Aperture Reincarnated

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    I stretched lazily on the chair in the lobby, looking around in mild interest. Connected to a wall, there was an empty reception desk that used to have a bell on it, which I had curiously dinged repeatedly before it had suddenly disintegrated. The word 'fizzled' came to my mind. Beside the desk, standing against a wall running diagonal to the point where the desk joined the wall, was a tall, plastic-coated skeleton, with a sign beside it that read, "Please study this skeleton in order to learn how to not have it's unfortunate bone structure.", which was odd because the bone structure looked fine to me. I was sitting on a chair placed inside a large semicircular indentation in the wall, one of eight. Behind me the wall, which was made entirely of monitors, was displaying stick figure animations of various Aperture Science inventions. To the right of the indentation, past the desk and the skeleton, was a circular door with a blue stick man on it, and to my left was a glass elevator that I had emerged from a couple minutes earlier after waking up in a cheap motel room. I tapped my foot absently, wondering idly if it was going to disintegrate too, when a fresh wave of boredom suddenly overcame me. "Uh, excuse me? Um, I'm not sure what I'm waiting for, but I'm extremely bored. Could I maybe have a book or something, please?", I asked the ceiling, feeling stupid the more I said. However, almost as soon as I finished talking, a hatch opened in the ceiling, and a tube extended into the room. From it I heard a lot of banging and clattering, and then a cube with pink hearts on the side fell into the room. I cautiously approached it, examining it from all sides and noticing a typed note taped to the side that said, "Figure out how to open it, and you can have your book.". "Hmmm...", I hummed, starting to examine the cube.


    I watched as the Development Core exited the elevator, looking around the lobby with curiosity. He crossed over the the receptionist's desk and started dinging the bell. He didn't stop. I eventually fizzled the thing, to his utter confusion. He then sat down on one of the chairs in front of the monitors, tapping his foot and looking toward the replica of the lunatic's skeleton. I briefly contemplated fizzling his leg before he stopped and asked the ceiling for a book. I immediately dropped the prepared cube into the room and watched as he examined the note.