Aperture Reincarnated

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    Following the expulsion of the bird from her facility, GLaDOS turned her attention to a staggering problem, one that couldn't be solved by banging her head against it until it solved itself. A problem so monumental, so...well, problematic, it threatened to derail Aperture like an explosive train derails into an orphanage for puppies.

    There were no more Test Subjects. [Subject's dramatic gasp here]

    GLaDOS had been so wrapped up in the bird problem that she didn't realize the consequences that training all the humans from the vault to death implied. No more people to test. So, she set to work changing the design of the Relaxation Pods, procuring samples of all the dead humans' DNA, and altering the genetic makeup of the Stasis Gel that had kept said humans in such good condition. When all that was done, she started disassembling the DNA she had, um, 'found', taking the eye color of that guy and adding it to that girl's hair color, throwing a splash of tenacity into every sample she made - but not too much. Soon she had a plethora of cell samples just begging to be allowed to form human bodies. And she, being a merciful Lord - erm, I mean, AI, obliged. One by one, she injected the samples into the altered Relaxation Pods (now dubbed Aperture Science HomoSapien Inauguration Vessels,or ASHSIVs),and allowed them to incubate for nine months, in the meantime spying on the lunatic with her birds. It seemed that a love of Science ran in the family, because she became a scientist on the surface. A rather unappreciated one, at that. And for some reason, all but a few of her creations tried to kill her. The sentient towels, the sentient shark teeth dentures, the sentient disembodied hand, the sentient space suit, the sentient automatic baby-changing table... At least the Mobility Gels she had invented were docile. And, you know, not sentient.


    Anyways, nine months later GLaDOS had hundreds of perfectly good humans, but no personalities to fill them. That's when she remembered the bin of corrupted cores just outside of her chamber. And one of them, during the Re-Humanization process, had the semi-smart idea to mention the turrets. Which is where you come in! You, a recently humanized corrupted core slash turret, have no memory of who you were. You have no knowledge of the surface, and think that Aperture is the only thing that exists, with GLaDOS as it's Goddess. You woke up one day inside a Relaxation Vault with a peculiar pair of boots, a shockingly orange jumpsuit, and an auto-tuned voice telling you your specimen has been processed, and that they are now ready to begin the test proper.


    Apart from the Cores-turned-Human, there is also activity on the surface. Rumors have spread about a wheat field that spirits humans away to safety, while at the same time shooting down any Combine that try to come close. It's a relatively short distance from City 17, and following the desertion of the humans, the Combine moved on. The humans then reclaimed the city and use it as the final rest stop before the wheat field. Interested...?

    Age (In appearance):
    Core-Human,Turret-Human,Defective-Turret-Human, or Combine Escapee:
    Heterosexual,Homosexual,or Bisexual:
    Looks (Can be description or picture,though I prefer a picture. Pictures can be Anime or Real):
    Personality (Anyone who puts 'Meet Me' will be shot to the moon with Wheatley and the Space Core):
    Crush (optional):
    Favorite Song (optional):

    My Bios:
    Name: Jason Marco Thrace
    Nickname: Jay,JJ,Marco
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Heterosexual,Homosexual,or Bisexual: Bi
    Looks: Wolf Avatar 200x200.jpg Ignore the ears.
    Personality: He used to be the Development Core, the construct in charge of coming up with new testing elements, until a run in with Curiosity and Adventure corrupted him with elements of their personalities. Now in his human body, purged of all (mostly) corruption, he still retains some of those elements. He's a fast learner, as was required of the Development Core to effectively learn new scientific theories. He's knowledgeable in all areas of science, required to realistically come up with new testing elements, but also has a trace of Cave Johnson's personality in him. Seems like pouring him into a computer didn't fail after all. This allows him to think like Cave did, and so come up with inventions he would have. You know, without all that insane 'time is flowing backwards' thing. Because of the Curiosity Core, he is very curious about the nature of the facility, and because of the Adventure Core he isn't shy at all about exploring it.
    Crush: None.
    Favorite Song: The 'Turret Wife Serenade', . Also,when he awoke, he had a CD of Kevin MacLeod's 'One-Eyed Maestro', in his pocket. He plays it when he's inventing, says it inspires him, though he still has no idea where it came from.
    Other: None.

    Name: Genetic Life-form and Disc Operating System
    Nickname: GLaDOS, Caroline
    Gender: Female
    Age: Indiscernible
    Core-Human or Combine Escapee: N/A
    Heterosexual,Homosexual,or Bisexual: Not Applicable.
    Looks: GLaDOS.JPG Personality: Passive-aggressive, sly, tricky, underhanded, deceitful, presumed to be a compulsive liar. Is a giant mechanical snake hanging from the ceiling, and is understandably a little bitter about not being able to move.
    Crush: Cave Johnson (*cough* Necrophiliac *cough*)
    Favorite Song: Cara Mia , though she won't admit it.
    Other: Do not, under any circumstances, say the 'p' word around her. You know the one. The thing french fries are made of.
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  4. Name: Key
    Nickname: Key-chan or Miss. teddy (mostly Key~chan)
    Gender: female
    Age (In appearance): 9
    Core-Human,Turret-Human,Defective-Turret-Human, or Combine Escapee:Core-Human
    Heterosexual,Homosexual,or Bisexual: ------- i gusse: Heterosexual
    Looks (Can be description or picture,though I prefer a picture. Pictures can be Anime or Real): [​IMG]
    Personality (Anyone who puts 'Meet Me' will be shot to the moon with Wheatley and the Space Core XD XDXDXDXDXDXD): she kind caring and funny at times she shy as well and never want to hurt anyone
    Crush (optional): mr taddy
    Favorite Song (optional): theres a big lits if you want it i will show you but here is her top 4


    3 (she plays this on the piano)

    2 (she plays this on the piano)


    Other: she plays piano and dont steal taddy or your going to die and have a mad rages little girl.
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  5. Name:
    Ophelia Rester

    Pixel She isn't sure where that nickname came from.


    Age (In appearance):

    Core-Human,Turret-Human,Defective-Turret-Human, or Combine Escapee:

    Heterosexual,Homosexual,or Bisexual:
    Neither; Asexual/Aromantic

    Show Spoiler

    Virtually nonexistent on the surface. Ophelia doesn't display strong emotional responses to any external stimuli, usually replying to people in as few words as possible, or in long, drawn-out over-explanations. Sometimes, she can seem rather unpleasant due to the blunt way in which she addresses issues, but she means nothing by it. It's really just a front she puts on to avoid making others uncomfortable with very violent urges she spends a great amount of time pushing down every time she locks her eyes onto someone.

    Crush (optional):

    Favorite Song:
    Show Spoiler

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