Aranor--The Hunters

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  1. Seeking:
    Veterans of the recent War, or others skilled in Combat, wishing to form a party in answer to the King of Aranor's call. Profits from journeys to be shared equally among the group.
    Come to the tavern on Draik Street, not long after sunset...
    look for Naieda.

    A Neshobe was sitting at a round table near the center of the tavern, her blue tail hanging limply behind her through the center hole in the rail-backed chair. Her eyes, expressionless and a few shades lighter than a clear day's sky, looked over the small group seated before her. It was a few hours past sunset, and many of the tavern's more moderate regulars had already left. This group had slowly trickled in over the past few hours, each defining their own meaning of 'not long'. And for the first time since sitting down, she spoke to them.

    "I am Naieda. I take it you are all here in response to this?" She unfolded held up a copy of the ad, which had been in a pocket of her pants. Most either nodded or gave some other form of assent, with the exception of a rowdy-looking dwarf sitting next to her.

    "Lass, I ain' here for that! Ye can' make me move, either! I was here first--"
    Naieda gently laid a hand on the dwarf's shoulder, looking into his eyes with the same lack of expression. He looked ready to jump at her at first, but a slight blue glow briefly surrounded the area of contact between her hand and his shoulder, and he visibly calmed down. "Sir dwarf," she said bluntly and carefully, "are you aware the seats nearer the bartender are long since open? Certainly you wouldn't be interested in this business anyway." Looking around himself for the first time since sitting down, the dwarf noticed she was correct, and hopped up and ambled off.

    Looking back at the group, the Neshobe made a vague gesture with a hand before letting it fall back to her side. "Introduce yourselves, please."

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  2. "I am Osiris Feelek," the old man began. His eyes stared straight ahead, though his head turned to face all those present. He was currently using his powerful hearing to listen to the heartbeats of those around him. He had a detailed view of everyone present, from the inside out.
    "I want to apologize again for being so late," he added.
    "It's no worry, Osiris," The Neshobe replied.
    "I feel I should explain, anyway. The woman I came in here with is named Salya. And she just picked that dwarf's pocket. Salya?" The red-blond haired woman cast Osiris a furious expression as she handed over the dwarf's money bag.
    "I apologize, for her as well. I thought it would do her some good bringing her to fight alongside such great warriors as I'm sure you are. Know that she will be my responsibility, and I assure you that this" - he jestured to the change purse he held - "will not continue."
    "Only because I can't get away with it," she muttered to herself.
    "I heard that. Do you want something to drink?" he asked her, not unkindly. "I have to go over to the bartender anyway to return this."
    Although barely a whisper, he heard her mutter "pint of ale"
  3. "Well," Raund pushed himself to his feet, gesturing with his hat. "I'll join you for that drink. 'Name's Raund, and I'll confess I'm here for the reward. I'm a hunter by trade- you need the help, I could use the business. If any one's short on equipment I have some extra gear you can go through."


    Outside in a waiting cart piled with camping supplies, old armor and weapons, mostly in need of repair, Kosche curled his tail tighter under the hide tarpulan and leaned back against the front bench. It was just like Garreth to take all night and leave him out in the cold. Not that it was so bad, it was only mid summer, it wouldn't be getting too chill for another couple months.

    The horse made an odd nickering sound at a passing dog and Kosche sat up to lean over the side, folding his arms under his chin to watch the animal sniff around the water trough for something. It was an old, scruffy looking feral- half starved, Kosche could count it's ribs even in the dark.

    He thought about running away. Every bruise he swore was going to be the last one, he could make it on his own- but not without half the junk in this cart and he doubted he could get far enough to escape the brand of thief even if he could elude Garreth for any length of time. And he had too many strikes on his record just... just existing.

    The dog padded over to sniff around the cart and Kosche pulled a bit of preserved sausage out of a ruck sack and dangled it over the side.
  4. The one named Raund interested Osiris. At least he was honest of his intentions. His heart rate had remained steady through his words.
    He sent out an inaudible high-pitched sound to get a better "look" at Raund. He noticed that he possessed a broadsword and a bow. But no arrows? Why the bow?
    "I'll get that drink for you," he said kindly. "What would you like?
    Raund was interupted before he could answer. Salya had questions of her own:
    "You're a hunter? How much does that pay?"
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  6. "I'm sorry, Naieda. I wasn't aware anyone else could hear that," Osiris began. "I was just trying to get a better sense of my surroundings. As for the reward? It doesn't have much of an appeal to me. I have all the money I need already."
    "Maybe I could have your share, then," Salya mumbled with a smirk. Aloud she said, "How much is a share, anyway?"
    "Salya that's just as rude as asking Mr. Raund how much a hunter makes," Osiris said with disapproval. "You're here to make up for your crimes by doing some good deeds, not bask in a mound of gold."
    "No, I'm here because you threatened to turn me in if I didn't go with you," she retorted. The lamps around the group suddenly blazed brighter than before. She was letting her anger get the better of her and making sure Osiris knew it.
    He looked unimpressed, though he could feel the rise in temperature. He wasn't aware she even had magic. "I didn't threaten you," he said, feeling his own temper rise. He did his best to keep his voice even. "I offered you a choice between coming here and being punished as the law says you should be," he stopped taking a few deep breaths to calm himself down. He concentrated on the sound of his heartbeat until he heard it slow.
    "Now if you'll excuse me, I still have to return this," he gestured to the bag of coins he still held. "This conversation is over," he said to Salya, who still looked furious. "And what was it you wanted to drink?" he jestered toward Raund, back to his usual self. "I'm going to see about tea, myself."
  7. Turning slightly towards Salya, Naieda answered the question. It might be good for Raund to know this as well, she thought. "I don't presume to know the exact amounts, as it will be based on what task has been done, but certainly the more difficult and important a task is, the more it is likely to pay..and even more minor tasks should pay each person well with as small a group as this."
  8. "Sounds like a lot of figures," Salya said. She looked over in Osiris's direction. He was busy returning the money to that addle-brained dwarf, so she figured she could speak freely for the moment.
    I'm not very good with figures, she thought to herself, all the while looking up into Naieda's stoic eyes. I only know two things; the value of coin, and everyone has their price.
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  12. For anybody who cares, I'm definitely personally retconning a lot of stuff about Mason from Civil War. I feel like for me that RP was a little rough around the edges, and I want to have Mason as a character mesh better with Murder Series.
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