Anyone up for an RP? :3

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  1. Hello, everyone! :D Once again I've found myself searching for a new partner. I have a few fandoms I'm in that I'd like to do, so here is a quick list!:

    Hetalia (Gerita or FrUK would be great. We can also do couples with an OCxCanon if you prefer!)

    Blue Exorcist

    Star Trek

    Danny Phantom

    One Piece

    Marvel (mainly those in the Avengers...I'm not very good with X-Men)

    BBC Sherlock (Johnlock or Sherstrade)

    Supernatural (Destiel)

    Well, that's all I can think of so far. I went ahead and added some of the couples I enjoy doing, but I also enjoy using OC's and pairing them up with Canon characters. I have no issue roleplaying with FxF, FxM, or MxM couples so all are welcome! However, I do have a few rules:

    1. Please be 18+. This is a personal preference that I will not budge on.
    2. Please be respectful, I shall be respectful to you as well. :3
    3. Let me know if you no longer wish to roleplay, please!
    4. Understand that just like you, I do have a life outside of Iwaku (shockingly. ._. If I could I'd be on here a lot) and that I will try to get to you and our rps as soon as I can!

    Overall, just the basic things. :3 Anyway! I'm looking forward to talking to those who wish to roleplay with me! You can contact me over PM or simply say something down below if you would like. :3 Have a good day everyone! ​
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  2. I'm up for some Star Trek as long as we use our own characters, ship and crew?

    I'm also a Marvel fan, but the Netflix stuff.
  3. Honestly, I don't usually do purely original rps...I enjoy using canon characters along with OC's. I'm sorry hon. :/
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  4. I understand that.

    Massive Daredevil fan if that interests you.

    Otherwise, thanks for the reply.
  5. Funny, but when it comes to doing a Star Trek RP, I've always wanted to have my alien characters involved with the original/Next Gen crew, just to see how the "cannon" characters would react. Just a matter of finding someone willing, and, of course, able to play the original/Next Gen cast. Though most of my thoughts have dealt with the Next Gen crew. Would be fun to poke Data... :bsmile:
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