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    Alright. So, for now, this isn't going to be all fancy or contain a lot, because I only really want to do two roleplays which would be based off of animes.

    I think I should introduce myself before I get into it:
    Hi. My name is Jackson, but you can call me Ao, Hem, or basically any other nickname you can come up with. I live in Florida and my life isn't really filled with anything interested. I'm almost to the end of this school year (done on June 3rd) and I decided to become active on Iwaku once again. I like chatting and roleplaying and just interacting with others in general. And I won't kick you for approaching me, so don't be shy.

    So, about those roleplays; there are two animes, as I stated earlier.

    Those would be Corpse Party and Madoka Magica.

    For both we would be using OCs; Canon characters are not really within my comfort zone, sorry.

    For Corpse Party, I imagine our characters could be going to one of the schools that was named in the game, and they could do the ritual and fall into the school. We would not have to stick to every event that happens within the game, putting in our own little hallways and items to avoid.
    This would be a more sad-feels inducing roleplay, filled with quite a bit of character death. I'd be willing to take on more than one or two characters since I doubt most of them will stay alive in the process.
    I'd like the person I'm roleplaying with to have atleast a fair amount of knowledge about the game and/or anime (I've only played the game) or else it may not work out. The only canon characters we will roleplay for temporary amount of time would be the ghost children, since they're a pretty big part of the game. :>

    For the Madoka plot-
    We could use both boys and girls, aged 13-16. It will take place in a sort of alternate universe where males are also made into magical boys and where the magical girls from the anime don't exist. This is similar in aspect to the Corpse Party plot as in it will contain character death, sad scenes, and gore/violence.
    I would prefer that the person I roleplay with has atleast completed the anime series. It would be great if you've also watched Rebellion, but I'm okay with it if you haven't!

    I prefer we use anime faceclaims.
    For post length I don't really care very much; I just ask that my partner doesn't use text talk and tries not to give me one-liners every single time, since it's very hard to come up with responses.
    There may be a bit of romance tossed in to either plot, but not anything that goes beyond a makeout scene. I'm not looking for smut at this moment.
    I prefer fxf or mxm, but will do mxf if wanted. I don't care whether I'm male or female in mxf.
    And please be prepared to play more than one character! It doesn't matter to me if we have an even amount of males and females, but please be able to atleast play 2 characters or possibly more, since character death is more than likely to be an occurence.

    Some of the content ratings may or may not apply depending on which we do.

    This post will be updated with more plots as I come up with them, but this is it for now.

    Post a reply below if you're interested or message me.
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  2. still looking for both.

    also should have added; once one of the plots is taken, I'll be striking it out.
  3. still looking for partners!
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