April's Museum Writing and Art Challenge

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  1. These special challenges are designed, created, or hand picked to challenge the writers and the artists of Iwaku. Unlike the institute, the museum challenges have deadlines and last only for a month. Those who participate in these easy challenges will not only exercise their imaginations and hone their skills through a type of 'unbridled' creativity, but a each month will produce a winner of these challenges and along with it winning recognition.

    in a sense it is competition, and art is by far one of the most productive form of competition there is today.

    All Artistry and writing levels are welcome to submit entries for that I alone will judge. I will be submitting entries myself, this means all entries of mine are purely for example alone. I take on the role of judge so that even my fellow staff members, as well as the members, may take part in these creative activities and feel involved as well.

    This is a monthly competition based on the creativity we have as a whole community and praising each other for the good work we do inspiring one another through our words and our art.

    No one can win twice in a row, but if there is consistent entries from members, I am not above rewarding hard work and those who practice and show dedication to the talents and skills they have.

    Deadline for both Writing and art challenges are April 30th

    Artisan's Challenge - This month's Artisan challenges you to Personify the four season with any mediums you have at your disposal.

    Writer's Challenge - This month's Writer's challenges you to use the picture provided in this link to tell a story, write a poem, or any form of writing that suits you.
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