Apocalypse anyone?

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  1. I'm wanting to do an apocalypse rp, or kinda like the survivors trying to keep themselves alive. It can be zombies or not, details can be worked on before the start of the rp. I'm hoping to find someone that can play multiple characters, but I'm not complaining if that's no possible.

    I don't have a whole lot of expectations, but I would like more than one liners. I don't do character sheets a whole lot, but its OK if you would like to do one. As for the actual rp I would really like it to be a couple years after the devastation.

    Let me know if you are interested!
  2. I'm interested in something like this! But would it be okay if it was based in a medieval-type world? o:
  3. Now as in the world was once medieval or everything after the disaster reverted to a medieval type world?
  4. Everything was once medieval. Every character uses a bow, a sword, etc. I think a zombie apocalypse in a world like that would be intense and very fun.
  5. Alright so they would have less of a chance to cause huge noises that would draw the zombies, and still have the women kind of as "property", and how many years after the devastation shall we do? We should also think of moving over to pm
  6. Shoot me a PM and we'll talk it out! ^.^
  7. If you're still open to ideas, I'd like to try a "barricaded" style zombie survival rp. Muses A & B have fortified themselves in a small apartment or something against a zombie apocalypse, and have been doing alright for the past few years. But as problems arise and supplies run low, they need to deal with them as a team or suffer the consequences. Regular white-collar average people. No guns, and scarce ammo if they do have them. People that were completely unprepared but managed to survive anyway. That kind of thing.
  8. Hmm its interesting but I don't know about the white collar thing. I tend to play more artistic characters.
  9. That works too. I just happen to connect "white collar" with "average joe". I just mean regular people who wouldn't have this thing in their minds as a thing that could actually happen, until it actually does. Not badasses or preppers.
  10. Ah I see what you mean now, people who might have the skills to survive but it was just so sudden that they didn't know what to do.
  11. Yeah. Sound good?
  12. Pm me, we'll talk more on it.
  13. I see you've gotten a few responses, but I'm keen on something along these lines too!
    I'd love to play a modern time apocalypse kind of thing where the point is survival, and I've written projects along those lines before. I understand if you don't need any more people to respond, but PM me if you're interested. :)
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