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  1. Why no one like my rp? D: -ahem- Why is no one showing interest in my rp thread? Does it suck that bad? Only comment I got was "Geez, that's long >.<" Or something like that...
  2. Well, Bloodwake I did indeed look at your IC thread but I decided I did not want to join and let me tell you why.

    1.) Wall of Text. Now, I'm not one to normal care for appearance but it is a major turn off when the opening post is a huge wall of words that threatens to make my eyes bleed. I guess when your were coping it over (or maybe if you just typed up on here) the spaces just didn't show. At least your had indents, but still, put single line spaces between the paragraphs makes it a lot more appealing.

    2.) You seemed confused. Now, I was on this site for like a week before I drifted off and I just recently came back on, so I still fill relativity new. So when I see someone post their IC that is more suited for their OOC and then hours later post an OOC and confess they don't know what there doing; then I'm probably not going to join because I really don't know what I'm doing, you see?

    3.) Unclear Plot. The opening seemed more like a bio that you would put in a character sheet rather then a plot to an RP. It didn't really tell us what you needed or wanted, it didn't give anyone who wanted to a join a clear direction. Basically everything I needed to know was in the last paragraph and that pretty much summed it up as "survivors after a nuclear cataclysm, not a lot of direction telling me how this RP is going to go.

    4.) Not Enough Info. This could really just tie in with number 3, but you really didn't say enough in your IC post(which really should belong in the OOC) to give anyone who wanted a sense of what you want. You didn't say what kind of characters you wanted (I assume normal Human survivors, but hell, what if somebody wanted to be a drone?), you didn't show us or tell us who you were going to be (I assume Scarlet), you didn't tells the general plot/idea/goal of the RP (I assume the story of survivors trying to live after an apocalypse and through, and possible rebel, against Scarlet's tyranny). That is an awful lot of assumption on my part to join an RP and will probably make many people uncomfortable.

    Now I know I'm starting to rant here and I'm probably not justified in doing so since I haven't personally created an RP yet, but I just felt like I should tell you why I didn't join. I feel that if you made it look prettier (spaced it out), put things in their right places, fleshed it out, and gave more direction to potential RPer's it would increase your odds of getting someone to join.

    My two cents, thanks for your time.
  3. I posted that to tell what happened for the world to get in that state. I didn't post as a character or shove anyone in any direction because I wanted them to make the plot with me as we rped. Make their own decisions.
  4. Alright, that's great! Now, are you going to RP as the infamous "Scarlet" or somebody else or "Scarlet" and somebody else?
  5. Scarlett with two T's and something else.
  6. It's just more a matter of how to get people interested in your role play. If you just start the role play without telling people about your idea or sharing a general summary of the plotline (by general I mean a 1-2 sentence tl;dr summary), people will be confused on how to just 'jump in'. The role players want to know that the role play has somewhat of a structure, so they know how to create a character suitable for the role play.

    If you're interested in getting more people to join your roleplay, then I hope you will keep reading ^.^

    There's 2 ways to grab attention:

    1) Usually, and by usually I mean 100% of the time, people post the OOC thread first. The OOC thread would include a rather extensive overview of what the idea is, and how people go about signing up (typically you want people to fill out a character bio sheet).

    There's also the option to take things an even further step back and post a brief summary of your idea as an 'Interest' topic in the Roleplay Topic section, to see if a certain idea for a roleplay is something others are likely to participate in. If you find that indeed people are interested, then an OOC can be made in the Signups & Plot Discussions topic.

    THEN, after a bit of coordination with your fellow roleplayers, you make the IC thread in it's appropriate category.

    (It would be helpful if the first post in this thread was edited with a short summary of what exactly your role play is about.)

    2) The other alternative is to post it in the Jump In subforum, where you don't need people to know the entire story, just make it up as they go (well, that's how I see the Jump In forum as XD).