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    Game Masters: [DIANA]Diana[/DIANA] & Ocha
    Characters: BIOS ARE REQUIRED
    Genre: Space Saga SciFi
    Atmosphere/Mood: Dramatic Space Adventure with lots of Action!
    When: Friday April 4th @ 12PM NOON Central Time
    Where: Roleplay City Chat

    There is a very rare breed of ship, a living ship. A fantastic creature that has such great potential... but, to use this ship you must be "chosen". Chosen by the ship itself or many of the ship's designs might be impossible to control. You could fly it, live in it, travel... but you could never control it. Every ship is different and who they desire as a pilot could be as opposite as night and day. A particularly bossy ship may even want to choose it's crew. After all, if it doesn't want you on board, it won't let you stay.

    Nicknamed Titan Ships, these wonderful creatures are a great commodity to have despite the difficulties in finding a pilot. Yet, the Terradyne Federation has now outlawed the use of these ships. The choice of pilots and the actions of these ships could not be government controlled. When found, they are confiscated and put away in military stations to await being destroyed.

    Originally a great organization put together by the Dynithian Race to enforce peace across the Galaxy. For a few hundred years, this system has worked well. Up until recently. There have been some changes of power. In the past 40 years, the Terradyne have slowly turned from peacekeepers to bullies. They have kept their facade, only to do a lot of under-the-table deals and treaties. It's rumored that the Terradyne are now making people "disappear" if they don't uphold the Agenda.

    Where the Terradyne might call them terrorists or pirates, the Genesis Coalition boasts that it is an organization against the military state the Terradyne has started to force on the Galaxy. Questing for the truth and freedom for the constellations, they intend to take down the Terradyne by any means necessary. If not by legal means, by brute force. Their tactics have been everything from peaceful demonstrations, to full out attacks on Terradyne owned properties.

    Saniya Karamchand was just a civilian concerned about her mission friends. When she started making inquiries and searching for them, she found a Titan ship - Thea - who then chose her as Navigator. Continuing her search on board Thea, Saniya was stopped by a Terradyne vessel commanded by Jasper Kelran. Once Thea was boarded and Saniya apprehended, Jasper was ordered to out-right kill the woman. He refused. A very bitter coworker accused him of being a traitor to the Terradyne. This might have been cleared up, if Thea hadn't decided right then that this man was her new Pilot. Thea evicted the Terradyne officers on board, kidnapped Commander Kelran and escaped.

    Now a fugitive along with Saniya, Jasper was determined to return to the Federation, explain what happened and take his life back. He hired a small crew and contacted an old friend to help him. Unfortunately his friend betrayed him. A group of hired thugs ambushed Jasper when he met his contact. Saniya and the crew of Thea tried to intercede - but failed. Jasper was captured and is currently en route to a Terradyne hold.

    Recently, Saniya found a way to contact the Genesis Coalition was aided by one of it's members, Lenora Star and her crew, to help rescue Jasper Kelran. The rescue was a success, but in the process Lenora was betrayed by a crew member. She, Guy and were captured.

    NOW, Jasper is back in command of Thea and has landed on a obscure trade planet to regroup and plan his next move.

    This Charp is a continuation of a forum roleplay, and will be a recurring charp series. We'll be playing it in stand alone episodes that all intertwine to form the story. If you can't make this one, there will be another, and another, and another. New characters will ALWAYS be welcome, and absent characters will be given explanations on why they're not there. You do NOT need to read the forum roleplay to know what's going on, but if you want to here are the logs! Every new episode, we will be posting up a new Charp event thread and attending players can re post or link to their bios.

    Because this roleplay has a lot of plot and character development expected from players, it may not be great for straight up charp newbies, HOWEVER we're happy to answer any questions and help people play and get involved in the Chosen series! <3

    For this roleplay, we require bios! We want to make sure the characters fit the roleplay. Our requirements aren't strict at all and most bios will be fine, so we'll just be telling you if there is a a big problem! Use the BASIC BIO TEMPLATE. You may play a human or any made up alien race. If you were a part of the Chosen forum roleplay, you can bring your character back in! And if you can't attend THIS scheduled charp, you can tell us why your character is absent for this mission, and we will hopefully see you in the next one. <3

    In THIS episode:
    - You can be a current member of the crew or a returned member of the crew. (if you are a returning player.)
    - You can be a NEW member of the crew just hired.
    - You can be a member Genesis, someone that is associated with Lenora Star or you can even by a spy.
    - You can be a random civilian on the planet they're currently docked at!
    - You can be a Terradyne officer. (But be prepared to be violenced at!)
    - You can NOT own or be a pilot of a Titan Ship. (This is very plot important.)

    Jasper and what was left of the Rescue Mission crew have landed on the planet Eght to resupply and regroup. Current crew gets to wind down and socialize, new crew members can come in, and planet-side shenanigans get to happen. No one knows what happened to Lenora, Guy or Alek (Pavel) yet.

    Any other questions, just ask!
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  2. Damnit, Diana.

    I might not be able to make the first one but expect an updated bio for Max.
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    Character Name: Pavel Mikhailov
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Vargr (Fox-like Humanoid)
    Age: 32
    Birthplace/World: 0832 Lyrae IV
    Occupation/School/Grade: Freelance Mechanic (Cover) - Terradyne Undercover Marshal (Secondary Cover) - Genesis Coalition Splinter Group Assassin


    General Appearance: Looks like a lithe lupine humanoid, stands about 4'8", rust colored fur
    Strengths: Agile, quick-witted
    Weaknesses: Physically weak


    Current Goal/Purpose: The splinter faction of the Genesis Coalition he works for is bent on ensuring Jasper does not reach Terradyne custody alive. His orders state that Jasper is loyal to Terradyne and cannot be allowed to rejoin them as a chosen pilot. He is to use his skills as a mechanic to gain the trust of Saniya and the others, and then dispose of Jasper in a way that implicates Terradyne.
    Talents: Hacking, mechanical
    Inabilities: Combat
    Fears: Heights
    General Personality: Personable in conversation, but generally keeps to himself
    Inner Personality: Bitter and vindictive
    Secret: That Engineer's a spy! :v


    General History: Born and raised on a small agrarian colony, Terradyne came in when he was a teen and "restructured" the government and economy in favor of the valuable ore reserves they had detected underground. People who once had land and the means to provide for themselves found their property seized under "eminent domain" and converted into strip mines. People like Pavel's parents. Everyone on the planet was thrown into poverty and forced to work the mines to get by. Not long after this, the Genesis Coalition approached many displaced citizens and offered them a chance to fight back. Pavel was only too happy to accept.

    Present Life: Now Pavel lives as a drifter, receiving secret orders from an extremist offshoot to kill individuals of value to Terradyne. By turning his mechanical skills against his targets, he has become highly successful.
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  4. @Shokkou It's a Friday ;)

    Work in progress.


    Character Name: Takeo, but goes just by "Keo" (kay-oh)
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Sandinem (pretty much a space vampire)
    Age: Looks to be in his mid-twenties.
    Birthplace/World: Artificial Habitatsphere 947201
    Occupation: Attack Squad 3 Leader and Weapons Specialist.


    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Dark brown hair that reaches the crook of his neck and long bangs, often tied back. Steely grey eyes, though these are just colored contacts to hide the Sandinem crimson. And while most of the crew knows his nature, old habits die hard.
    Aside from vibrant red eyes, Sandinem are known for their lithe build and even more so their Daylight Suits. Most people don't even know what the Sandinem look like, because they never leave home without their suits on to protect them from UV light. These suits are also on the high-end scale of technology and, though form-fitting, are very useful and durable.
    Keo has one of these, though he doesn't wear it unless he's on a mission. Risky, I know, but again, old habits die hard.
    Example of a Daylight Suit (open)

    Strengths: Enhanced agility, strength, and nightvision.
    Weaknesses: Ultraviolet light, his hunger.
    More: Sandinem have inhuman regenerating abilities, and while they can heal wounds easily and quickly (especially after feeding), they can NOT regrow limbs. Death comes quickly to them via decapitation or irreversible damage to the heart.


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Attack Squad 3 is the best there is, at least in his opinion. He trained each member himself and he likes to think they all have an understanding with each other. This squad is no politely protesting gang. It's reserved for the more... physical protests of the Coalition.
    Talents: Hand-to-hand combat and a ridiculously deep knowledge of weapons. Charming the pants off of people. Sometimes literally.
    Inabilities: He's all about mechanics, so computers confuse and frustrate him. Following orders to the T.
    Fears: Aside from sunlight/UV light? Developing the Black Sheep Strain. That would be the worst. Losing one of his men/women on his watch.
    General Personality: Despite the norm of Sandinem who could be described as flighty and difficult to befriend, this guy is pretty much the opposite. Maybe it had something to do with where on the Habitatsphere he grew up, but we'll get to that in Historic Background. He's actually easy to get along with, or so he thinks, maybe a little thickheaded and eager for a fight, but his heart is definitely in the right place. And that's saying a lot for a Sandinem. He's a hard worker when he's on the clock and pretty chillax when he's not.
    Inner Personality: Inside he's a bundle of nerves and worry. Since leaving Home, he's caught wind of the Strain and he's near constantly worried about whether or not he's a carrier. Aside from his own problems, he worries about the crew. What they do is dangerous, more dangerous than the streets of Sector 3 back home by a wide margin. He likes to think most of these people are his family away from family and he'd hate to lose one of them. However, he's actually very suspicious of new people and will watch them closely for a good while.
    Protective, worrisome. Sounds like the motherly type, right? Gun-totin' mom!
    Secret: Obviously that would be the Strain and the possibility that he has it.


    General History: Keo's father and a man (whose name I will not mention for his own safety) were very good friends long before that man became wealthy. At the time, the two of them were mercenaries, Keo's father was the muscle and the man was the brains. But Humans age much faster than Sandinem do, so the man soon grew to an age where he wished to start over again. He wanted to make his money cleanly and marry the woman he'd fallen for. And so he did. His best friend, Keo's father wanted to follow suit.
    But decent, legal work is difficult to find if you're Sandinem and soon after Keo was born, his father fell back into his old ways. By this point, his best friend (the man) had put his brains to use, designing revolutionary weapons and armor and other battle technology. He sold to the Terradyne Federation, believing that his weapons and technology would be used for the sake of keeping peace and prosperity alive.
    And then Keo's father went missing. Word had it that he'd gotten involved in something way too dangerous. At noon, the dead of night for Sandinem, They came. Keo was just a child, no more than eight years old in appearance, when his mother hid him in the air duct from the men storming the house.
    She never came back.
    A few days later, the man (the best friend), came to visit and found the child alone.
    From then on, Keo became the man's "son". He wore colored contacts to hide his red eyes and only ventured out of the house after sunset. The man and his wife treasured him dearly and were very protective of him, not just because he was a child of their dearest friends, but because they'd never been able to produce a child of their own. He was raised in a sheltered, rose-coloured world for the longest time. And when he finally became an adult, he was taken aside and his true past was explained to him. Of course he took it hard for a while, but soon his friendly, kind natured bounced back. The only thing that had changed was now he had a goal in life. He wanted to find out what had happened to his parents. So, after his adoptive father crafted him his own Daylight Suit, he left home in search of truth.
    It wasn't long before he crossed paths with Lenora Star...
    Present Life: He's been living in a Genesis Coalition base for a while now, training fighters and most importantly running the under the table weapons trade between the Coalition and his adoptive father's company (who still supplies to the Federation as a front).
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    Character Name:
    Sethric Blodtungl
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 28
    Birthplace/World: Salusa Secondus
    Occupation/School/Grade: Freelance Pilot (Cover), Smuggler


    Sethric Blodtungl (open)

    General Appearance: Sethric stands 6'3" tall with a lean, wiry build and a light skin tone. His wavy, dark brown hair hangs down to his shoulders and is usually kept tied back in a simple ponytail. His eyes are light blue in color. His left leg bares a noticeable scar running from his outer hip down to just above his knee.

    Attire-wise, Sethric prefers comfortable clothing.This usually consists of a t-shirt, jeans, a pair of broken in boots, and a dark brown, leather jacket.

    Strengths: Exceptional hand, eye coordination and reflexes. A good shot and fairly skilled with a knife when forced into up close and personal violence.

    Weaknesses: His left leg troubles him at times due to an old injury. This tends to make him try to avoid physical confrontations, unless absolutely nessecary.



    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Sethrics current goal is to aquire enough money to quit the smuggling buisness and maintain a comfortable life until his time to check out comes along. This might be a fairly hard goal to reach as he rather enjoys his career choice.

    Talents: He's a damned good pilot, if he does say so himself. He's gotten his ship many tight situations where it seemed like the end was inevitable. When in the pilot's seat, he manages to keep his cool even in the worst situations. He can get along with just about anyone.

    Inabilities: He can be incredibly stubborn, and has a hard time having his opinion changed when his mind is set on something.

    Fears: Losing his ability to fly ships. Getting stuck in space on a derelict ship with no way off. Dying alone.

    General Personality: Sethric is an easy going guy, not easily bothered by things. The type of person who usually laughs off insults flung his way. When in the pilot's seat of a ship he feels the most alive.

    Inner Personality: He is fairly suspicious of most people, not easily giving his trust.

    Secret: He would prefer to keep the fact he is a smuggler on the down low. As far as anyone is concerned he's just a freelancer trying to make a living.



    General History: Sethric was the third child born to a well to do family on the flourishing planet of Salusa Secondus. From a young age he had always been interested in aircraft and, of course ships meant for space. More particularly in flying such vessels. His father, being a pilot himself, fully indulged his son's interests.

    By his teen years, Sethric was piloting planet bound aircraft with absolute confidence in his skills, though many considered him quite reckless. He'd also begun piloting various space craft, though nothing major and just from the planet's surface to the nearest space port. By the age of 19 he was working for an interstellar shipping company.

    Due to a lack of excitement, Sethric left the company he had been working for at the age of 21, under good terms. At this point he went freelance. This option was much more to his liking and within a year he was piloting his own ship. It wasn't the most advanced ship out there, but that mattered little to him. It was his and it flew well, that's all that mattered. Along the line he had Tess DuPont working on his crew. Unfortunately, due to his own mistakes and bad judgement, she left his crew on not so friendly terms. It cost him a truly gifted navigator.

    At the age of 23 his crew got into a confrontation with the crew of another ship in a shady spaceport, It ended with a vicious knife wound to his left leg, that still troubles him to this day, and his own knife embedded in the chest of the other crew's captain. Sethric avoided trouble with the law through a large sum of money and a few promises owed.

    Present Life: Sethric has followed through on the promises owed that kept him out of trouble and is in need of money to get his own ship back into working order. When a certain 'job opportunity' came to his attention he quickly jumped at it.
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  6. Tessiva DuPont

    Character Name: Tessiva "Tess" DuPont
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 34
    Birthplace / Birthworld: New Kantaris, Yska Major
    Occupation: Navigator / Smuggler / Fence


    General Appearance:
    Tess is of slim build, standing about 5'4, with wavy black hair that extends to her mid back. Her soft hazel eyes seem to study the world, and stand out against her fair skin, soft orbs contrasting against her sharp and pointed facial features. She has several tattoos, the most noticeable ones being on her upper arms, her lower back, and around her lower legs (calf/shin area and below). Her style is a mix of function and fashion, wearing mostly dark leathers and lightweight boots, her clothing form-fitting but still with enough give to allow plenty of mobility. She also keeps a set of goggles either atop her head (almost like a hairband) or hanging loosely around her neck.
    Appearance (open)

    Strengths: Tess has a fantastic sense of direction. She is quick on her feet and is an excellent shot.
    Weaknesses: Has a tendency to dabble in some of the illicit goods she smuggles like spices and chems, which can mess with her attitude and perceptions, as well as cause occasional health concerns. She is also not particularly strong physically, favoring speed over strength.


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Tess' life is almost entirely self-serving. She goes where there is money to be made, regardless the dangers involved. This desire, combined with her natural skillset, led her to pursue the life of a smuggler.
    Talents: Excellent navigational skills. Tess also has a quick wit, and is charming and charismatic all enveloped in a cool, calculating demeanor. She has an uncanny ability to stay relaxed even in high-pressure situations.
    Inabilities: Very low tolerance for people who do not understand concepts (even herself). Tends to be very condescending to people she regards as unworthy of her attention.
    Fears: Lack of money - Tess has become conditioned to believe that most problems can be solved with the right amount of money, and thus believes that not having money means not having solutions. Isolation - even if she is rude to someone or doesn't talk at all, Tess would rather be around someone than without. She hates being alone for extended periods of time.
    General Personality: Tess has a love for adventure and excitement, and is always looking for new, crazy things to attempt. She has a persistent nature and knows that if you are afraid to fail, you can never achieve success. Thus, Tess fails willingly and often! But she makes sure to always learn something from the experience.
    Inner Personality: Incredibly loose morals. Pessimistic and cynical, she often expects the worst out of people.
    Secret: Doesn't want people to find out the extent of her smuggling.


    General History:
    Tess was born in New Kantaris, a mega-metropolis on the planet of Yska Major. New Kantaris was so densely populated that there were separate levels of the city, with socioeconomic class separations by low, middle and high sections of the city.

    Tess was born to low-class parents. Her mother was always between jobs, and her father was a tour guide. From accompanying her father and seeing him work, she was exposed to portions of the city and of the world that the typically low-class would not get to see, and from then her eyes were opened. She realized at a young age that money was crucially important to quality of life, and despite her parents' attempts at instilling her with good core values, her desire to escape the lower-class persisted.

    By age fourteen, she was stealing and fencing goods regularly, and made more money than both her parents combined. She hid the money, keeping it stowed away where her parents wouldn't find it. When she had accumulated enough, she ran from home to seek a living as a smuggler, enticed by the amount of money that could be made on the black market.

    Since then she has made a lot of friends, and even more enemies. Her network is quite extensive and she has enough reach to call in a favor in most black market areas, and has contacts in both the Genesis Coalition and in Terradyne. At one point she was a member of Sethric Blodtungl's crew, but left due to a falling out and harbors a bit of bad blood towards him.

    Present Life:
    Tess received a transmission from this "Lenora Star" through her contact in Genesis and found it intriguing. The irony of a Terradyne officer being a chosen pilot was enough on its own, not to mention the bounty on it was bound to be quite sizable considering the unusual circumstances.
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    Character Name: Doctor Alice Black
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 25 Earth years
    Birthplace/World: Stratfordshire, Great Britain
    Occupation/School/Grade: Graduate of Cambridge School of Medicine, MD


    General Appearance:

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Brown

    Height: 5’5”

    Weight: 120

    Build: Lithe Build

    Strengths: Text book intelligence, bravery, determination,
    Weaknesses: Lacks in common sense, stubborn to her own ways, exhibits selfishness in many circumstances. Not great at socializing


    Current Goal/Purpose: To ensure the health of every man, woman, and child on board her current assigned ship.
    Talents: Great with a scalpel. High level of critical thinking, can see the scientific outcomes of most situations
    Inabilities: Making friends of most people
    Fears: Death, to the point of being neurotic about it. Commitment. Probably why she’s a loner.
    General Personality: Alice is cold and withdrawn. It’s hard for her to open up to people, although she might be persuaded to spill some secrets after a stiff whiskey. Most of her time is spent in her lab analyzing samples. She has, however, been known to exhibit great bravery when called to it.
    Inner Personality: Alice fears being alone. Much of her cold aloofness comes from a fear of rejection. She has a compassionate bone, but for someone to earn her compassion they have to have done something she deems worthy.
    Secret: She desperately wants to fall in love. Barring that, she’s done a couple experiments on a couple of the lab rats.


    General History: Doctor Alice Black was born in Stratfordshire, England to parents whose names she does not remember. It was preordained from a young age that she would pursue a medical degree at school, Cambridge to be exact. She doesn’t remember much of her early life, only that her parents were cold people and by extension Alice grewu p to be a cold person, outwardly.

    Present Life: Alice was recruited to the ship to serve as the Chief Medical Officer. She is currently throwing herself into her work, making little time for anything else.

  8. Mostly complete, I'll add a character picture later and some info about his peoples!


    Character Name: Raja Kerr
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Drozari/Drozian
    Age: 26
    Birthplace/World: Vrelia
    Occupation/School/Grade: Mercenary/Bounty Hunter


    General Appearance: Pale blue skin adorned with white freckles over a sleek muscular body. Raja is luminescent. He absorbs light and reflects it amazingly well, especially in the dark. He glows a soft blue color, the same shade as his skin. His freckles don't glow. Raja's hair is a constant hurricane, spiky and almost shoulder length in the back. It doesn't behave and is usually found in his eyes and stray strands in his mouth. Raja stands at a shorter than average human height but is perfectly average for his own species.
    Strengths: Raja is good at throwing punches. He's got incredible stamina to make up for average strength.
    Weaknesses: He's not very fast or super strong. He's trying to fix that.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Helping to rescue Jasper. Making sure the Terradyne Federation hurts.
    Sitting still is very hard for Raja unless he's super interested in something!
    Fears: Drowning. (Caused by an incident when he was a child.)
    General Personality: Happy go lucky and very friendly. Raja believes he can be anyone's friend and he wants to be everyone's friends. He also believes that no one ever forgets about him because He remembers everyone he meets. There doesn't seem to be a dark thought in his little fluffy bunny brainspace.
    Inner Personality: Raja doesn't have layers. He's too much of a dork for that.
    Secret: Sometimes he gets sad when people don't remember him.


    General History: Raja was born and raised in a large and happy family. At age fourteen he was shuffled off to the standard military school most in his area went to. The military school was operated by the Terradyne Foundation and Raja hated it so much. It felt stale and wrong to him and kids sometimes vanished... Raja wants to find out what happened to the missing kids and to one of his sisters who went missing.

    After surviving school, Raja bought himself a little ship and did enough jobs to buy himself a bigger little ship. After that, Raja took to the stars as a Mercenary.

    Present Life: Raja has been a Merc for the past six years. He's a professional but he doesn't seem like it, some of the jobs have dimmed his smile but there has been enough that he considers it a rewarding job. He goes after known scumbags and helps out the Genesis Coalition when he can. He doesn't always agree with everything they do but it pays the bills and is a damn sight better than working for Terradyne Feds.

    I was inspired (open)

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  9. This is a work in progress.


    Character Name: Vyren Tully
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Zartok (A colossal leviathan/kraken like monster, who can read DNA and shift into the form of the species they read. Vyren is currently in a human form, a 35 yr old male.)
    Age: 1209
    Birthplace/World: Zarr, a planet completely flooded. Weather is downright terrible, and dangerous to approach. Not that many people would like to deal with the Zartok.
    Occupation/School/Grade: Zartok do not have a schooling program. He knows how to fight, that is enough.
    More: n/a


    General Appearance: Basic Idea of Human Appearance (Jessie Pavelka)
    A charming and handsome man, Vyren looks like he's in the prime of his life. He has short light brown hair which perks up in the front. His face narrows a bit, though usually it's only noticeable while smiling. His eyes are a light grey/blue and are quite attentive. His skin has a light tan, and he has a muscular build.
    - Physically Strong
    - Determined
    - Strong-Willed
    - Excellent Swimmer
    - Highly susceptible to heat/fire
    - Reckless
    - Cocky
    - Cannot breathe in dry air without drastic consequences.
    More: n/a


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:


    General History:

    Present Life:
  10. While I was out I had some time to think of Pavel's splinter group. Here's a basic rundown:

    Genesis Coalition, Delta Corps

    Known within the Genesis Coalition as a fanatical extremist group, the main core of the Coalition prefers to keep the Deltas at arms distance. They're excellent at what they do, but what they do doesn't exactly provide the best image in the public eye. Much more enthusiastic and willing to use assassination and acts of terrorism to make a point or an example, the Delta Corps views the rest of the Coalition as spineless and unreliable. Their leader keeps them equipped with his tremendous fortune amassed through almost wholly illegal means, which is just as well since the core of the Coalition perpetually "forgets" to allocate funding and supply requisitions for them.
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    Today went a little rocky since several players had to jump in and out, so we ran late to get the scene completed. O_O However we now have our two groups:

    Jasper's Crew on Thea. (Currently; Jasper, Saniya, Raja, Tess, Takeo, Sethric and Taurai) Raja and Sethric got serious injuries during this mission.

    And the GREAT ESCAPE with Lenora, Guy, Pavel. >:] Lenora is seriously injured, Guy is hiding on the ship, and Pavel might be a bad bad dude.

    We will be keeping this thread as our official Chosen CHARP thread and updating it later with the NEW schedule of our next charp. You can be a part of either group, with current characters (or a new charrie if we can't conveniently explain how your character got from Team Jasper to Team Lenora.)


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  12. Thanks for only seriously injuring me! lol I really wish I could have been there the whole time, ugh.

    Let me know how Sethric was injured and I will work it into things for the future. Going to totally just assume Tess did it until I am told otherwise!
  13. He got electrocuted and knocked out when space mines and ship fire kept hitting Thea. >:3
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  14. Well, looking forward to the next event and hoping to be able to be there for the whole thing! :D
  15. I shall try me bestest to be around for the next session, I think.
  16. I'm debating whether Tess should care that Sethric was injured and take care of him or if she should just remain distant. Hmmm!!

    Either way, this was a lot of fun! Can't wait to do it again. Forum or ChaRP would be fine with me either way!
  17. Duhn duhn duuuuuhn! Decisions, decisions :3
  18. Gah, I had to be somewhere and couldn't complete my form! Am I still able to join? If not it's understandable.
  19. I believe you're still able to join, Furret.