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un jour je serai de retour près de toi
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"I'm alive, and I want to remain with the living, understand? And when I'm dead, I want to remain with the dead. And I would be unhappy if somebody living forces me to remain with the living."
- Silvanito, 'A Fistful of Dollars'

The year is 1889.

The world ended as we knew it seven years ago.


What the precise cause was, no-one alive today knows. Some blame the Native Americans, others believe it to be God punishing mankind for their sins. All we truly know is that seven years ago, something arrived on our planet from the stars, channelling ancient, eldritch energies that warped the planet and triggered the cataclysmic return of magic to Earth.

Billions were killed across the globe as these energies spread, changing the very surface of the planet.

The former United States is now pre-dominantly desert, and the lawlessness of the Old West is now everywhere; water has become the most prized resource, and those who control it gain power and authority over their fellow men, power that is often exploited. Out in the frontier towns, isolated by ancient beasts re-awoken by the return of magic, the man who controls the water controls the town often with a rod of iron.

Inequality and cruelty is rife.

Yet there are those who still deal in justice.


Men have re-discovered arcane powers, and now wander the lands as spellslingers for hire. The eldritch energies mean that the dead don't always stay that way; undead gunslingers from ages past arise again, ready to deal justice from their revolvers. These men and women move from place to place, often bringing justice to the cruel tyrants of the New World either for coin or for some strange reason only they comprehend.

They are known by many names; spellslingers, riders, mercenaries...

...Apocalypse Cowboys.


You are a walker of the wastelands, an apocalypse cowboy. You travel across the wastes of the United States, dealing justice from the barrel of a gun or from the blast of a spell. You might wield strange, esoteric powers or adhere to the ancient ways of Native American shamans, who now have access to truly deadly mystical abilities. Perhaps you're not even truly alive, an ancient gunslinger brought back from death to do battle once again.

For whatever reason, you have recently arrived in the frontier town of Shroud, nearby to the border between the barely-habitable regions of the USA and the areas still being warped by the eldritch energies that appeared seven years ago. You have heard of the troubles plaguing the town; an eldritch horror that attacks at night, slaughtering the townsfolk, and bandits extorting the locals for 'protection' against the Beast yet refusing to do anything about it. For money or for ideals, you're here to sort these problems out.

[b]My Name is...[/b] (What is your character called?)
[b]And I am...[/b] (What do you do/how do you define yourself? This can be as straightforward as your occupation ((ie. "And I am a Gunslinger")) to something a little broader and explanatory ((ie. "And I am a undead Gunslinger who has been walking the wastes for three years, dealing out justice and trying to find my mortal descendants")). Be as descriptive as you feel the need to be.)
[b]My skills are...[/b] (What is your character good at? Shooting, knife-fighting, making insane leaps of faith. These can be as strange and out-there as you like; just try and keep it balanced and don't go overboard with it)
[b]My powers are...[/b] (Does your character have any outright supernatural powers? Knowledge of magic? Maybe they're just an unnaturally good shot, or are undead. You don't necessarily have to have any powers/supernatural abilities. If you do, remember not to go overboard, because I really don't want to have to reject anyone's characters; that would suck)
[b]I have come to Shroud because...[/b] (What brings you to Shroud? The pursuit of someone? Looking for work, or just a place to lay low for a time?)
[b]I am carrying...[/b] (What do you have on you? If you have a horse or mule, what is it carrying? Please list everything you're carrying, even if it's hidden; it helps prevent meta-gaming. If you have a hidden item upon you, simply have 'HIDDEN' in brackets next to it so the other players know that their characters won't be aware of it, at least initially.)


A Chat RP is in many ways very similar to the regular roleplays that occur on this forum; people play the roles of characters in various situations described by a Game Master, and so on.

The difference between a Forum RP and a Chat RP is that the latter takes place in the Roleplay Chat-Box; players post the actions of their characters and how they react to the unfolding situation as the GM guides the world they all inhabit.

As such, a Chat RP is a faster-paced form of roleplaying; games and stories can be played out in a single night. Character interaction is greatly increased, as is player involvement in the plot. All in all, it's a unique experience in terms of forum roleplaying; you should really give it a try.

Yes, you.

THERE ARE FIVE SPACES IN THIS RP; once we're out of spaces that's it, I'm afraid, so join whilst you can.

  • Follow the rules of Iwaku
  • One character only
  • Don't act like a prick to fellow players
  • Don't meta-game; nothing kills a Chat RP faster
  • Be prepared to run with what's thrown at you

The game will take place on SATURDAY 11TH JUNE, at 21:00UTC. Here is a time converter that you can use to figure out what time the game is at where you are, so you know if you can play.[/bg]
My Name is... Andrew Walker
And I am... a Spellslinger, a mage-for-hire travelling from settlement to settlement in the search of work and adventure.
My skills are... my ability with my Irons; I know how to shoot fast and straight, which are necessary skills in this day and age. I'm a capable reader and writer, despite my upbringing, and since the re-appearance of magic I've become an avid student of the occult.
My powers are... the ability to understand, see and utilise magic. I use runes and rituals to cast my spells; the process can be slow, so I like to prepare my spells in advance for when I need them. I know runes of lightning, and often carve them into my bullets to make for more damaging attacks. I can outright throw spells at my enemies, but such a feat is taxing.
I have come to Shroud because... I'm looking for someone, a bandit by the name of Clemant. He's a brutal killer, who has come this far East to escape justice. I'm here to ensure that justice does find him.
I am carrying... A pair of well-maintained Big Irons, held in their holsters on my hips. I also carry a Repeater, slung over my shoulder, and have a bandoleer of runed bullets. I carry a knife for utility and for close-quarters defence. I have a few books of magic, usually carried by my horse, and I have my spell kit, which I use to carve my runes amongst other things. I've still got a few days worth of trail provisions.

I'm not gonna claim a spot this time, in case others want to. XD But I'll be there to watch or fill in any positions if someone drops!

My Name is... Max Vonheldus

And I am... A Necromancer

My skills are... Tracking, fieldcraft and survival. Average shot with his pistols.

My powers are... I am Undead (although he was only dead for an hour). I can commune with recently departed spirits, boost my tracking abilities by studying animal bones, partially animate bones for a few seconds and cause small sandstorms around myself.

I have come to Shroud because... I am Walker's companion and tracker. I was originally a bank clerk killed during a shootout between Walker and a bandit, but I was animated thanks to a local cleric, who bound me over to Walker in order to assist him in tracking down the rest of the gang. Now he can't get rid of me.

I am carrying... Two pistols, dagger, bandolier, coat with paper and charcoal, survival kit including cooking equipment and basic first aid.
Alrighty, we're gonna be getting this shit on the go in just a few hours. Any more takers for some weird-west insanity in the CBox?