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  1. This is simply a creature dump.


    Also known as Manus ore Raptor or Hand-Mouth Raptor.

    Origin: Tierra

    Kingdom: Mammal

    Biology: Four chambered heart with excellent blood circulation. Well-developed muscles for carrying harden keratin and small fur lining various areas. It can detach its own lower jaws into hand-like appendages resulting in what biologists call 'Tooth Hands' for having retractable teeth on the fingers. Its four claws can be used to grab hold of prey allowing its Tooth Hands to latch on and rip chucks of flesh off. It can also use its Tooth Hands to grab hold of fish or reach into high places to retrieve plants. Omnivore.

    Can also be tamed.

    Raptors typically live in packs of 3-4 with a single Alpha male and three females. The females do most of the hunting, taking care of young, and various other tasks. The male acts as guardians defending the pack from any threats or challenges from other males. Has been known to take care of young and hunt, though rarely.

    Uses: ???

    If you notice that the Latin if off please tell me!

    I need to color it... -_-