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  1. I am bored out of my mind and is only roleplaying with one person, I decided to open up. I can only be female. I tend to have a lot of the high school drama plots, vampire based plots ( the ones that burn up in sunlight not sparkle they are GAY FAIRIES... no offense I love fairies :pdevil:. Anyone really interested in this, oh and I have evil twisted plots. Haha.
  2. I'm not one for high school plots but I'm okay with vampire. I agree they don't sparkle and twilight sucks, totally ruined vampires.
  3. Yeah they do.

    Here are some of those plots.

    ( the Voltori is just the same in twilight but real vampires.)
    Voltori wanting this human that knows of the Vampires.So they tell their strongest group of vampires sent after her, to bring her to them. ( You can think of anything that they do to her)
    A royal vampire is looking for a soul mate, so he goes to this human girl's place. She gets kidnapped by him and is put in the guy's house. He makes her be his slave. So he can have someone work for him and so he can get blood plus do what he wants to them.

    An orphan wants to be loved again. But when this guy comes in there, there is something different about this guy. different than other people who came in here. she was a different orphan too she had powers. But this guy that come in wants to know how much she wants to be in a home she tells him and this strange guy buys her. Going to her new home finding out he is a cruel man, and he is a king. She sees an prince, she acts nice to this guy he is the guy that got her pregnant.The prince is a player though. so like all players , he tries to get in her pants. win her over at night time. a few months ago, they had it and now she is pregnant. While she learns they aren't humans. they're vampires , she is a witch.Well they take that to an advantage, the prince is actually cruel, will she understand?
    There is a war between vampires and humans. The Vampire leader told someone to get the human leaders' daughter so the vampires know what the human plan. Plus they want to keep her, so they are aggravating them.
  4. I like the last one with the war against the two races. For some reason I really like those, I guess I like the drama and twists they can have because of the war.
  5. hshahaa yeah so you fine with being evil vampires?
  6. Yeppers. :P Grr. You're playing the daughter?
  7. the girl that gets kidnapped that is. HAha
  8. Ha okay. What kind of period would you like it in?
  9. sorta modern?
  10. Okay. With the war do you want to keep it like Underworld type weapons, if that comes up, or something else?
  11. well, the girl will be kidnapped... so they wouldn't be involved.
  12. I know, I meant in case my character got into a fight, but you're right no need to dwell on it.
  13. Yeaj, but there would be guns and stuff. can you make the thread?
  14. I can but it won't be a strong post, not great at doing the starting post. Just a heads up for it. I'll put it up when I can and put the link up on here.
  15. Okay, That's great ^_^
  16. So I'm having some issues to get the thread started. So the characters are in the city right? And he stumbles upon her? Just getting some stuff straightened out to get the thread started.
  17. the characters are in the city where the princess is, but then the prince dude goes to his kingdom where his vamp family and friends are.
  18. Right, sorry I blended this rp with another one I was doing my bad.
  19. Haha it's alright, it's fine.