Apocalypse -Roleplay Request-

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  1. Hello! I would really like to do a apocalypse roleplay! Whether it is post or before, it doesn't matter to me!

    Also, it can be the end of the world type apocalypse or a zombie apocalypse! Again, I am fine with either!

    I mostly do MxM roleplays, and that will most likely be the main relationship in the roleplay. But I am fine with MxF and FxF, though just a forewarning, I haven't really done FxF but I am always willing to try new things! ^.^

    For positions, I normally play submissive, just because I've had bad experiences trying to play dominant, though I can do alternating/seke if you wish.

    I am looking for a descriptive roleplayer that will rp in third person[I know some people rp in first person but I would like third.] Someone who can post 1-2 paragraphs to keep things interesting!

    You will have to be okay with play multiple characters, possible gore and death[but that can be dialed down if you wish], sex, contributing to the rp, talking with me out of character, etc.

    If you are alright with these things, post below or send me a pm and we can get started on discussing the actual plot and questions you might have! :)
  2. I'm interestwd
  3. Alright! Send me a pm please!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.