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  1. Showing us what could have been? Are they possibly futures? Alternate realities? Glimpses of a path our life may have taken? Or is it possible that once we dream of these possible futures, we have somehow destroyed any possible chance of it happening?

    Just some things I've been thinking about.
  2. Strictly scientific answer: Daydreams are memories and/or subconscious thoughts. The two often intermix to create a pseudo-reality for your brain. There's nothing mystical about them at all.

    Non-Science Opinion: I have no idea. Same with the pink unicorn, or God. It could simply be that we're repetitious enough creatures that we experience deja vu through our daydreams. Until evidence speaks to any supernatural claims--and I mean laboratory-verifiable evidence, not the oh so fallible personal experience kind when our brains are so fallible to delusions--I've no strong opinion one way or another. I don't believe, but I really don't care, and the premise can be highly amusing for a story or something.
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  3. I too, thought the same lolol
  4. Lucid day-dreaming the best.
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  5. I always feel fully conscious of my daydreaming, and my brain is hardwired into almost every world that isn't this one.

    I think that actual dreaming (unfortunately, I have to be able to sleep long enough for it) is what really does it for me.
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  6. Wishful thinking in dream form.
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  7. As opposed to non-lucid daydreaming? >_>
  8. ^ This pretty much.

    At best I'd be willing to give credit that day dreams could serve as a form of inspiration for someone to push/fight harder for what they want. But that's it.
    As nice as they are to have (and I day dream all the god damn time) they are ultimately that in the end, dreams.

    Nothing about dreams themselves is going to open or close any doors for people.
    If that's what you're expecting there's a certain individual I'd like to introduce you to...

    Now, technically speaking I have to be Agnostic on the matter.
    Where if Science were to one day come out and show proof that dreams actually did alter destiny in such a way, then I would be open to altering my position accordingly.

    But that's in the same odd's/likelihood of happening as Science proving leprechauns, or a teapot in the sky.
    So although yes it is technically possible, it's so unlikely I'm not even going to try entertaining it until Science can give me a reason to.
  10. O.o And what exactly have you been daydreaming about that seems to be so destiny-altering??

    My daydreams just seem to be about anything and everything that enters my mind, although maybe that's because I'm attention-deficit and prone to zoning out a lot in the first place, but, like, yeah... everything from what I had for breakfast this morning, the song that's stuck in my head, my thoughts on the Mac vs PC debate, the origins of Nyan Cat, that song that a guy wrote about me in high school, and the size and shape of Ringo Starr's nose all seem to go through my head in the span of about ten minutes.

    I don't know if other people's daydreams are normally more... focused? But, I certainly don't see any supernatural revelations in mine. XD
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  11. If daydreams shows what could have been, then I could have been a superhero/villain with superpowers. WHAT DID I DO WRONG TO NOT GET SUPERPOWERS??? ]:
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  12. You sold your soul to Iwaku. >:)
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  13. I'm as casually interested in the many universe hypothosis as the next guy, but I'm pretty sure our brains aren't capable of using space-time as a window into what our counterparts in other universes are up to.
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  14. You guys and your scientific beliefs ;^;!!! WHERE'S THE IMAGINATION?!

    Also, I was a big fan of Sliders as a kid so I'm interested in the thought of invisible world's beyond our grasp. :3
  15. Reserved for my role plays and fiction in general. The only one I have at the moment that plays around with multiple timelines is Legend of Renalta 2, as a mystery of the universe. A bunch of mages attempted to understand how time worked, so they attempted to create doorways through time. Upon opening a doorway in a swamp, they realized that the doorway led to a conceptual infinity of other timelines. Before those mages could turn back, they were ripped through countless thousands of timelines and ended up popping out of the swamp in disfigured, disheveled heaps of body parts, each at a different, random age. So a person could have the arm of a five year old but the liver of a forty year old. Needless to say, they all died within days.

    As a result, those swamps became an unstable point in time that vomits out stuff from the past, present, and future, from other timelines. It is impossible to control and highly dangerous to tread there. One of the new player characters, made by @Jorick came from an apocalyptic timeline where demons swarmed the world. Dinosaurs sometimes also spew out of those holes in time.

    Basically, the point of it is to show that while magic has unlimited capabilities, those who wield it do not. You can open a gateway to time itself, but the human mind is incapable of processing what infinity truly is as a concept, and as a result, you invariably lose control.

    Time & alternate dimensions can be interesting to explore in fiction, but we're not at a technological point in real life to know whether such a thing is possible or not in any sort of concrete fashion. Leave alone daydreams. :ferret:


    Also, science is the epitome of childish curiosity and imagination. It's all about searching this universe of infinite possibility. Scientists are children who learned how to think critically. :ferret:
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  16. That is metal as fuck.
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  17. Daydreams are a side-effect of not wearing tin foil on your head, possibly because the Martians and I are secretly reading your minds. Possibly.
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