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NAME: Matt "Metal"

Nicknames: Every insult and/or slur known to man

ORIGIN: Pre-Great War America, rifleman of the 18th infantry division, type III ghoul

AGE: 200+

Appearance: Not for the faint hearted, as the mere presence of his rotting body is enough to insult people. His skin is charcoal black, skin hang by threads with bits of exposed muscle. His face area is decayed with a notable bullet hole in his prefrontal bone. Wears metal reinforced metal armor, any hat he can find to conceal the unsightly wound and a bandana or facemask when traveling trough populated areas. Being near him, you'll catch a faint smell of a rotting cadaver.

Faction: The only faction to tolerate him is the traveling Joe. He's done mercenary and trading work for them to ensure a purely transactional relationship. Over time though, the traveling ghoul grew a fondness for Matt due to his reliability, helping him cope with his memory loss with conversation and frequent jobs. The traveling Joe is the only thread connecting Matt to the reality he frequently forgets.

Character Audit: His Biological family is long gone at this point, and the synapses connecting the mental image of his mother and father has deteriorated over time. When the bombs dropped he was caught in the fallout, and woke up what he thought was hell. He roamed the charred earth for a long time, meeting fellow ghouls and exploring the remains of America. He kept his mind trough the long long years by being sociable with ghouls and kept himself out of trouble. When the fallout shelters opened, and humans repopulated the earth, he integrated with society well enough, but kept in cliques of ghouls to avoid discrimination and death. Started working for traveling Joe and established a working relationship guarding his caravan against raiders. But one day an IED went off, sending his battlehardened brothers flying. The survivors returned fire and ensured the caravan got away, but Matt caught a stray 7mm bullet straight into his skull. His helmet blocked the full force, but it wasn't enough to block it fully. Thinking he's dead and not bothering to check, Matt was left for dead bleeding on scorching hot pavement, but his grit and endurance brough him back on his feet. Joe, feeling guilt for the only survivor of the ambush, took him to what passed as a doctor, and he said it's a miracle he's still walking. Diagnosing him with chronic retrograde amnesia, he assessed that the ghoul will have long term memory troubles for the rest of his life, as the bullet is lodged too deep to safely remove it. Using a holotape, and with Joes stories, Matt copes with his condition by pushing on. One day at a time.


Strength: 5
Perception: 6
Endurance: 8
Charisma: 1
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 4
Luck: 1

Caps: 326

Fighting style: small arms specialist, gun nut

Companion: noone
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