Anyone Wanna Help Kill My Boredom??

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  1. So um... I really wanna do a cruel idea, plots... I need someone to play male..This is for hetreo
    * vampire prince x Human
    * band x kidnapped
    * gang x kidnapped
    * boss x boss assistant
    * mafia boss x wanted person.

    Or we can be four people each and do a Under One Roof thing... I can explain it to anyone who doesn't really understand what those rps are about... XD
    I am really bored and up to hear your ideas that involve, romance, or evil some form.
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  2. I'm interested ^^ if you want shoot me an RP explaining what you meant by cruel idea plots XD
  3. I'm this yaoi? ^___^
  4. oh ok then, sorry to bother you.
  5. -_- I just read the top, sometimes I miss things. Sorry. I feel stupid now.
  6. lol its okay ^_^
  7. I will RP yaoi!
  8. I can't do YAOI
  9. Sweet!
  10. What Yaoi RP would you like to do?
  11. Do you rp fandoms or do you just wanna do oc?
  12. Fandoms.
  13. Ok, what fandomes do you rp?
  14. I'm up for doing a vampire prince x human thing. Or the mafia boss x wanted person one. PM me if you're interested :)
  15. Yay!! Okay... so I am still looking!!
  16. If you want to do a One x One maybe we can. I am interested by all your ideas :)
  17. Is any your favorite?
  18. I like the Mafia x Wanted the most.
  19. hahah okay.

    A young girl has been on the run from a mafia for like a year or so. Because her father owed some money so they made a deal to give one child up to the mafia, so he picked the only daughter, but secretly she knows how to fight, but She doesnt know why they are after her.. But when they keep on failing It is victory to her. Until one night. She is kidnapped unexpectedly... then brought to the mafia boss... Forcing her to be his servant.. but she keeps trying to run away so then he makes her get a tattoo saying that she is his...

    ( or we can make it the mafia's son, who is in the mafia? )
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.