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Apocalyptic Odyssey roll play app page... this is mine and Kairoga's topic!!!(the actual rp will be up)

It all started Dec. 21, 2012 a major pharmaceutical company starts a project on curing the rabies virus... 4 years later in May of 2015 their antivirus mutates into a undead style virus... Unknowing to the pharmaceutical company when they released a test group for the antivirus they released last year in 2014 was the cause... 750 out of the 800 subjects had lived to May of 2015 and all 750 turned (most in major cities) they turned and started an Undead Apocalypse... Now we follow a few survivors during July of 2015 on.

* to apply for the rp you must fill this out...

Iwaku ID:
wanted name in Rp:
Age in 2015:
Character type(job):
Character Pic:
Background Story:

1. No magic
2. Realistic age people
3. No random video game zombies or uber zombies.
4.Must be human.(No self aware zombies and no bitten survivors.
5.There is NO cure!(if you are killed off you can create a new character)
Iwaku ID: Okami_Jigoku
wanted name in Rp: Okami Ryu Jigoku
sex(gender): male
Age in 2015: 21
Character type(job): U.S. Marine Force-Recon Tier-1.
Character Pic:
Background Story: was in Indiana for vacation after being in a hellish op over seas the apocalypse happens and he has to rendezvous with Kairoga in Kentucky. Being contacted by Kairoga he hurried to meet Guardian who he was supposed to meet in Indianapolis any way and takes him down to Kentucky with him.
Iwaku ID:Kairoga
wanted name in Rp:Kairoga G. Carlisle
Age in 2015:21
Character type(job):Intelligence Officer, Airforce First Lieutenant
Character Pic:
Background Story: Born in Cincinnati OH, and raised in northern Ky. Went to college for 2 years then joined the Air-force as an intelligence officer where he excelled and was quickly promoted to first lieutenant. 1 month before the outbreak became known he was deployed to a small town that had mysteriously cut off and (quarantined). While there he saw "them", filed his reports to his superiors and took leave, he then started making preparations for the oncoming apocalypse that was bound to happen. on one of the last days before all hell broke loose he was able to contact Okami and warn him to get his ass down to Kentucky.
Iwaku ID: Guardian
wanted name in Rp: Aragon Guardian
sex(gender): male
Age in 2015: 25
Character type(job): Apprentice Millwright ( Military Hardware )/ Canadian Reserves ( Suplementary Core mechanic) Class A employment

Background story: Born 1990 Ontario Toronto. I had a Career to become a top notch millwright, I started off small in business that made small specialized parts . Then two years into the feild I switched over to doing bigger stuff then recently have transfered my contract to a militarty vechile production plant. This also lead to me being also employed as a reserve mechanic part time, it gave me the nesscary training for combat and a more indepth feild training as a mechanic. Life was well and I decided to take a holiday. My skills are mostly just mechanical and metal fabrication I have only practiced with light firearms, I have used a 12 gauge shotgun sometimes when I went hunting but nothing beyond that. In the middle of transfering to my flight down to Texas Gun Show I got a call from Okami ,which more or less made me think BS but then flights slowly closed up then I noticed someone with a pal grey complextion. I ran outside and got a ride with Okami , now on route with Okami to meet up with Kairoga before all hell breaks loose. The last thought I had that day was "oh shit here we go".

Iwaku ID: tensa zangetsu
wanted name in Rp: Heine Rammsteiner
sex(gender): male
Age in 2015: 26
Character type(job): JTF2 recon/sniper

Background story: After heating about the infection the canadian goverment sent heine to investigate the source of the infection and more importantly how to stop it, if it can be stopped. So now Heine is traveling through the U.S trying to find clues.

Would love for more people to join please!
Kool it is already started but we would like to add people through our travels.. so as soon as you can post the char sheet we could add you in anytime.
Iwaku ID: Katla
Wanted name in Rp: Chloe Mattison
Sex(gender): Female
Age in 2015: 24
Character type (job): Biomedical Research Technician
Character Pic: Coming Soon.

Background Story: Chloe Mattison was an assistant to a researcher of the pharmaceutical company from the beginning. She was one of the first people to see its release - she never understand the horror that lay behind the medicine. Now she spends her time trying to survive while researching for a cure, some sort of saving grace of what she helped release.
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<o:p>Not too late to join?</o:p>
Coarse not... We have it were anybody can join in anytime as long as they read the ooc first and we tell them they can post or we just include you in one of our posts...kk.
Iwaku ID: Uniiquea
wanted name in Rp: Cate Miller
sex(gender): Female
Age in 2015: 21
Character type(job):- To be written
Character Pic:

Background Story:Cate was brought up to survive for herself, Cate could hunt, and shoot, she knew what plants were edible and how to set up traps, even if she wasn't brilliant at it.
When she was fouteen Cate had grown interested in self survival, and she had learnt everything she could from books and her fathers experience as an ex soldier.
She has survived the past years by hiding in trees and shooting whatever animal comes her way, she has been travelling to the medical center where it all started hoping to find something, something to cure this.
wow, the funny thing is we had originally planeed to base this rp of off H.O.T.D. (highschool of the dead) which idk if you know this, is where the picture is from
I know of it, and know that picture is from it yes ^-^
I have never actually seen the manga or anime though x3
THe manga and anime are good... funny note though, we were originally gonna have this on our HOTD fan club sight but.... the person who runs the sight is a power hungry bitch...lolz
Lol, I can see why you didn't post it then.
Pretty understandable.
Also to make another point, what kind of jobs would my character possibly of had?