ew. You're crazy." and stuff

    I have had many bad and good experiences though, here is one of my favorite good ones:

    There was this little boy spirit who seemed to be about 6 or 7 years old who used to be at my house. He really liked me for some reason so I'm guessing he had an older sister or mother who could have been around my age at the time. He would always be in my room whenever I was trying to sleep and one night he touch the top of my foot through the blankets and it felt ice cold. Like the first sensation of when you place and ice cube on your bare skin, but it lasted a while. It scared me because that was the first time I was ever really touched by a spirit, so I woke up and my body was still covered by blankets (I have like 4 all year round). I remember sitting there for a while trying to figure out if it was the little boy or something else, but I ended up inviting him onto the bed to sleep next to me, and he slept with me every night for 3 years.

    He was really shy as well, he didn't like it when we had a lot of people over so he would move things around in my room or the bathroom to try and get my attention. He really reminded me of another younger brother. It got to the point where I could communicate with him through my mind and that I could feel what he was feeling. He stayed at our house until I moved out to go to University, then he stayed for a while longer, but lately I haven't felt him in the house anymore. It actually make me kind of sad, and I do actually miss him, even though that may seem weird, but he was actually like a younger brother.

    I don't know how many of you guys would understand, and I'll bet the majority will be "Well. She's weird." but I don't really care haha, it's more easier to tell your experiences through text than it is actually speaking them anyways ^^
  13. Yeah, I'm sure she doesn't go around telling people she see's ghosts..but still.

    I believe that ghosts and spirits reaching us in our dreams is much more plausible than while awake. I have had quite a few dreams about the deceased that led me to some kind of revelation or sign.
  14. @Mittens: I actually don't look at you as crazy for it. There are things that many of us experience that others don't.

    So, people will think you are crazy because the experience of seeing a spirit out of the body, has never happened to them.

    But, I can believe you completely on this.

    In some cases, some people even see the spirit leaving the body of their relatives.

    I've had experiences with them as well.