Apparently, I would fight zombies with a purple-ink pen

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  1. That was the thing to the left of my computer, and I can definitely see it working. Purple is a pretty powerful color. (It's one of my favorites. What's yours?)

    Anyhoo, my name is Stained-Glass Wings! You can call me Glass, Wings, random combo, whatever. Just maybe not Stained. I'd feel like I had something on my face. :) I enjoy both reading and writing, of course. I have such a good time walking outside, having good conversation with friends. Extreme sledding is welcome, too, as is wagon sledding in the summer. (This is not as dangerous as it seems. I think.)

    I'm unofficially ADD. As in, my Dr said she wouldn't finalize the second test's results so I didn't have to take meds my whole life, but I had it. Unusual colors are beautiful. My favorite foods right now are pumpkin cake-cookies and spinach chips. I keep a Nerf gun hidden in an empty flower pot by my door. I used to wear pointe shoes. (Those shoes ballerinas wear to stand on their toes.) Well-done choral music melts me. I have never made a proper snow fort.

    I am a dancer! :D I've just started training in a professional modern company's program, and I'm super excited about it! I'm actually dealing with health issues right now so I can't dance with them at the moment. Sigh. Soon I'll be back in class, though.

    I have been writing for years, but I am brand new to roleplay! Well, sort of. Brand new to written roleplay. I started this September, and I've just joined my first group RP. This seems like a cool place to start; I'm excited to meet y'all. Hope you have a great day!

    OH! Questions for you:

    1) See above for favorite color. :)
    2) Time travel or space travel? (Sorry, no TARDISing!)
    3) Favorite character from your favorite book?
    4) [PG13] Question you really want someone to ask so you can answer!
    5) The most DARING thing you've EVER DONE!

  2. Greetings Wings! Welcome to the community! Hope everything goes well with your dance training once you can get back to it!

    1: I have two colors that are pretty much on equal footing in my favs. Blue (midnight blue in particular) and silver.

    2: Time travel, there are just past eras I'd love to visit.

    3: Oh man, I have so many favorite characters. I will settle for picking Richard Rahl from the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind.

    4: This is a hard one for me, hmmmm. I just can't think of anything at the moment, sorry v.v;

    5: Most daring thing, not a very big list I suppose. My life isn't exactly exciting :3 I spose maybe tasting calamari. Yeah yeah, not that daring, I know.
  3. A dancer! How neat is that! O_O I don't think I have ever met someone who was working to be a dancer before! Welcome to the community. <3

    Questioooons. >:3 I loves these.

    1) My favorite color is [diana]TEAL[/diana]. The kind with more blue in it than green!
    2) I prefer space travel cause time travel opens up a world of trouble. O_O
    3) Howl from Howl's Moving Castle, and Dr. Watson from the stories of Sherlock Holmes. <3
    4) ALL THE QUESTIONS. I like to talk about myself. t__t
    5) I moved to a new state with a man I met on the internet. O_____O 9 years later, we're happily married and in our first home. 8D
  4. Hi Glass! Snow forts are awesome - you should totally build at least one in your lifetime. You won't regret it. Pumpkin cookies are awesome too, though I don't think I've tried pumpkin cake cookies before.

    1) My favorite color is: anything vibrant! If it looks like neon cake frosting, then I love it! :D
    2) I'd rather discover new worlds than mess with the past/future.
    3) Hard to choose a favorite book OR character, to be honest. Probably John from John Dies at the End... Maybe. I think?
    4) "What sort of things do you like in your horror roleplay?" OMG Let me tell you! I like: ghosts and bloody hand/footprints and... *rambles on for a good hour*
    5) I used to be terrified of heights. Then I got the chance to jump out of a simulation tower the military uses for paratroopers in training so they can get use to a free-fall and then the jerk of the parachute opening. At the time, I didn't hesitate, even though normally I would be frozen with fear if it's heights. I think my lack of hesitation was pretty daring enough. :)
  5. Hey Everyone, thanks for the welcome! :D

    Seth: Thanks, I got to go to dance today and it went really well! As for trying calamari, that sounds pretty daring to me. Seafood in general isn't really my thing, and calamari seems like it would be slimy and strange!

    Diana: Teal's a very good color. That is daring! I'm glad you both are happy. :)

    Dawn: There's definitely enough snow happening right now- maybe I'll try the snow fort. :) how in the world did you get to jump off a military simulation tower thing? Way to face your fear!
  6. @Stained-Glass Wings

    Oh! It's because my father was military and it was part of the Take Your Kids To Work Day they had planned. I also got to play on a battle simulation range where real weapons were modified. Basically a much more expensive version of Duck Hunt where the weapons actually give kickback like they would if they were firing real ammo. I got to use a LAW series rocket launcher. :D

    Also, I didn't say it before but that is really fricken cool that you're going down the dancer path. I used to daydream about being a dancer when I was kid and I sometimes still do! I wish you all the best <3
  7. Oh, so cool! No idea what a LAW series is, but ROCKET LAUNCHER. :DD Did that kickback knock you out of the room? (Ha) I don't have much experience with shooting anything, but even my cousin's old hunting rifle kinda made me stumble. (Still so much fun.)

    Hey, thanks :) Did you ever take dance class when you were little?
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