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  1. I have been rather bored as of late and would love to have a few more rp's up that I can work with. Some pairings I would love to do are:

    Presidents daughter x Male citizen
    Human female x Male god
    Male twin x Female twin
    Doctor x Nurse
    Nerdy girl x Popular guy
    Vampire x Vampire
    Werewolf x Vampire
    Female demon angel x Male angel

    I don't have many, but...

    1) Have fun
    2) Please write a paragraph so I have something to work with
    3) Please be nice
    4) Don't control my character
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  2. Female demon angel x Male angel?

    SO IN.
  3. Give me a few minutes ^^ I was actually just working on my character for that to put in my blog but definitely ^^
  4. Sure! xD
  5. If you're still interested... I'd absolutely love to do "Male Twin x Female Twin. It's actually something I've been very Intreated in but could never find someone to do it with^_^
  6. Awesome ^^ PM me and we can work out the details ^
  7. Male twin x Female twin. Are you willing to play males?
  8. Honestly I'd prefer to play a female
  9. Oh. Sorry. I just can't play male
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