Anyone wanna do a band style RP?

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  1. I was thinking that it'd be cool to do an RP centered around a band in 1989, minimum of 5 members and if anyone's interested in being a character outside of the band we could fit in a few of those too, we can discuss details and try to make everyone happy
  2. Ello, I'd be interested in playing the bass guitar for this roleplay.
  3. cool! write up a small bio for your character including a name and age and all that and stuff and maybe post a picture for appearance (would prefer a picture of a real person but if you can only find anime pictures then that's okay)
  4. Name: Aaron Turner
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Aaron is a joker. He loves pranks and laughter, and can't stand anything quiet. He loves to live life to the fullest, and hates pessimists. Who needs them downers, anyways. He often drums on tables, heads, and hearts to pass the time. He loves to play the bass guitar because it is the most powerful sound maker out there, and if he had it his way, he'd probably crank up the bass so loud that it would vibrate someone's filling right out of their mouth.

  5. I would be thrilled to participate in a band roleplay! But the thing is...I don't know a single thing about instruments. ;_;
  6. Back up singer, then? Or the tambourine... XD
  7. :applause:
    Lol, I've been laughing at that for the last 10 hours.

    Ok, I'll be the back up singer.
  8. M'kay, so like River told me to do, write up a small bio with all the essential info and preferably a picture of a real person which resembles your character for appearance. River, you can hit me with a fish if I'm wrong.
  9. Name: Kim Ye-rim
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Kim Ye-rim (her name is Korean, but her nickname is "Kim Seoul.") could be described as an "angst filled teenager," other than the fact that she isn't a teenager anymore. She loves to wear striped socks and run around the town, causing mayhem. She smiles when she is in trouble, and she is bored when things are normal. Her voice doesn't match her appearances. It is a bit on the "alto" side, and she sings everything with raw emotion. (A video is included. That's what she sounds like!) She hates to sugar coat things. If Kim Ye-rin didn't have the power to sing, she would most likely be a young delinquent, creating pandemonium for everyone to enjoy.
    Looks: y0NZayuqmc.png
  10. instead of being just a back up singer, you could be a drummer or a secondary guitarist, you don't actually have to know anything about instruments, just pretend, I can tell you some things to say if you don't know words for it and stuff
  11. Josh Kirkwood
    Age: 26
    Occupation: Lead Singer, Lead Guitarist, Primary songwriter
    Josh is a very open and emotional artist, he has a very goofy, sarcastic, dismissive and quirky sense of humor, he likes to be with people who are enjoying themselves, he's not very loud or jumpy or anything, he's just very relaxed and calm but still a joy to be around. He usually keeps his feelings from people unless he's very close with the person he talks to,

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  12. Okay! I would love for my character to be a drummer.
  13. all right! so your existing character will be a drummer now
  14. Awesome sauce! I think we just need 2 more members, right?
    I look forward to this~
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