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  1. Did you used to go to Arcades? Do you have any around where you live? Do you go to them now? What's your favourite game?

    I'm not a big arcade person (didn't participate when it was a big thing so now I'm missing the nostalgia), but I used to really love the old DDR machine at this one place that closed
  2. Used to all the time. There was a little hole in the wall in the Mall owned by this near ancient lady who fixed them all up. DDR was amazing (to watch).

    Favorite has to be House of the Dead. Simple, classic, and fun.

    It's a shame most of them have closed or turned into attractions where you buy cards to use instead of coins. But I guess that's the times.
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  3. There was one in the city I lived in before that was nice. It was technically apart of a movie theater, but it was basically it's own place.
  4. Yes

    And now they are all gone. ..
  5. Yeah, there was one at the local mall when I was a kid. It might still be there actually, but I haven't even thought about it for... I dunno, 10 years maybe?

    My favorites were the beat 'em up fighter games of The Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was awful at them and never got very far, but they were fun.
  6. there were 2 d&d arcade games

    loved those

    elf and thief were hot and crazy useful
  7. My town nevet had an arcade, my my dad worked at Paramount Canada's Wonderland, which is the biggest amusement park in the country. It had a pretty impressive arcade and a lot of the newer games, so I definitely loved to stop by there whenever I visited the park, especially on family appreciation day when the tokens were free for employees and their families. I can't remember the names of most of the games, but there was the Jurassic Park light gun game, this light gun game where you're divers and hunting down massive sea monsters, all those racing games, and man... I miss all of that.

    My uncle and aunt used to take me on these 2 to 3 day cruises when I was young. They'll hole themselves up in the casino, while the cousins and I would spend time at the arcade (Pre-wifi problems, yes yes). I remember Daytona and time crisis, the lost world gun game, House of the Dead 2, some animal hunting game, guitar hero, animal kaiser, king of fighters.
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  9. There's amazingly still an arcade at a bowling alley a few miles away. Has a modest amount of games, though the owners quit keeping up with maintenance after awhile because too many people treat the machines harshly and break them which really sucks ass. Otherwise the only place near here which has any arcade games is the corner bar down the street. But the owner lets me play Pac-Man for free. :bananaman:
  10. Oh boy.

    My husband is a competitive Street Fighter player and a competitive rhythm game player (Beatmania IIDX primarily). I accompany him to the arcades every once in a while, as there are still a few smaller, privately owned arcades left standing in SoCal.

    There is a big conglomerate arcade/bowling alley/karaoke/bar in California called Round 1, which originates in Japan where they've become very popular and very successful. There are a few in California now, I believe.

    I usually just play ticket redemption games at Round 1, and pinball or racers at my husband's local arcade.
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