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  1. So, I have this interesting idea and I want to see if there are enough people interested!

    It would be a 7 person job, because there are only 7 spaces and probably first come first serve sort of thing. This could also come under the apocalypse and horror genre..

    Anyway. The idea is, finally God has brought about judgement day and the rapture has happened. Seven people wake up to find everybody they know has gone. Except them. The electricity has stopped and nobody is around to be seen. Except the seven. Why? Well, our characters all have gotten away with horrendous crimes that they need to pay for. And then, their sins are all based around one of the deadly sins. So we could have a character who's sin was wrath/lust/envy/sloth/gluttony/greed/pride.

    When the characters find eachother (Maybe they already know eachother, maybe they all live close by.) they have to figure away out on how to repent their sins or find their way to hell. Obviously there is going to be the theme of crime/violence/religion through out. It could not be some peoples cup of tea.

    I haven't thought this fully out and it needs a lot of development so, if you like the idea, please show me your interest! Please don't begin to reserve the sins yet!

    Thank you!​
  2. This is interesting but what do you mean by 'pay for horrendous crimes'? There's seven people...
  3. Ah, I meant pre-rapture crimes, they all did something under the radar.
    I haven't fully thought this through so still needs a lil work c:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.