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    Space, the final frontier, yeah right. Far beyond the comprehension of a Class 4 dimension is the concept of Pseudospace. Psuedospace is the space between spaces, an interdimensional gap. Over time it has come to be populated and with population came moderation. With the coming of new people also came the Interdimensional Hubs, or IDH’s. These structures were assembled in Pseudospace with the purpose of monitoring all interdimensional vehicles, IDV’s. With this new police also came order.

    Class 1 Dimensions aka “The Government” – These dimensions are some of the first to make it into Pseudospace. They now operate and maintain the IDH’s and are the only ones allowed to make decisions that affect more than two dimensions. They are well respected for their decisions and their comprehension of interdimensional physics.

    Class 2 Dimensions aka “Sci Fi” – These dimensions usually are much larger than others. Rather than just a planet to visit these dimensions have people scoured throughout the main galaxies. They have a great understanding of natural physics but do not entirely understand Pseudospace and interdimensional travel yet.

    Class 3 Dimensions aka “Fantasy” – The final “legal” dimension is the world of Fantasy and magic. Because of their magical powers they have no need to fully understand Pseudospace or natural physics. Thus they are the lowest rated legal dimension.

    Class 4 Dimensions aka “Illegals” – A class 4 dimension is an underdeveloped civilization. Nobody has been able to create vehicles that are capable of interdimensional travel. To enter these places is punishable by death.

    With the classes implemented travel was much more controlled. Still there was a threat looming over all of Pseudospace, a threat that was inhuman. Those threats were interdimensional criminals. Because non-humans were the ones to specialize in this they were labeled as demons. With the coming of demons The Angels descended as well. Inside the oldest IDH rests a specialized crew who are trained to deal with demons. The Angels are mostly made up of Class 1 dimension residents but sometimes there are exceptions. Because of the large amount of dimensions The Angels are one hundred strong but only a few agents are sent in to quell each problem as it arises.

    There have been stories of when The Angels faced the greatest threat to Pseudospace but it is regarded as a fairy tale. The event was so long ago but the actual cause was unknown, lost in records destroyed during the time. The only old school IDH left is Heaven. Heaven now faces a rise in Demon activity and is preparing to send out another crew.

    Alright now for the character sheets. You will be under the employ of The Angels and reside in Heaven. The RP will go through a few missions which all link together to the main plot. Each mission will be one to two pages in length on the Iwaku so generally short and quick moving stories. There is sure to be a ton of action for you all to enjoy.




    Dimension of Origin: (This can either be a brand new dimension or you can use a dimension form a previous RP if you like. Just remember to add a little bit more history to your history section.)

    Equipment: (Remember to keep your equipment tied to the dimension you come from. If you come from a Class 1 Dimension pretty much you can use anything.)


    History: (Include how you got recruited into The Angels)
  2. NAME: Kumo Blackwind

    AGE: 27

    Appearance: Kumo weighs 185 and stands at a tight 5'10'' tall. His grizzled body, which is covered in scars, is thick and ridged with muscle. The best description for him would be stout. He has a wide face with a cut jawline and a five o'clock shadow that never seems to go away no matter how much he shaves. His dark brown eyes are thin slits on his face that give way to bushy black eye brows. Kumo's hair is shoulder length and when its not tied in a tight pony tail it hangs in strands over his eyes. Starting right above his left eye is a thick scar that goes all the way down the side of his face and into an "S" curve ending at the base of his thick neck.

    Dimension of origin: Hailing from a Class 3 dimension, Kumo is no stranger to magic and those who use it. On his home planet of Derge, which is torn by an on going war caused by a demon lord, many have banned together to fight. Although war torn and more or less destroyed; Kumo loves his home with a passion.

    Equipment: His one of a kind double handed sword, Named "Sainted Carnage" It was passed down to him from a deeply religious Wizard, Ser Valdor, who gave up magical studies to become a priest. Before Ser left for the brotherhood he had a Blade created that he himself infused with magical power and blessed it. It is a very powerful blade that really comes to life when striking down the dark ones; Demons. He also wears a thin magic plate armour that has a blue tint to it.

    Kumo also carries a silver cross on a chain around his neck

    Personality: Kumo is a good a man as he can be considering he watched most of his friends and family die at the hands of the dark ones. He rarely smiles and tries to keep to him self whenever possible. His only real true passion is killing demons and shutting down all they represent. He is a good ally, but at the same time distrusts most he meets. Often times he can be found gripping his blade waiting for battle.

    History:Kumo Blackwind was born on the planet of Derge, once a peaceful and beautiful place, now lays in ruin from a twenty year war that still rages on. at the age of 15 he experienced the rage and evil of the demon forces first hand when he watched as his entire village was destroyed. Shortly after this he was taken in by a deeply religious mage turned priest named Ser Valdor. Ser taught him how to stay pure of heart and mind even when knee deep in death. When Kumo turned 18 he went to war against the vile hordes that infested his home land. A seven year veteran of war, Kumo was hardened beyond belief. It wasn't until his entire unit was wiped out and he was all alone in a dark part of the land that he realized his true calling as a Demon slayer, armed at all times with the "Sainted Carnage"; his blessed blade.

    Alone, and covered in thick blood, he stood. Having killed all the advancing forces there was now little choice for Kumo but to wait. Wait for whatever hell the Demon hordes threw at him next. When all hope seemed lost for Kumo a door opened, both literally and metaphorically. Kumo accepted it as an act of god. When he entered it he was thrown into a Class one dimension, from there his true fate was revealed. He joined an elite fighting force, selected for his fearless conduct in the face of evil.
  3. Thinking of either a girl who uses TK to wield many weapons at once, or a dude who can spam the punch and kick buttons like nobody's business.

    Probably the girl, because human-scale fin funnels are awesome.
  4. Name: Alberich Ikelos


    Appearance: A tall man with extremely pale skin and jet black hair. His ears are slighly pointed and his canines are somewhat longer than normal.

    Dimension of Origin:*Class Three Dimension

    Equipment: He wears black clothes and a long coat and carries a rapier and staff of lignum vitae which he can use as a focus for his magic. In addition he
    carries an ancient book containing a wide variety of magical knowledge
    Personality:He is a man concerned highly with honour who can nonetheless be capricious and arrogant at times. He can ignore potentially important things when obsessed with knowledge. He has a dark temper when angered and seldom forgets a slight.

    History:*Alberich was even when young an amazingly talented magician. He possessed natural talent that was rarely seen and he was trained in hidden places by an ancient order of elven magicians. When he left them he wandered the land in search for causes to stand behind. He encountered the Angel Recruiters and intrigued about the worlds they described decided to follow them for a time
  5. Name: Fujiko Nagare


    Show Spoiler

    Dimension of Origin: Fujiko hails from a class 2 dimension most notable for the prevalence of giant fighting robots. Psychics, whilst rare and mysterious, do crop up occasionally there.

    Equipment: Case full o' guns. Six Sub-Machine Guns, and six Desert Eagles. The SMGs and their ammo make up the bulk of the weight of the case.

    Fujiko can use her telekinesis to use six of the guns at once and still have her hands free, alongside with handling the recoil that the Desert Eagles provide to back up their impressive stopping power. Her combat style tends to focus on moving the guns around with her mind and shooting things.

    In shooting things with two high calibur pistols and a half-dozen automatic weapons doesn't work, she has a monoblade. It's in the form of a katana (of course), and can cut through most materials like a hot knife through butter.

    Personality:Fujiko is a bright and happy young girl, though she can go a little..overboard sometimes. But let's face it, that man really did deserve being shot so many times his face was unidentifiable.

    Fujiko's mother, Hanako Nagare, was an expert pilot and hero in her own right (though that is another story). Hanako was a pyschic, and when she did give birth to Fujiko, there was a bit of a scuffle over what to do with the girl. Psychics were still rare and incredibly mysterious, but Fujiko's mother did not want her daughter to be a lab rat. Eventually a compromise was reached, and the girl did have some examinations, but an otherwise normal life.

    Her powers didn't start manifesting until she was around 13. Hers took the form of telekinesis and a "danger sense" of sorts that allows for stupid-good reflexes. Not much later was when the use of psuedospace for FTL travel got her dimension added to the IDH database, and diplomats were sent. Fujiko didn't really want to become a mecha pilot or a test subject, so she volunteered to get the hell outta there and put her skills to good use.
  6. Name: Raymond Istenburgh

    Age: 28

    Show Spoiler

    Dimension of Origin: Class 1 Dimension, Valvis

    Equipment: Matter Collapser or an MC. Standard issue to any Angel Commander. The gun emits a ray of a bluish color. Anything the ray touches is collapsed and sent through an instable dimensional rift and ejected into Pseudospace. The beam is adjustable in length and size. The size restriction max is the size of an Earth quarter. The length max is .8 kilometers.

    Aura Energy Converter or AEC. This device allows Class 2 and 1 dimensions use magic. Although it is not a perfect device and still operates off of the user’s state of mind. The calmer the mind the better is converts spirit into energy. This can form anything from a sword to a hammer. The only problem with the AEC is that if the weapon is damaged it directly effects the user. These have only been given to highly qualified soldiers.

    Finally on the main list of tools is a Sonic Screwdriver. It is a universal lock pick as well as a universal screw driver.

    In addition he carries the seal of The Angels in his wallet. He packs energy recharges for the MC and keeps a notebook on hand.

    Personality: He is everything a commander should be, calm minded, closed to enemy pleas, respective of his crew, etc. He does not let anyone in on his past though, which involves a great deal of trouble for him. Instead he tries to keep focus on the matter at hand and stay in the present.

    History: Raymond was born in the Class 1 dimension Valvis. As a young boy he always dreamed of crossing through dimensions and visiting others. He spent his time in school researching everything he could about the Pseudospace and the government policies of such a place.

    When he grew up and was in high school he took advanced Pseudospace theory and matter conversion. He also learned how to stabilize a dimensional rift into Pseudospace. His work was so well done he was admitted to Valvis College, the top rated college in any of the Class 1 dimensions.

    However, when he first got to college there was a disaster back at home. His parents had fallen ill to inter dimensional radiation from demon transports near there. At the time there was no cure for this and his parents soon died. He worked his way through college not only to complete his own dreams but to also find a cure for such an illness.

    Fast forward six years and you have the doctor who cured dimensional radiation sickness. With such understanding of the dimensions and regard for public safety he was quickly promoted to a commander in the task force known as The Angels. His advance knowledge would be well worth their time. He now leads his high performance team on some of the most dangerous tasks that could be assigned to them.
  7. [​IMG]

    Sunshine crept in through the shaded window of the large classroom, a young and tired looking man sat at a desk near one of the corners of the room. The light seemed to case strange shadows due to the position of the curtains, making the room almost look like some kind of horror film set. Solomon adjusted the glasses resting on his nose to fit them more comfortable as he rose from the desk, opening the curtains completely to allow more sunshine to spill into the room. The warmth was minimal, but pleasant, and it coaxed a slight smile across his face.

    After a few moments of basking, he spared a glance at the clock across the room, hanging over the door. Class would be beginning in fifteen minutes, which meant the early bird students would be arriving in five. A sigh escaped him as the young man made his way to the whiteboard at the front of the room, writing down his name in a large and flowing cursive font. Solomon Salvat, am obviously un-American name that he'd gotten a couple unpleasant looks for. It never bothered him though, at least the slightly Indian accent he had didn't draw much attention.

    Solomon moved to his desk again, retrieving the fairly large paperback from the top drawer, a novel he'd been reading in his spare time. The book covered the theory of evolution, bringing new and, as some would say, outlandish, views on the initial theory. The science the author included, his methods, the statistical data, the various theories, it was truly interesting. Above all, it was it was intriguing and thought provoking. Thankfully, the schoolboard demanded that they follow a set curriculum, but, allowed for some tweaking and Improvisation. In this case, he would cite not only previously written texts on the subject, but this modern day interpretation of it as well.

    Once the students began pouring into the room, Solomon adjusted his tie and glasses again, standing up in the front of the classroom, his freshly written name about three feet to his left, at almost eye level. He was fairly tall, and the board didn't go far over his head. The young man would smile and nod at each individual as they entered, his arms crossing in front of his chest as he waited for everyone to take a seat. The young minds of today were, for the most part, nothing spectacular. However, there were always some bright minds in just about every group, and this class was no exception. First period was always his favorite, not just because he'd been fortunate enough to have a few of the brightest students in this one, but because most of them were still partially asleep, and that meant less masks and more honesty. An addled mind is an honest one.

    After everyone was situated, Solomon let his arms drop to his side, hands resting in his pockets as he made his way back to his desk. He spoke softly, but in a stern and loud enough tone for it to carry across the room. His voice was fairly smooth, medium-deep in pitch, and firm yet supportive in tone.

    "Good morning, everyone. My name is Solomon Salvat, and I will be your new teacher and instructor for this class, as well as a couple of others. I would have taken up the position earlier and saved you the frustrations of substitutes, but, I'm afraid there were complications with last year's teacher, involving the authorities and other details we need not worry about. It is a pleasure to meet all of you."

    Ordinarily, someone would wait for a response after introducing themselves. However, Solomon knew it'd be fairly pointless, especially as a new instructor speaking with a group of young adults in a classroom setting. Nonetheless, he paused long enough for any of them to respond with a halfhearted hello, or what have you, before picking up the paperback from his desk.

    "This morning, we will begin the year off right, by discussing, and studying, one of the key theories that makes up our understanding of human past, present, and future. Evolution. Charles Darwin, a name any student is familiar with, I hope, is attributed with the discovery of the topic, and few names these days are known to have contributed to the theory.

    We will be discussing Darwin's discovery and contributions to the science, as well as other individuals over the years. Including details within this book. In the mean time, however, who of you can tell me, what name Darwin used to explain his theory that nature dictates what creatures thrive and which creatures cease to exist?"

    Solomon smiled slightly as his eyes scanned across the room, stopping briefly at each face as he awaited an answer. Surely one of these children knew. Odds are, several did. Of course, student participation was something he would certainly need to work on.​
  8. Alright glad to see we have so much interest in this RP. So far everyone is accepted. I'll leave the OOC open to some others if they want to join for a few more days but the IC will most likely be going up tomorrow. So be ready to begin this great RP.
  9. Alright the first Mission is up. Although my intro was not the biggest it does get us in the same place right away. We'll be landing in Aethervale, a Fantasy land wrought with destruction from the wars between demons. Castle Baal is our objective and we will be landing about one hundred meters away. Although that is a short distance it does not make us immune to a battle or two going on around the area. The mission specifies that we must secure the castle. The reason I'm telling you this, well you can choose whether or not to land in your post. If not then I'll land in my next post.

    Anywho we will be basically fighting for our first couple of posts and have greetings after the area is clear. Kind of a different twist to an RP but hey we like different. So have at it my RP soldiers.

    Writing in the Moonlight,

  10. Hmm......well that was a ruined plan.

    Anyways, good afternoon?
  11. XD well that works XD
  12. Sara thought about it. Maybe she could get older cause she did not seal enough power into her dagger? But its not like she actually choice the amount. "Something like your swords, I figure. Anyways, lets get this test over with....and if you make a high mark on it. I will give you another kiss as a reward" In the end Sara would pass with a 67%, and so she was going to be upset if her friend did not get a least a 95%. The only reason Sara barely passed was cause she was a hallow at her core.
  13. i wasnt aware that i stated where the angels came from.......ah well, thats what i get from writing in sleep dep mode.

    i didnt mention how the demons got to the alternate earth because it was never discovered, in was gonna use it as a plot point for Nicholas' hate for the demons.

    pending reply, i shall gets to editan'
  14. Instrumental

    Minori (open)

    The Banshee (open)

    Q.S. (open)


    Minori (open)

    Ella (open)

    H.T. (open)
  15. "No fair, you can't hold a kiss hostage like that." She squeaked before going off onto the test. When she came back she was grinning before saying, "Aced it so you owe me a kiss, what about you?" She would give a giggle before wrapping her arms around Sara, hugging her friend. "Now we just need to get a room...or choose to stay in my home~ Whichever works for you. Also just so you know we are gonna kiss alot tonight, we need to make up for all that time we weren't kissing"
  16. Alright accepted. I still have some loose ends I want to tie up with your History...just additions to make sense out of this Class 4 being bumped up to Class 2.

    So here goes my rendition of add-ons that you can probably use or not during the IC.

    "After the war the demons left behind their technology and with it several standard IDV's. With this new technology unlocked and reproduced; the victors of the war were now free to explore several new worlds across the Pseudospace."

    There...I'm satisfied XD. Anyway feel free to post in the IC.
  17. so do we have to fear the enemy defenses? or is our little band of plucky heroes just going to destroy them in a hail of Hollywood gunfire?

    why bother we with trenches when we have the power to crush our enemies with but a glance or a single shot from our weapons?

    why do we not just run at the guns, surely our plot-armor protects from the horrific rot spell that crippled the poor, "lesser" npc that Piro dispatched..........

    okay, i cant be sarcastic in my head that long, thus i cant write anymore.

    (Yes....i know sarcasm doesnt cross on the internet, what with everything being the written word and all.)

  18. I picked up on your sarcasm before the end of your post, " hail of Hollywood gunfire" cracked me up.

    Posting soon BTW
  19. Jason and I have you now! >:D
  20. The kid next to me on the trip back is watching Clannad.
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