Arachne Academy

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    Siren woke up early on Friday morning, much too early for school yet.
    But she decided to get up and take a shower anyway, just to get going.
    School started at eight in the morning, and if students liked, breakfast was served at seven.
    After her shower, Siren made her way to the cafeteria, to grab a warm breakfast, and a coffee.
    Her cafeteria served good food- not usual shitty school food.
    Smiling at the brightness of the day, she sat down and began to eat her breakfast, while
    studying from her textbook.
    Her uniform was clean and neat, since she'd just had it dry cleaned the other day.
    Siren felt that today was going to be a good day.

    Andrew woke up with fifteen minutes to eight.
    He threw on his uniform, which was wrinkled from a night on the floor,
    grabbed his backpack, and ran for his first class.
    He didn't even have time for his morning coffee, but usually he didn't, anymore.
    He was always late.
  2. Carolina had been woken up by her roommate as always, her roommate had swimming practice at five thirty AM. She wasn't quiet about it either so Carolina usually woke up every day at five forty five. Carolina had a quick exchange with her roommate before taking a shower, doing her hair, pleasing herself, getting dressed and then drawing in her notepad.

    Carolina had occupied herself for a couple hours however she had decided to go get school breakfast. She got her food, a lox bagel with a orange juice and yogurt. Carolina sighed looking for someone to eat with. She spotted a girl all alone and shrugged. She took her food and sat across from her. "You mind if I sit here?" Caforlina smiled at the girl.
  3. -Only minutes away from the main School Building, in the once scarcely populated Dorms, is now quite Vibrant due to the sudden uprising of out of town students now attending Arachne Academy-

    The sunlight shines on Trent's face as he is still asleep in bed. In fact, it has been shining on his face for about 3 hours now, he's late for class, once again. But no student in all of Arachne can rival Trent's unattendence, he got two suspensions from not attending class already, such behavior wouldn't be tolerated at such a prestigious school such as Arachne, which is why he only has once chance left(3 strikes) before he's expelled. Known throughout the Dorms as the "Number 1 Delinquent", all the teachers hate his behavior and is known as a brute. Coming from the Big City, he is playing right into a stereotype in this countryside school. But little does anyone know there is alot more to Trent than just a rich guy from the big city with a attitude problem.

    A loud banging noise emits from hid Dorm door. "Trent!!! I know you're in there, get your butt up man and get to gym, you're about to be late again! C'mon man!" Trent shuffles in his bed. "Wuuuut." The banging noise continues. "I'm-I'm up!" He rolls off the bed and thumps on the floor. "Dude whatever, I'm not even gonna try to wake you up anymore, you can't even help me, help you, jeez bro." The obviously familiar voice fades away as Trent looks down to the carpet that is now well dirty from last nights party and shakes his head. "Man, screw this school for real." He picks up his brand new, unwrapped schoolbooks and empty school journal and throws them towards his open bookbag, hoping to make it inside. It misses and thuds on the floor. He sighs.

    Finally getting on his two feet, he walks over to the bathroom slowly and gets dressed. Though he was sloppy and a slacker academically, his hygiene was grade A. And he spent ten minutes on just picking a outfit. Usually he'd wear the school uniform, but today was a game day, so was permitted to wear the school sports team outfit. He only has his baseball and football sports jersey's for clothes anyways, but he had 35 different color variations. They were all hung up and labeled, he stayed fresh with his outfits. Then he took another 180 seconds to pick out a baseball cap out of the 44 he has. Finally dressed, he looks over to his brand new and only clock in the room that isn't even unboxed, to grab his lighter that layed ontop of the clock box and headed out the door. "Screw this school."

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    As soon as he heads out Professor Julian is waiting for him with his arms crossed. "Late again Trent?!" Trent shakes his head and ignores him and turns his back to lock the door. "Look Trent, I'm one of the very few teachers in this school that's pulling for you, and you still can't even get up on time? He shakes his head. Let me guess, your Biology book isn't even unwrapped yet, still?" Trent turned around and scorned the professor. "Man shutup, what do you know about me? Talkin' that trash about my books, you don't have X-Ray vision how the hell would you know if it's unwrapped or not?" He walks away from the door and past the teacher quickly. Professor Julian sighs and speaks louder as Trent tries to walk away. "I know because I can hear the plastic from the unwrapped books rubbing against each other in your bags. I may not have X-Ray vision, but I have ears Trent! " Trent shakes his head and turns the corner with the quickness. "Dude always trying to be witty, that shit aint funny. Screw this school."

    -In the main school building-
    Some students were about to finish breakfast, some already studying for todays classes and others conversating with each other. Either way it went, everyone had already been up, Trent knew he was well late, he was very hungry, and he'd think atleast that would give him enough motivation to wake up on time, but now he has missed breakfast too. "Damn!" He walked down the hall and went to the Boys, well no, Mens, restroom. Trent actually spraypainted over the "boys" part of the sign and put Men's, one of the many acts he has done at Arachne. He went to the sink to splash water in his face and say his friend, Malik. "Finally up huh?" Malik grinned with his arms crossed, on the wall behind him. "What do you want man?" Trent turned around. "YOu to wake up on time to atleast get some attendance, what the hell am I gonna do in this rich kid school if you leave? I don't fit in here man." Trent sighed. "Man, you know how hard it is for me to stay motivated here, I aint even wanna go here though." Malik shakes his head, and sighs as they walk out the bathroom. "Yeah well, your father forced you to come here, but imagine what he'll do if you drop out, ever think of that?" Trent shrugged. "Man screw this school and screw my Dad. Don't care." They continue down the hall to the Gym.

    -In Hallway 2B-
    Trent and Malik is chatting it up when they see the Biology teacher intercept them. "Wut?" Says Trent as he eyes the teacher. "Wut? Well you're gonna have alot more to say when I show the principal last nights DVR recording of you vandalizing school property!" Malik looked at Trent with a 'Really?' look on his face and walked away slowly. "Man I don' care, you guys were gonna kick me outta here anyways." Trent scowls. This Biology teacher was the one who hated Trent the most, especially after Trent egged hi car last Halloween. "I've got my eye on you boy." Says the Biology teacher as he walks away. "I aint no boy!" Trent turns around and walks away. Heading towards the gym. He puts his bookbag down and gets ready to go out onto the field, but not before attending the P.E. meeting. Already late, he walks into the gym with everyone else on the team already in the gym. Everyone was talking until Trent walked in then it got silent.

    "Wut?" Trent asks as everyone stares. "Thanks to you we have to do double, training Trent, that's wut!" A random team member shouts out. "Oh well then." He yawns and stretches. Whispering about Trent is heardin the gym. "I don't give a-" Trent is interuppted by Coach. "Silence!" The coach walks in the Gym, with a very angry tone. Intimidating everyone but Trent. "Where were you this morning?! Let me guess, your alarm clock isn't even plugged in, still, right?" Trent shakes his head. "Naw, actually, it aint even unboxed." The team laughs until the Coach gives them The Eye then it's silent again. "Don't get smart! DId you even bring your extra pair of shoes?!" Trent sighed. Then the coach walks up to a random team member and calls them out. "Jim! Did you bring your extra pair of shoes today?!" His tone lightens. "Yeah I did Coach, it's for our upcoming field trip." The boy replies. "And that is because he pays attention in class Trent! Unlike you." Trent walks up slowly to the coach and looks at him eye to eye."

    "Actually coach, I did bring my extra pair of shoes." The Coach laughs. "Yeah right." Trent shakes his head and points to the Coach. "Nah, really, I did." He sits down, being the only one sitting now. "But it aint 'cause of a field trip... I brought mines..." He stands back up after taking a pair of one the team members shoes. "'Cause I need two pairs?" THe coach scowls. "And for what?!" Trent sighs. "Well, one pair, I need to wear on my feet of course" He smirks and stares at Coach. "The other pair, will be the first pair I wear, which are the ones I have on now. And these are gonna be gone..." THe team anticipates Trent answer. Trent gets in the coach's face, waving the extra pair of shoes in his face also. "When I put both shoes, the whole pair, up your ass for talking that trash to me on the daily basis! Then! I'm gonna need second pair of shoes, 'cause the ones that are gonna be up your ass are gonna be so far up there, a excavation team won't find 'em!"

    Trent then walks out the Gym, onto the Baseball field, leaving everyone behind and sighs and sits against the building, he can hear everyone gossiping behind him, while others laugh after he chewed out Coach. "Screw this school." He knows he better straigthen up before he gets expelled, but he just can't find the motivation, after all he was dumped here by his wealthy father who refused to put him in a normal school. "I aint even Ive League material though." He lays down and dozes off thinking about how he's the best Baseball player in the country right now, Arachne is 9(wins)-0(loses) right now, due to him, all blowouts, but that won't help his grades. Wanting to drop out, he won't, as his pride would be hurt,and rumor has it College Baseball spectators have been to his games to see him play, he wants to make it to Pro Sports, but if he drops out he won't. "Screw this school." He falls asleep outside.
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  4. Kishi woke up at 6:30 am, taking a nice long hot shower, she pulled on her school uniform. It was the start of her first year at Arachne Academy. She grabs her backpack as well as her guitar case before heading out of the room down to the cafeteria to meet her brother for breakfast. They only share a class together but that was fine with her. She gets to the cafeteria and looks around looking for a spot for them to sit when he got here. She feels someone tap her shoulder and see's Sabah there pointing at two girls sitting together. She heads over there with a smile. "Hello. Do you mind if we join you?" She asks taking a seat next to a girl.

    Sabah wakes up at 6:55 am, he pulls on his school slacks and buttons up the school uniform shirt, running a hand through his hair letting it cover his left eye like always. He sighs grabbing his back pack as his alarm clock goes off. It had took him 5 minutes to get ready. He pulls his backpack on and heads downstairs and out to the cafeteria to meet his sister. He sees her looking for a place to sit. He taps her shoulder and points to two girls sitting together. Sabah follows his sister and sits across from the girls.