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    • Levi is a brand new Professor at the local high school to cover up what he does behind close doors. A ruthless mob boss that will throw anyone away if they are deemed useless. He enjoys the quiet teacher life by day, but things change when a new student shows up into his class. Now he has been open to a new obsession that could get him into alot of trouble.

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      Name: Levi Ackerman
      Age: 25
      Occupation: Professor/ mob boss
      Likes: cleanliness, order, dedication, hard work
      Dislikes: dirt, brats, his boss Erwin, Hanji at times

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  1. Levi walked through the halls of the high school. Students and teachers alike moving out of his way as he moved towards his classroom. He may have stood only at a whopping 5'3", but his mere presence was much larger than he was. He had a commanding aura that demanded respect as he walked and a scowl that dared someone to question him when he spoke. He may have been small, but his body was fit and in its prime. He would gladly kick the shit of any person who decided it a good idea to mess with him.

    Levi was just about to enter his class when he felt an arm wrap around his small frame. "Good morning Levi!~" he heard the shrill feminine voice of the science teacher. " Hnnn. What do you want shit glasses?" He asked mildly annoyed at his coworker's overly chipper disposition this early in the morning. " Awwww don't be so sour. I hear you are getting a new student today." Great another bratty kid to teach that will probably fail or just ignore his entire class to the point he wants to have a stroke. Maybe if he was lucky the kid would be scared pissless of him the first day. " Hnn. Well then let me go so I can get to class and meet my new victim." he told her as he walked to his classroom door. "BYE LEVI! DON'T SCARE THE KID TOO MUCH!" Hanji yelled in her departure. Damn shitty glasses; he'd make her pay when this was done.

    Levi entered his room and looked to all the students who were sitting in his class, orderly and quiet; just how he liked it. All the student's eyes were on him as he slowly made his way to his desk and and sat down. His hands folded infront of his scowl. His eyes scanning every single student. " It is to my understanding that I have a new student in my class." He mentioned offhandedly, "Would the aforementioned student please make themselves known so we can get introductions out of the way and I can get started on class."
  2. Eren wouldn't speak to his mother as he climbed out of her beat up car. It was bad enough that they had moved, making the poor boy leave everything behind, but his parents were making him enroll in school, in the middle of the semester. "Sweetie." She sighed, grabbing Eren's hoodie. "This is what's best for us, all of us. Please just give this school a chance. For me?" He could never say no to her when she looked at him like that.

    He made his way into the school, trying to keep his head down, so no one would notice him. Most people could see that he was in a bad mood, and left him alone. He found his first classroom, ten minutes before class was even supposed to start. There were at least, thirty kid in his classroom, and only one empty desk. Right in the front of the room, only about ten feet away from the teacher's desk. Eren sat down, and tried to ignore the people who were looking at him with interest.

    A boy with a two toned undercut coughed to get his attention. "Hey, what's up man. I'm Jean." He smirked at Eren, seeming to think that he was the best of the very best. But he didn't look unfriendly.

    "My name's Eren." He said softly, looking at his hands, and cursing himself. He'd always been a bit shy when it came to meeting others.

    Neither of them got to say anything more, because an angry, short man stormed into the room. Everyone instantly shut their mouths and sat straight in their seats with frightened looks on their faces. The man scanned the classroom as he walked to his desk and sat. It seemed that he already knew that there was a new student, and demanded Eren to make himself know. The tanned 16 year old slowly raised his hand. "It's me, sir."
  3. "Well? then please get on with your introoduction to us so I can do my job and go home." He menioned gruffly. He didn't like new students this late in the semester. It threw things off course horribly so. The kid will need to catch up, and he would have to provide these things, and possibly stay after to help so the kid could get up to date. This was a head ache and a half.

    "Well? Cat got your tongue? PLEASE introduce yourself so I can begin the class." He was getting impatient now. Despite how cute and innocent he was he had a job he needed to do.

    "Now Levi; No need to frighten the new boy on the first day." Levi growled as he heard the deep voice coming into his class. "What do you want shitty eyebrows? I have my job to do." He grumbled as he watched the blonde principal come in. " I came in to say hello to the students and make myself known to the new boy and hope he was adjusting well, and please use school appropriate language Levi...The students don't need the thought they can get away with swearing to the staf." He lectured. Levi could care less. He would just keep doing it no matter what he said. Erwin looked over to Eren and smiled. " Hello there. I hope you will get along well here. Please let me know if you need any help or if you need me to get your teacher to let off on you a little bit so you can have some breathing room,

    Levi just growled and discreetly flicked him off/ "Whatever. Now if you would be so kind to leave principal smith. The kid was just about to introduce himself." Levi turned his gaze on the boy boy; looking stern and waiting for the correct response. "Right?"
  4. Eren was shocked that a teacher could be so surly. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, not really sure how he should respond to the grumpy man's words. He looked around the room, and saw that a few of the student's were casting him looks of pity. He twiddled his thumbs together, but was thankfully saved by the handsome principal Erwin Smith. He scolded 'Levi' and then offered poor Eren some much needed support. Eren smiled at the attractive blond man, who was being so kind to him. "Thank you, sir." He said, looking a bit embarrassed that everyone was looking at him.

    He snapped to attention when his teacher called on him once again to introduce himself. He stood up, and knocked over the chair, causing it to hit the ground loudly. "I-I'm so sorry." He said, reaching down to pick it up. He straightened out his clothes. "Hello, my name is Eren Jeager. I'm sixteen years old, and I just moved here from Nevada. I look forward to getting to know you all."

    The other kids around him chorused 'nice to meet you.' Before everyone turned back to the teacher. The boy sitting next to him, Jean, held out his hand. "We should hang out sometime, Jeager."

    Eren smiled politely. "Yeah, sure. I'd like that." He made sure to keep his voice low enough that the teacher wouldn't hear him. "I don't really know anything fun around here honestly, I'd really appreciate it."

    "Yeah, I'll show you exactly-"

    "He can come with us, to the skating rink on Friday." The voice of a short kid with a buzz cut said. "Sound good to you, new kid?"

    "Yes! That sounds wonderful."
  5. "If you are all done talking, and possibly corrupting the new kid to be a slacker like you, please divert your attention back to the front of the class so we may begin. " He interjected. Making sure he was standing close to them. He wasn't really directing it towards Eren. He may be a hard ass teacher, but he understood the kid was new and wanted friends, but he had to do that on free time; NOT his class time. It was more for Jean and Connie, who have disrupted before. They had potential but they slacked at time. Levi would see to it that they would learn that was a bad move. Honestly what made them think he couldn't hear them? He wasn't an old man. He had very good hearing.

    When he was done lecturing the two he came back to the front of the class and began to write. Today they were learning mythology. " It is said nearly a thousand years ago our world was over run by massive humanoid creatures called titans. They never slept, but were less active during the night, they ate people but had no digestive track to shit them out. So after a certain point they would puke a mass ball of flesh like a sick version of a hairball. They looked human with the lack of anatomy to differentiate between male or female. Some hold truth that this happened; while others claim it was a fairy tale to explain the decaying walls outside many of our coutries city borders. The true origin of their construction lost time. Now I want to hear arguments on both sides of this spectrum." Levi always loved a good debate. And this was the perfect time to have one. It was something his students have heard and had interest in. And he can see how many intelligent fact they can hold onto.

    Sasha; please tell me why this is NOT possible and why this is just a myth at best." The brunette looked up from her, what she thought, hidden snack and gulped. This is why he chose her. He needed his example. She quickly put her food away and stood up straight to speak. " Sir! There was no way this was possible because there is absolutely no possible way human like creatures could even be sustained on this earth if they ate and never were full. We'd be wiped out."

    "Never said they were just here. Could have been in other countries as well with denser population. And they were less active in the moutains and snow. So people could hide. Also the science teacher could argue this as well. This is her passion after all." He argued. He argued with both sides to see if they were paying attention. " sir. There is now way something like this could exist. They are so terrifying."

    "Many terrifying things existed in our history Ms. Sasha. Not all were myths. Always remember that. Human are capable of just as much horrors as titans. Now please take your seat and please stop eating in my class." Sasha gulped and nodded. Taking her seat quietly.

    Levi was now scanning for the counter argument when his eyes fell on Eren. Time to see what the kid could do. he looked like he wasn't stupid and knew the myth. lets see if he could keep up or be swallowed whole. " Eren, Please give me the counter argument as to why they COULD have existed." He announced. Time to sink or swim kid.
  6. He was so embarrassed when Levi called out he, Jean, and Connie. He quickly lowered his head and put his hands in front of him on the desk. He listened closely to the story the teacher was telling, and to what the girl was answering. When Levi called on him to give a rebuttal, Jean gave him a look of pity. Eren looked around the room, and saw that many people were giving him the same look.

    "Well sir..." He said softly, picking at his fingers. "Maybe our ancestors were far more advanced then we gave them credit for." He looked around again, and saw that everyone was confused. "Well...we have vaccines, right. That can stop very dangerous diseases before they even have a chance to take root in our bodies." He rubbed his arms, as if they were cold, feeling the eyes of everyone in the room made him nervous. "Most of these vaccines, such as the one's for polio and the flu, were invented, some say, even before the tree great walls were erected."

    "Many men became very rich during the nine hundred years humanity supposedly hid behind the walls. With how naturally evil people can be, would it really be so surprising to imagine that the five main families who prospered behind the walls, made some kind of injection, performed experiments to create the titans?" He cleared his throat. "So, my theory isn't magic, but science. The cold hard facts."

    He let out a deep breathing, looking at Levi for approval. It was up to the mean looking teacher to decide if he passed or failed the test. Eren was very hopeful that he might get at least a decent grade, but it was hard to tell if the look on Levi's face was good or bad.
  7. Levi raised his eyebrow in surprise. To anyone else it looked like mild inquiry, but he was genuinely surprised by this kid's answer. He was alot smarter than Levi gave him credit for. " That....Is a very interesting point. Most wouldn't go a route like that. Prefering to stick to the legends. Very good. There is hope for you yet in this class Jeager." Levi told him. This was as close to a compliment anyone would get from this teacher. Alot of students looked at him in awe. His first day and he got PRAISE from the toughest teacher in the school. " Next time though..Be more confident in your answer. Even if it was wrong. You won't know until the end. So until that point hold true to your answers and beliefs until cold hard proof changes the facts. Besides this was a theological debate. I wanted interesting ideas to put out to make you guys think..You definitely gave us all here something to think about." he lectured. He may have lectured him on being timid, but the kid got another praise from Professor Levi. Kids were starting to stare at him like he was inhuman.

    "Now there were also stories of the survey corps of these legends having an ace up their sleeve to help with their fight against these titans. They had what was known as titan shifters on their side. The most notable being the rouge titan, the one that would fight his own kind and that his own kind would attack because he wasn't a true titan. Now the rouge titan was said to be a human with this power, how we do not know, and that he could unlock this power with two very important aspects. Would anyone care to tell me what these aspects were?" Levi asked. This time he would wait till a student would raise their hand. Who knows maybe the new kid would do so. he already proved he was hiding more brains than he let on.
  8. "Sorry sir." He said just as softly as he had spoken before. He felt so uncomfortable with everyone looking at him. When Levi asked for a show of hands, to see if anyone would answer his question, Eren kept his head down. Jean was trying to get Eren to tell him the answer, but the brown haired boy stayed quiet.

    "Come on man~" He whined but Eren wouldn't budge.

    He was very glad when the bell rang, excusing them to their next class. He grabbed his things quickly and made his way out of the room. He looked around for a few seconds before he found where his next class was. Geometry. He entered the classroom, and sat at the very back, and put his head down.

    "Not really the social butterfly?" A soft voice said, causing Eren to lift his head. A very tall boy with black hair, and a shy looking disposition smiled at him. "Bertolt." He held out his hand.

    Eren shook it. "Eren." The boy sat next to him, but didn't say anything else. The teacher walked in and silenced the class, and began her lesson, not even bothering with the new student, much to his relief.
  9. Levi was slightly disappointed that the kid said nothing. He could tell he was smart, but his confidence was very lacking. He would probably have to start working on that after class as well. No matter.; there was still plenty of time to get the kid to actually become a model student.

    When the class all finally filed out he checked his "personal" phone to see he had one message from an undisclosed number. He knew what this was and he would have to take this soon. He would wait until all the students were gone and he would shut off the light to give the illusion there was no one there so he could take this call.

    In the geometry class the teacher was of nor importance and they continued to blather on about information none of these students would probably use outside of school. However soon a much larger student with short blonde hair came to sit next to Bertolt. He looked menacing from a far, but when he saw Eren he offered a slight nod and smile. " Name is Reiner. nice to meet ya. I take it you are the new kid some students were talking about that got two compliments from the devil teacher himself on his first day?" Reiner asked as he pretended to scribble notes so they wouldn't get caught
  10. "Uh....yeah. That's me." He said, feeling more and more uncomfortable.

    "His name is Eren." The tall boy said, glaring softly at his best friend, nudging him on the arm. He sighed and turned back to Eren with his gentle smile. "I'm sorry about him, really, he's a good person. Even if he is a little rude at times."

    The sixteen year old shook his head quickly. "Oh! No, it's fine. He wasn't being rude at all." He looked at the blond and offered his hand. "It's very nice to meet you." He smiled shyly then quickly retrieved his hand. He was actually really glad that he was making friends at such a quick rate.

    "Would you like to sit with us at lunch, Eren? You can meet some of our friends." Bertolt suggested, seeing that Eren was bit uneasy.

    "Yes." Eren felt a little more confidante in his answer, noticeably missing the stutter. "I'd like that very much, thank you two so much."

    Eren spent the rest of the period paying very close attention to the teacher, making sure to take good notes. When they bell rang he didn't leave as quickly, and walked to his Bio class, with a small smile on his face. The teacher was already there, a frazzled looking woman who was writing erratically on the board.
  11. Reiner just shrugged and studied the rest of class. His best friend was always the more friendly one out of them. He never understood how he could be so friendly, but he wasn't going to complain.

    As the class ended and Bio began Hanji began writing on the board with a frantic, yet excited look in her eyes as she wrote the work they would be doing today. As everyone came in to take a seat she tunred around quickly. " Heloo class! It is nice to see you all today! We are going to be doing some exciting stuff today!, but first lets introduce our new student!" hanji greeted. Looking over to Eren with a smile that was akin to a mad scientist. Hani was nice, but she was a bit eccentric to say the least. Barely anyone could handle her. " well? don't be shy! please say something Eren!" Hani announced. Waiting for Eren to speak.

    "oi. Shitty glasses I need to talk with you out here." Came the voice of of the "demon teacher" as Hanji lookd over to Levi to see his look. It was one that said what he had to tell her could not wait. " uuuuhh excuse me class I have to take that." she said as she walked out of the class to speak with Levi about their matter.

    "wonder what those two are talking about this time." A student murmered. A boy with short bowl cut hair blonde hair sat there looking at the door before looking at Eren. " Oh I'm sorry. My name is Armin Alert. It is nice to meet you." Armin greeted with a hand in gesture.
  12. Eren looked like he wanted to slam his head on his desk after having to introduce himself in front of another class. He looked for a way to stall, but could find none. He was just about to raise out of his desk once more when his saving grace came in the form of his first period teacher. He sighed in relief when the man called the crazy woman into the hallway, leaving Eren alone. He prayed that she would forget that he needed to introduce himself.

    He looked at the boy next to him and shook his hand. "I'm Eren Jeager, it's nice to meet you." It seemed like it was the tenth time he had introduced himself like that. The blond boy, Armin, looked really nice. Wasn't built up like that kid in his bio class, but also seemed less pushy then Jean. "I uh....does this happen a lot?" He asked, referring to their teachers that were talking in the hallway.

    He looked out the window, that gave the class full view of the two. Eren couldn't help but look at the male teacher's harsh face. He was rather handsome, or he would be, if he smiled. When he frowned so scarily, it reminded Eren of a mafia boss, or a vampire. Something terrifying.

    "What's his deal, anyways?" He wondered quietly.
  13. Armin smiled, before returning to the question at hand. "Kind of. at least every other month or so. We never know what it involves. Those two a very secretive about their conversations." Armin looked over to see that Levi was speaking with Hanji with a deep scowl. It wasn't directed at her, but whatever had him like this really pissed him off. Hanji actually didn't look so manic and was focused on Levi. Nodding to his words; as if she under stood what he was saying. Giving her an order.

    "I heard a rumor those two are involved" A random student murmmered. "Shorty and ms. Psycho? Fat chance! He hates anything with a pulse, especially her. They must be planning something." Another piped up.

    ".....I actually heard from someone that Mr. Ackerman is involved in shady underground dealings. Like Mob kind of stuff and Haji helps every so often." That time it was Sasha from first period that chimned in. "How else could you explain how scary he is!"

    "......if you all are done talking ill of my cousin I would appreciate if you would stop," Came a soft feminine voice by Armin. She had short hair and eyes that matched professor Levi when it came to Apathy. You could tell by a glance they were related somehow, even with the red scarf covering her face. "Oh hey Mikasa I didn't hear you come in! Meet Eren!" Armin greeted. Mikasa looked over at him and gave the faintest of smiles in greetings. " Hello Eren. I am Mikasa Ackerman. Please don't these rumors have you fearing my cousin. He is actually pretty good to his students and nice when you get past the bastard personality."

    Outside the door where no one could hear Levi stood there speaking about a mission that went wrong slightly. Levi was not pleased. "So? The job got botched that bad huh?" Levi nodded. " They knew we were there and exactly what time too." Hanji rubbed the back of her scalp. " but how though? we were extremely careful not to let any intel out of the compound about this deal."
    "Isn't obvious shitty glasses? They got a tip from someone on the inside from our group."
    " aren't implying..." Levi gave a grave nod. " we have a traitor in our ranks, and I intend to sniff them out..and when I do..we WILL make an example of them." Hanji only nodded before sighing. " Better get back to class before those rumor mills start flying again!" Levi just sighed at how quickly Hanji could change. It was so tiresome.

    It wasn't long after Hanji came back in as bubbly as ever, seeming to forget about Eren's introduction. Settling with starting class. Levi however wasn't done making a presence. "Oi. Eren." Levi called out from where his head peeked from the doorway. "As customs dictate; when a new student enters our school so late in a semester a teacher is assinged to them to help them catch up and be on par with the other students and not feel lost. They are to spend at least two days a week at the school, or students home to study after classes are finished. and you have been put under my care for that." Levi told him matter of factly; as if stating the weather. " you may come by my class during your free period to discuss what days and where will be best for you to study. That is all." After he was finished he left as quietly as he came. No one the wiser of his conversation just moments ago.
  14. Eren's head was spinning from all the different opinions that flew around the room. He couldn't believe there were so many stories about their teacher. He understood, that maybe the man was little demanding, but he didn't really seem like the type to be wrapped up in anything illegal. He was glad when the girl interrupted them. "Don't worry...I don't really believe that he's running around town shooting people, like some of our classmates think." He laughed softly.

    He sat straight, and tried to take notes as quickly as he could, with how erratically the teacher was speaking. She would go this way, then suddenly change paths and go another way. Someone he had learned twenty times more about how rocks formed, than anything about mitosis (which was what they were studying.) When the bell rang to release them to lunch, Eren felt dizzy again. He walked down the halls, trying to process everything that he had been told, just in case it was on a test.

    He got his food, then looked around the room for Reiner and Bertolt. The tall young man wasn't honestly hard to find. He quietly made his way over to the table, where a few other people were sitting. There was Mikasa, Armin, Bertolt, Riner, a mean looking blond, a sweet looking blond, and a tan brown haired girl who was hanging onto the sweet one tightly. He got cold feet about going to sit with them, when he saw how many people were sitting at the table. He would have felt like such an outsider if he just wondered in to where they were having their fun. Besides, Mr. Ackermen had asked to see him during his free period.

    He turned around to leave, but Bertolt's voice stopped him. "Eren!" He called, waving his arm back and forth. "We're sitting over here." He had a soft smile on his face, which made Eren feel guilty for planning to just leave without saying anything.

    "I'm sorry." He said gently, making his way to the table. "But Mr. Ackermen asked me to come and meet him during my next free moment, and I think he meant now."

    "Oh...that's too bad-"

    "You should be more careful kid." The mean looking blond said, brushing some of her hair out of her eyes. "With sweet doe eyes like yours, a man like Levi will take advantage of you."

    "I don't think...." Eren was really confused. "He seems nice enough. He's a bit strict, but that's only because he wants us to be good people one day."

    "Alright." She waved him away, turning her head.

    "I'll see you later then." Eren said, then made his way out of the cafeteria and down the hall, with his tray of food. He found his first period classroom, and opened the door, only to discover that Levi wasn't there. He put his food down on a desk, and looked around. There were books, and other school supplies. Eren could look out the window, and watch the rest of the students who had gone outside.
  15. Levi was actiually in the adjacent office of the classroom. Door shut and his back to the window as he spoke on his personal phone once more with one of his more trusted members.

    "I want you to do backgrounds on every new intiate we have recieved since the leak was found. And I want a report on the movement of every one of our members since that time as well. I want to know what they have been doing and who they were talking to from the moment they woke all the way to the time they go to bed. Hell I wan to know how many times they took a shit if it will help this mole get smoked out. I will not stop till they are found and dealt with." He growled into the reciever as he nodded a few times to what the person on the other end of the line. " Right. I understand. I will call you again later. I have to get back to my duties here. Shaping the minds of tomorrow is a pain in the ass but someone has to do it, and make sure it is done right." After a few more words he hung up his phone and placed it in his pocket.

    Once he was finished he made sure he looked presentable and walked out of his office to see Eren eating his lunch by the window of HIS classroom. He leaned against the edge of his desk, looking as un amused as ever, watching eren eat and examine the students outside. Shame he was a kid; kid was cute and would look good wrapped around his arm, or around him in general, but he wasn't in the mood to do time in prison on pedophilia. He cleared his throat to get the kid's attention. " Last I checked I didn't allow eating in here; even in between classes." He pointed out. " but I will let it go this one time since you are new." He walked around his desk and sat in his chair; hands clasped to cover his face as he watched the movements of his student.

    "I take it you you are here to discuss your study schedule with me yes?"
  16. Eren was startled out of his thoughts by the scolding voice of his teacher. He dropped his spork, from being startled, and looked up at the man. "I'm sorry sir." He said softly, it won't happen again." He said softly, looking a little out of place next to the mean looking man. "Sir, I'm sorry but I don't have any other free period but lunch, so this is the only time during school I can study with you." He looked down at his hands, feeling a bit uncomfortable. "Unless you would want me to stay after school?" He suggested.

    He couldn't stop thinking about what the blond girl had said to him, that Levi would take advantage of him, whatever that meant. But it sounded scary. When Eren looked up at the mean short man, he felt his heart beat rapidly and a light blush on his cheek. He wasn't sure how he felt about the man looking at him like that.

    "I...." He sighed, and grabbed his tray. "I'm sorry, I must have come at a bad time. We can speak about this later." He quickly made his way out of the room, then when he was in the hallway, he started with a brisk run, until he was at the door of where his next class was supposed to be. He didn't know what to do with the tray so he just threw it in the trash.
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