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      From the birth of the world, infants were born of the elements. The Fae’hathel. Ancient beings of unimaginable power, these beings clung to the essence of life within the world, their solitary purpose being to ensure life would always flourish. However, the winds of fate were most cruel, sending quakes of fear through the Fae’hathel. The rise of the Al’ras was coming closer, ancient beings of dark energy who were only pleased when all around them was shrouded in darkness and destruction. But the Fae’hathel could not combat the Al’ras alone. In order to combat the threat, they agreed with Havenshire, the blacksmith of legendary repute, to have their souls formed into weaponry for the champions of the world’s races to use in combat against the Al’ras threat.

    • Inferno- Fae’hathel who can manipulate flames in various different manners.

      Tide- Fae’hathel who can manipulate water in various different manners.

      Thunder- Fae’hathel who can manipulate lightning in various manners.

      Terrain- Fae’hathel who can manipulate the soil, earth and ground in various ways.

      Ascension- Fae’hathel who can levitate and manipulate the world’s gravity.

      Aesthesis: Fae’hathel who can manipulate the sound waves around them.

      Obscura: Fae’hathel who can manipulate the shadows around them.

      Illumi: Fae’hathel who can manipulate the light around them.

      Vapoth: Fae’hathel who can manipulate the air itself.

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      The Al'ras. Beings beyond comprehension, their oozing, shadowy forms taking the visage of the darkness itself. These beings are lead under the banner of a single name. Vastitas. Their patriarch, monarch and leader, Vastitas is a name to be feared, to be whispered in the darkened alleys and hallways of Aeliatora, a name that brings with it curses as the ever growing darkness of night threatens to blot out the sun more with each day. These beings are destruction incarnate.
    • Midai'la (open)
      Mal'mia (open)

      Mal'mia. The city of religion, of peace and of purity. Mal'mia is a city regarded highly for the peace their guard forces bring, the guard itself known as the Stained Angel Choir due to their stained glass wings, which propel them into battle. Mal'mia is a city that trades in it's stain glass, importing valuables from it's neighbors, and exporting the holiest of items back across the Aelitorian globe.

      Ahslago (open)

      Ahslago, the city of political democracy. A place of justice, lawfulness, where good men become greater, and those of evil are justly punished. However, their is more beneath the surface. Gangs of thieves abuse, murder and steal from who they want, making the night-time alleyway stroll an impossible event for citygoers. In the top-tier of the Ahslago food chain lies corruption and mass deceit, but no one knows exactly who controls who in this city.

      Fallshore (open)

      Fallshore is the port city that supplies Midai'la with offshore trade with islands that are many years travel away from Aeliatora. It is also, in it's underground a place prevalent for it's slaving rings, it's fighting pits and it's undeniable hatred from Phasrielian citizens.

      Infiolith: The Capital (open)

      The capital of Midai'la, Infiolith is the shining example of democracy, their leader believing in balancing the matters of politics and religion, letting neither dominate her choices when it comes to making official decisions. Once at war with Phasriel, they have been written off as the victors, and with very few, albeit visible scars to show for it.

      Fiosalroth (open)

      A city in the trees that makes its economy through it's iron-like lumber, Fiosalroth is at one with nature, many of the citizens residing in the city archers, trappers, hunters or druid shamans in profession. However, they face the threat of the forest most heavily. As of recent, the darkness of the forest has grown...and with it, a maddening rage has filled the once calm wildlife.

      Maldretchor (open)

      Maldretchor, city of snow and icy hearts. Those in Maldretchor hunt for themselves, supply for themselves and are self-sufficient. They do not believe in political debate, but rather fights to determine who is stronger.

      Phasriel (open)

      Than're (open)

      The sanctuary of Phasrielian soldiers, inquisitors of religion who wish to purify the world of anything that seems otherwordly, whether it be beneficial or adverse to Phasriel's citizens.

      Alashi (open)

      Phasriel's merchant city, Alashi deals in exotic spices, exotic weaponry, and anything others crave most in the world, whether it be pleasure and vices, or weapons and equipment.

      Casias (open)

      Second to Chiesiamoth, Casias is Phasriel's most populated city, second only to the capital. Casias is a city of subterfuge, where the shadiest of mercenaries lay in wait for even shadier employers to hire them.

      Lochros (open)

      Lochros is the centre of religion for Phasriel, where it's citizens worship a conqueror god who will cleanse the world in holy fire, burning the heathens so the meek may rule Aeliatora.

      Chiesiamoth (open)

      The fortress capital of Phasriel, most would say Chiesiamoth is completely impenetrable, a fortress of impregnable and domineering magnitude. However, some say they know how to breach it's walls.

    • Name:
      Fae'hathel Breed:
      Weapon Type:

    • Rules:
      Every player gets one individual spirit weapon and one individual Fae'hathel. No one may have the same weapon, for example, 2 sword wielders, 2 mace wielders etc.
      2)No NSFW character images.
      3)No metagaming, godmodding, powerplaying etc etc.
      4) Don't be a dick.
      5) The GM word is law.
      6) You can play a Fae'hathel, but you must clear it with another player as to being their partner.
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  1. The Allomanceress

    Name: Kahla Ishendra

    Race: Human

    Nation: Pegulis



    Occupation: Jewelcrafter

    Notable Skills:

    -Jewel Crafting: Kahla is skilled in that of jewel crafting, able to turn rough gems into beautiful trinkets.

    -Minor Allomancy: Kahla can burn base metals and create minor magical effects, whether they be beneficial or negative.

    -Duelist: Kahla is skilled with a blade, able to wield most shortswords with deft precision.

    -Patois of the Artisan: Kahla can speak in the tongues of the artisans, able to convince others of her words, and to listen to them.

    Notable Possessions:

    -Jewelcrafting Kit.
    -Hooded Leather Armour
    -A handcrafted shortsword, known as Auroran.


    Kyr'ithia, the Ice Bird.


    Insignus: For five minutes, once every day, Kahla can enchant gems with magical capabilities.
    True Allomancer: For five minutes, once every day, Kahla, dependent on the metal she has in her inventory, can burn the metal in her hands and create magical effects dependent on the base metal she burns.

  2. Commission Application to be Posted (open)

    Type: Lineart with colour
    Number of characters: 1
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Body build: Thin, with light muscle definition.
    Skin: Caucasian
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair style & color: Brown Hair.
    Clothes: Wearing a black T-shirt with the Muse Logo on it. Is wearing a red, tattered scarf around his neck. He is also wearing Square Glasses.
    Overall appearance and details:
    He is a satyr faun, so he will have a pair of Goat Horns and Ears .
    Pose/action: He is standing up, with his left leg crossed over his right, his left leg balancing a book that he is reading.
    Reference image:
    Character Legs

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  3. Elenhin'in Dictionary

    The Elenhin'in language is one of many cultural facets. It takes upon itself the tongue of the elvish, as well as the tongue of the barbarians, to create both a refined and cruel palate.

    Yl'la: Daughter
    Pronunciation: [Eel-la]

    Yr'a: Son
    Pronunciation: [Ee-ra]

    En'na: Elder
    Pronunciation: [Eh-na]

    Is'sa: Child
    Pronunciation: [Is-sah]

    En'matra: Mother
    Pronunciation: [En'matrah]

    En'patro: Father
    Pronunciation: [En'pat-row]

    Y'ras: Brother

    Y'llan: Sister

    En'nayra: Older Brother

    E'naylla: Older Sister

    Is'yra: Younger Brother

    Is'ylla: Younger Sister

    Invective Pronouns:

    Ys': Shit

    Ys'sa: Shit [Noun]

    Ny': Fuck

    Ny'sen: Fucker

    Matra'nysa: Motherfucker

    Swei: Pig

    Swei'san: Pigs


    The history of Vatialyn.

    Our realm began in darkness. Eternal, ceaseless. Endless darkness in a tumultuous void of nothingness. Aeons of darkness lay in the void, until a peal of light shattered the olbivion, piercing the darkness with an infinite flash of light, stemming from nowhere and everywhere. They came. Our creators. The Precursors. They set about designing a nursery, a place where they could use their talents to create. They were Four. Set, who we call Mother Nature. Who spurred the very first buds and flowers into being, who made land and sea in harmony, islands of rock and mountains of stone. Arturion, Lord of Time, who allowed the sun to arc across the sky, who allowed Set's plants to grow. Who allowed there to be days. However, there was one such Precursors who allowed there to be nights. Terror, the Lord of of Darkness, created the night, so that every day, the sun could set and rest. But there was one who deviated from the rest of the Precursors. An unpredictable figure, with shifty glances and a charming smile. Archaon, the Lord of Chaos, who allowed what we know as evolution to change and reform the landscape, and remove predictability from the world around them.

    They worked together to create our world, but even in perfect harmony, cracks will eventually form, and undermine what the creators had sought. Archaon, a being of unpredictability, had grown bored with the nursery that his fellow cohorts had created. He sought to entertain himself, sought to wring the world they had created from the influence of his fellow architects. Sought to bring an end to the control of the creator, and let chaos reign supreme.

    He whispered dissent into the ears of his brethren, undermined their work, and blamed the others. Soon, they were like squabbling children. Arturion blamed Set for creating "imperfect specimens", animals and plants that were not aesthetically immaculate. Set blamed Terror for wilting her plants, causing the more defenseless of her animals to die at the hands of her created predators, and Terror blamed Arturion for making the night shorter than the day, saying darkness should be allowed to spread when the sun has not risen.

    Soon the Precursors fought with actions, as they had exhausted the need for words. Set pulled apart the land, attacking her brothers with mountains, caverns and seas, killing intent fuelled by rage dancing across her eyes. Arturion tore across the realm, sending devastating blow after blow towards her comrade, watching he and Terror fall to each other as she finished the job.

    However, one Precursor lay unscathed in the battle, having avoided the bloodlust. Archaon. A megalomaniac and sociopath, He clapped and cheered as his comrades killed themselves. But it was his time to die.

    Or so it seemed. With the last vestiges of her energies, Set trapped Archaon within the boundaries between realms, sapping his power so he could not escape. And with that, the Precursors shattered like glass, their energies splitting into millions of pieces, taking aeons to form into the individual gods and goddesses Vatialyn's citizens know today. The Ancients.

    This is the story of our world.



    The gods of Glacium, Hearth, Blossom and Cascadia.

    Glacium, Hearth, Blossom and Cascadia. The seasons of Vatialyn. Each seasonn grants power to an Ancient, one of Vatialyn's newer gods.

    In Glacium, Rembrandt, the God of Peace and Honour rules supreme. Fair and brutally honest, Rembrandt is not afraid to speak his mind, although others who disagree often feel like they do not want to vocally clash with him.

    In Hearth, Varael, Goddess of Victory, Conquerors and Fire takes the reins. A fiery, feisty woman, she has no time for weakness and will crush those she deems weak under her boots.

    In Blossom, Alyssia, Goddess of Nature, Growth and Prosperity spreads life across the land, as animals are born, and plants grown anew.

    In Cascadia, Orion, God of Dust, Sand and Transformation helps the land recover from it's sins, as the dust and sand hides it's dark histories.

    However, none of the Ancients have seen or heard of Orion in a long time. Some say he disappeared into a sandstorm, never to be seen again.



    The other gods of Vatialyn.

    Although the seasons take a special mention in the minds of Vatialyn's citizens, that does not mean the other Ancients within Vatialyn's pantheon are any less important.

    Marina: Goddess of the Oceans, Rivers and Thunder. A flirtatious being, she often appears to sailors who have wronged the oceans, by committing crimes like overfishing, or polluting the waters, and dragging them into the depths, never to be seen again. She is a proud woman, capable of defending herself.

    Cipher: God of Mysteries, Codes and Riddles. A being that is almost completely incomprehensible by nature, he speaks only in the godly language, known as Æthrïtańä, the Exalted Tongue.

    Shadri and Lumia: Goddesses of Duality, Truth, Lies, Debauchery, Chastity, Light and Shadows. Twin sisters who are forever bickering, Shadri and Lumia represent the two sides of the metaphorical coin. Light, Darkness. Chastity, Debauchery, Truth and Lies. If one wins an argument, it can often end badly for those nearby.

    Nesmerene: Goddess of Deceit, Treasure, Bartering and Memories. A secretive deity by nature, Nesmerene has an oddly alluring presence, often seen in markets, paying almost nothing to the traders she deals with. With golden eyes, she is a dangerous presence.

    Lupa: Godess of Wolves, Bravery, Teamwork and The Pack. Often assuming the form of a wolf, she travels with a pack of spectral wolf spirits at night, and can often be heard for miles around, howling at the moon. She cares for others, and tries to instill bravery and teamwork into kind, lone mortals that she meets.

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    Dangerous anomalies.

    They appeared after the first Cataclysm. Warping, shifting, humming masses of matter that mortals could pass right through, but often never enter. Glassy and green to the eye, they were strange, anomalous to Vatialyn's environment. Those who passed by them often heard a thrum in their ears, deep, repetitive and gnawing. Those who passed by them often ended up temporarily deaf, having gazed directly at the rift's glowing mass and it's deep thrum.

    But these anomalies were not just that, anomalous. They occurred because of the realms. Due to the First Cataclysm, even the realms themselves were unstable, according to the highest appointed mages and clergymen. The Precursors had left a dying realm in their wake. But the fractures themselves were not silent for long. What was once a glassy oddity arced bolts of green lightning across their surroundings, and They came. Horrifying creatures, wanting nothing more than to feed on flesh and bone.

    With curses, come blessings, however. With one realm disrupted, so to was a multiverse of others, and many strangers have stepped into Vatialyn in recent years, many more combatting the threat of the Räshákh, the beings also known as They.

    But there is something in these Fractures. Something that could be described as...pulling the strings of the realm. Something...dangerous. Soon, it may fracture Vatialyn itself.



    For those with higher purpose.

    When the Fractures first appeared, the air was filled with crackling energy that ignited the souls of those who were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be beside them when they erupted from nothingness. Their souls were invigorated, given abilities beyond mortal understanding. Over time, groups known as Schola have been formed with different creeds, to ensure the wellbeing of Vatialyn, as well as allowing the pursuit of greater knowledge for it's students.

    The various Schola include:

    Ambion: This schola believe the best defense against the wiles of evil magi is to simply carve out their ability to use magic. The Ambion schola believe that magic should be a bound and protected art, and imprint all their students with a subjugation spell in the form of a brand on their chests, that ensures that they may never kill another with magic.

    Dispara: This schola has been shunned and cast away by all other schola in the realm. Dispara is a schola that focuses on the magic contained within the dead. Necromancers are born from this schola, able to ressurect the dead, but also give more life to the living.

    Kashi: The Kashi schola believe that uniting oneself with the elements around them can lead them to a higher existence, to enlightenment. These magi are skilled in the arts of manipulating elements such as fire, water, earth and wind. However, there have been cases where aberrant magi have become skilled in manipulating elements such as lava and lightning.

    Jivana: The Jivana schola believe that life is to be protected, whether it be mortal, plant or animal. To that extent, they are the most peace-loving of all of Vatialyn's schola, and will therefore cast out those who harm others, branding them as "Apa'ra", or "those who sin", so other Jivana magi, and indeed, all magi, know these individuals are dangerous.

    All magi use Foci, crystals and pendants that allow them to focus the well of magical energy within them. These Foci are used mainly by novice magi, however as they grow in skill and wisdom, the Foci becomes more a symbol of achievement and a reminder of success, rather than a necessary tool for conjuration. However, in regards to the material realm, different materials are able to attract different wavelengths and elements of magical energy.

    The gemstone known as Baronite, found most often in the caves of Erimere, is a key Foci in the conjuration and manipulation of fire. However, that of the gem known as Whinspar is most often used as a Foci for Jivana mages, whilst the Gantrichite gemstone is a common Foci for those of the Dispara schola. Finally, the Keinelian gemstone is most often used by that of the Ambion schola magi, as well as architects in building anti-magic defenses in fortresses and castles.



    Coming in all shapes and sizes.

    Vatialyn's denizens are varied, in shape, size and breed. Spread across the shattered realm, they have developed many cultural practices, unique to their individual races, that have shaped how mortals see their realm in this present age. Humans are the most dominant species in Vatialyn, in regards to geographical spread. Born pioneers, inventors and leaders, humans are naturally gifted in speechcraft.

    However, in the depths of the ocean lay another of Vatialyn's species, the Achroma. Beings that resemble fish and amphibians, the Achroma are protective of their homeland, often seen walking on land to maim and kill sailors who over-fish in their territories.

    There are others that are shunned with Vatialyn, that of the Iren. Beastfolk who are varied in species, from foxes, to bears and wolves, the Iren are shunned by humans because of their inherent lesser intelligence, compared to their more evolved human relatives. To this extent, the Iren believe in clan unity, and will often only trust humans and other races who have proved themselves to the individual clans of the Iren subraces.

    In addition, there is a race that are more exclusive than that of the Iren, known as the Äraka. Tatooed women of various skin colours (such as primary colours), the Äraka believe in trial by combat as a method of proving your worth. Men are seen as objects to be used in Ärakan culture, but can be trusted eventually if they show they are worthy.

    Finally, there is an ancient race within Vatialyn, said to be the essence of the precursor known as Set. That is, the race known as the Set'ra, a race of plant beings who wish for nature to flourish in such a divided world as Vatialyn. They believe industry is destroying the natural world, so culturally do not use or like metals or machinery.
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    For those with higher purpose.

    All magi use Foci, crystals and pendants that allow them to focus the well of magical energy within them. These Foci are used mainly by novice magi, however as they grow in skill and wisdom, the Foci becomes more a symbol of achievement and a reminder of success, rather than a necessary tool for conjuration. However, in regards to the material realm, different materials are able to attract different wavelengths and elements of magical energy.

    Using Foci

    When magi use foci, their whole inner being awakens, as too does their true potential. Foci enable magi to create arcs of dancing flame, to bring men back from near death, and even throw lightning itself. However, using Foci comes with a price. With focus comes consequence, and injury can often occur to those overusing their magic. Jivana mages often return from medical tents with gashes and bruises like their patients, and Kashi Fire Mages often fall unconscious from oxygen deprivation. Mages know their limits because of this, and are careful not to overuse their magic.

    Foci Materials:
    Foci are conduits for the magic power of a standard schola magi, and are most usually some form of gemstone. For example, the gemstone known as Baronite, found most often in the caves of Erimere, is a key Foci in the conjuration and manipulation of fire. However, that of the gem known as Whinspar is most often used as a Foci for Jivana mages, whilst the Gantrichite gemstone is a common Foci for those of the Dispara schola. Finally, the Keinelian gemstone is most often used by that of the Ambion schola magi, as well as architects in building anti-magic defenses in fortresses and castles.

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