AoT/Shadow of the Collosus Inspired Steampunk RP

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  1. So this RP, Rethlen, is based on the above anime and game combined with a more teamwork orientated aspect. The land is roamed by giant beasts individually known as Gigas who will happily kill humans whenever they see them. Humanity survives inside great walled cities on the plains and in smaller settlements in the mountains where they are safer. But now they're trying to expand their borders and dozens of new people are being trained as Gigas hunters to help. The teamwork aspect comes in with each Gigas being a lot more deadly than the titans in AoT and equipment being a lot more traditional. Grappling hooks to climb the Gigii, swords and bows to hurt them and weaken them. When the hunters reach higher ranks they get access to more powerful steampunk weaponry but hunt more dangerous Gigii so teamwork is still required.

    As little teaser here's the info on the Gigii that would be in the OOC.
    The Gigii (open)
    There are two classes of Gigas in Rethlen, though only one is truly a Gigas. The first class is the Gigas Prime, monsters that are fifty to one hundred feet high. Each one is unique in its appearance and abilities, a vile combination of normal animals and humanoid forms. They can range from stone skinned serpents, to giant humanoids who bleed acid, to giant birds with metal feathers and the ability to breathe fire.

    The second class of Gigas is the Gigas Minor. These are not giants but smaller creatures which accompany a Gigas wherever they go. More colloquially called Clingers by hunters, they are not unique to each monster nor are they dangerous on their own. However, when a hunter’s attention is on the Gigas, the distraction provided by these animals can cost them their life. Not every Gigas has Clingers but in general the larger a Gigas the more it will have. The clingers will defend their host with suicidal fury.

    The origins of both Gigii and Clingers are unknown. Gigii are known for appearing overnight with no sign of them travelling to the location. Tracking their footprints ends with gradually fading tracks that show there was more of a trail but are impossible to follow. Clingers on the other hand are never seen moving independently. Many believe they are born from the Gigas itself creating a parental bond to protect the giant.

    The Gigii are not the only enemies out there however. Other dangerous animals exist in the world. While individually no threat to a hunting party packs occasionally attack groups of people. These attacks are very dangerous as hunters are not trained to kill them and must use their own initiative to fight.

    Anyone interested? I'm happy to answer any questions.
  2. I'm game.
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