[Apr 2, 2014] Sorcerer's Landing - An Unfortunate Reunion ChaRP (Roleplay Catacombs)

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    Genre/Mood: Magical Fantasy Social - Light hearted with character socializing fun!
    Location: Sorcerer's Landing, The Obsidian Chamber
    WHEN: Wednesday, April 2nd @ 12 NOON US Central Time
    WHERE Roleplay Catacombs Chat

    You are a sorcerer, a witch, a wizard, an enchantress, a mancer... or something of the sort. Regardless of your title, you are a master of magic and a reluctant member of the Sorcerer's Guild. Once every five years the Guild hosts a magnificent party forcing inviting all of it's members to attend and share their recent accomplishments. This business is quite stressful, as no one wants to be the one that shows up without a captured royal, cursed enemy, vanquished foe, and most especially not without a date. Some have been known to make last minute evil arrangements just to make sure they are not the loser of the Guild.

    You are most likely a member of the guild, but you could also be someone forced to be in attendance at the party, a guest of a member, a servant/staff member entertaining the guests, or even a party crasher. You can play any race or type of magic you like, but please keep your character INSIDE the general Fantasy genre. I don't want to see time travelers, scifi stuff, etc.

    Bios are NOT required, but I always love to see them. They give me ideas of things I can do for you in the roleplay!

    My charps are designed to be easy and fun! Perfect for charp newbies, roleplay newbies, or players who just wanna relax and play. If you have ANY questions about how to play in a charp, the plot, etc, ASK AWAY! I always make sure my charps nights have a "stand alone" story, so there is always room for new characters to show up, or past characters to be absent. Plots are designed on the fly based on who shows up to play.

    This particular plot is a new plot and has no previous sessions!
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  2. Reminder, this is tomorrow at noon central time! :D
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  3. Sounds kinda cool
  4. This roleplay starts in an HOUR! :D We will be in the Roleplay Catacombs chat.

    Drop in to the GENERAL CHAT if you wanna let me know you're playing today. O_O

    Today's session did not get enough players, and I am not feeling well to wait for more people. O__O We're going to reschedule this for later in the month. <3 If anyone has DAY AND TIME REQUESTS I cooooouuuld try to work that out later!
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