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  1. So I was thinking of a plot recently and it's been nagging at me. Here we go:

    Basically, there are only a few Humans in the world who are granted a sort of Guardian, called Daemons. These Daemons protect their Humans with their lives. The purpose? Every year a new batch of Daemons are born into Earth, signaling the start of a new Tournament. These Daemons don't know who their Human counter parts are, but they must search the world for them so they can protect them. Evil Daemons and Humans who are greedy for power frequently target Humans without their Daemons in order to kill them and rise one more level of the Tournament. The prize of this Tournament is the ability to rule a section of the Daemon World, a prize only very powerful Daemon and Humans can be worthy of. The Daemon World is in turmoil, a few Daemon Rulers have turned a new leaf and are going against the other Rulers, causing war in their World.

    My character, one of the Daemons who have been recently born into Earth, is on a mission to find her Daemon before it's too late. She is currently in North America, searching the streets for her Human when all of the sudden she feels the presence. Your character will be her Human, you can decide on his/her personality and other things like that, all I want is their relationship to be a little strained, making the development a little more interesting.

    Another thing I ask is that you are genuinely interested in this idea. I've had a few ideas like this that fell through because people lost interest. I'd also ask that your replies are no less than 3 paragraphs please, it gives me something to work with, and I will give you the same or more! ^^

    I have a little more I can give out/explain in thread once it gets going, so please message or post here if you're interested!
  2. I'm interested! Pick me! >w<

    If I read that right... You are going to be the protector of whom ever joins? Or is it backwards? Because if anything I'd gladly like the chance to be either. Also! What time is this in? It seems modern, but I just have to be sure.
  3. Yayyy! :D

    Yes! I am the protector! :) You would be the Human in this case, and yes its in the Modern world! :D I'm at work right now, but if you'd like to post a character sheet that'd be great! I'll make mine after I'm done (so in 6 hours-ish) Also, would you like your character to still be in high school? Like in senior year or something? I think it could add some interesting twists if you want to. :)

    Here's an outline if you need:

    Appearance: (picture preferrably, but description is okay)

    And add in anything else you'd like, maybe fears or goals in life, something like that. :3 Thanks so much for wanting to join!
  4. I think I might use one of my past characters.

    I think she'll fit into this perfectly, but I might pull a few strings to fit some stuff.

    I'll post in maybe 30-60mins.
  5. I..

    Little bit of "me" in there. >w<
  6. Name: Tanisha Yantio. Nickname: Tay.
    Age: 16
    Grade: 10
    Appearance (open)
    She generally wears only black, gray, and white. Her hair is also white, and her skin is generally very pale. Her eyes are an icy blue/teal color. She normally wears jackets & long sleeves, casual jeans and shoes. The occasional tang top while at home.She's actually albino[​IMG]

    Outer personality:Tay will often act as if she just doesn't care, showing little to no emotion. Prefers to keep to the dark, and stay away from other people.
    Inner personality:In truth, Tay is very shy, very scared, and a very insecure girl, hiding inside of her emotional cage in public. She just wants to be accepted by someone, and has tried multiple times to just end it. This explains the reason for hiding her arms, due to faint scars scattered about, and is worried she might be made fun of. She's completely honest with the people she trusts, only hiding her most deepest secrets.
    Likes: Huge animal lover, nature, and music. Cherries and strawberries.
    Dislikes: Lies and cheats. Large crowds. Speaking out.
    History (open)
    Tay had used to be the crowd star, always fooling about, mischievous, loved by everyone. But when she was the age of fourteen, her mother just disappeared. It was sudden and had no warning at all, she left for work for one morning and just didn't come back. Tay however, was frantic, searching almost every night with nearly thirty neighbors.
    Grace's body was found in a dumpster. And Tay, simply rejected the world after that day. She almost never spoke a full sentence to anyone. Through the next year, Tay's friends grew away from her, and professionals gave up on trying to help, figuring she will "heal on her own."
    Starting the ninth grade, and passing her fifteenth birthday. Tay completely changed how she looked over the summer, and became the Gothic figure today. Only the school staff knew who she was, but Tay had written a note to the school administer and asked if they could keep it private, and simply call her "Tay". Through for some reason, they did.
    Tay had moved away one day, without telling anyone. And is now living in an apartment near the local High Hill school.

    Now 16, she works at a Dunkin Donuts shop, somehow able to get orders through quicker than the rest.

    More will be added as necessary, and I might have to change things around. If you see something weird please tell me! I might have missed something.
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  7. Awesome! :) I love it! I'll post my character as soon as possible once I get home and I'll start working on the starter post! Do you have any questions?
  8. Nope >:3
  9. Awesome! >:3 SEE YOU IN 3 HOURS! >:D
  10. Here's mine:

    Name: Hotaru
    Daemon Name: Firefly
    Age: Appears 18
    Personality: She's usually pretty cheerful and outgoing, always looking at the positive side. She can change her personality in a dime once something gets serious or she needs to protect someone. She's usually easygoing as well, not caring about much besides whatever is currently on her mind. Her loyalty is one of her best assets. Like most Daemon, she is born to protect her Human, though her loyalty exceeds normal expectation. She will die for her Human, as well as any one of her friends.
    Appearance: Left- Normal Right- Transformed
    / (open)

    Weapon: Her weapon of choice is a mechanical Scythe that has the Elemental ability of Electricity. She named it Lightning Bug, or Bug for short. She also has a weaponized bracelet in her left wrist that concentrates her Element for other attacks.
    Lightning Slash: She builds up energy in the shaft of the Scythe, waiting for the right moment, then swings the weapon and it releases a concentrated amount of Electricity with its slash, sending the electricity towards the opponent.
    Pulse: She builds energy into her wrist, focusing the Element into one powerful shockwave that has the possibility of paralyzing the opponent momentarily, almost like a taser.
    Static Barrier: A shield that protects both her Human and herself, even if they are separated, but only up to a distance of 100 yards. The farther away they are from eachother, the weaker the barrier.
    Hover: She also has the ability to hover around, using the wings she grows from her skirt when she transforms, making her movements quicker.
    Likes: She has an obsession with toasters, confused as to how they work. She also takes a liking to anything electrical. Other than that, she loves dried cranberries and animals.
    Dislikes: Water, losing, and getting lost.
    Hotaru was born into the Daemon world with the Element of Electricity. At a young age she was able to master a few small arts, but soon gave up on fighting as her calling hadn't come yet. She would have friendly spars to practice with her friends, but she would never go out of her way to actually fight someone. All that changed when one Ruler changed. He turned against the others, sending his people to fight the people of other Sections. War soon appeared in the lands, causing chaos and death with every year. Hotaru had lost her friends, either to raids or single fights and she grew stronger as she waited to be called upon. She was in a small village one day when a strange light enveloped her, taking her from her World to the Human World. Here, it was the year 2013. Human technology was baffling her Hotaru, so she stuck to herself mostly as she tried to find her Human. She knew that she would have been transferred somewhere close to her Human, but she still had to find them. Most of her days consist with her walking about, keeping where lost of people are and trying to find her Human before someone else gets to them first.
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  11. Ooh.

    I got a feeling their relationship is going to be 'itchy'

    can't wait to play this out. :3
  12. This plot looks amazing! :D

    I would love to do this if you would have me. :)
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