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  1. I wasn't sure where to put this as I couldn't find the FAQ section. IS there a proper FAQ section anymore? ...Or would this be it? Otherwise, if someone could kindly direct me, I would greatly appreciate it. For now, I'll just stick this here:

    I'd taken a long break, as right about the time the servers were changing/updating was convenient, & I've just-recently returned; However, I'm now having a very hard time navigating this place. Particularly because of the site's reversed-contrast appearance.

    I'm talking about the dark backgrounds with all the brightly colored text on top of it.

    Previously, before everything was changed/updated, there was an option, either in your settings/preferences or at the bottom of the screen, that would allow you to set your preferred site appearance, such as from the old default black/neon to a more standard white/black, or at least something close enough to be tolerable.
    This new site default has been hurting my eyes something horrible & I haven't been able to find any way to change it. I discovered how to fix the coloring of just the navigation bar at the top, but that's all I've been able to find. Sifting through all my settings/preferences hasn't been of any help either, unless this contrast has been blinding me enough to cause me to miss something.

    Am I missing something? IF so, PLEASE HELP! ;n;

    Until this is resolved, I can't stand to read any post for more than just a few sentences before the background begins to eat all the colors & I end up with a gawd-awful headache. (I couldn't even fill in the blank box to post this. I had to open a notepad to write & then copy/paste.) This is horrible & I would very much like to be able to get back up to speed on roleplay updates I've been missing.

    Thank you.

  2. Well, there is this:

    I don't think that there is a way to make the background non-dark, none at least that I saw. (But that would probably be because if we change the text colour to anything light from the default, it would be illegible to those with light background, since the text colour wouldn't change along with the background.) But if a clever person says otherwise, I will step back.
  3. There are two ways to change your site style!

    Scroll down to the BOTTOM left hand corner, you'll prolly see "Rory's Default Brown" or "____ Color". something like that. You click that link and it'll pop up a chooser for the styles.

    OR You can go to the TOP right hand corner, click your Name for the menu and then click "Preferences" the style choices will be right there!
  4. Unfortunately, I have tried both of these methods & it has not fixed my problem.

    Doing this has only changed the navigation menu bar near the top of the site & a few random headers here & there, but it has not changed the overall appearance of the site as a whole. ;n; I understand it's probably meant to do what I want, but it's not doing what I want. (I could take a screenshot if necessary.) Is there any other way I could fix this?
  5. Yes! Give me a screenshot and scribble where you are having all of the visual problems are! There might be a style issue, a browser issue or something weird going on. o__o
  6. [​IMG]
    I took two different screens. Just stacked 'em & sized the whole image down. You can see that I've chosen the "Vay's Grey" appearance, but that's only changed my navigation menu bar at the top, a few random headers, & that smaller bar at the bottom. I've tried switching back & forth between the different appearance options, but the plain black background & brightly colored texts have remained the same.

    This is what your last post looks like, even with my current preferred color options chosen. ;n; It hurts. Is it actually supposed to be like this? If so, my eyes desperately request that we get this changed.
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  7. Thaaaaaat's the way the styles are designed. ._.

    I think you need to be using the "Light Earth Tones" style, also called Kehvarl's Bright Scales! That one is a white background with black text on all pages and should be better for your eyes!
  8. Oh, my goodness! O.O I'm not blind! :D I can see!!

    I'd tried quite a few styles, but I'd passed this one thinking it was the same.
    The "Bright Scales" appearance is SO MUCH EASIER on my eyes!

    ._.; I feel so derpy. ...But I can see everything now! :D Thank you, Diana! <3
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