INTEREST CHECK Anyone up for a "Five Heroes" kind of roleplay?

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  1. The main thing that has been poking at me for a while is the fact that I've been craving for something of a high fantasy, heroes brought together by fate, save the universe kind of thing so I'm here to ask if anyone would be interested in joining me, it'll most likely be a group roleplay but that can be subject to change. It would be somewhat similar to Final Fantasy.

    The continent where our heroes will begin is floating, separated from the rest of the world above a thick layer of clouds. Its land holds three large cities with overlying villages on its landscape. But towards the more unknown parts of Archanea are many ruins filled with mysteries and most likely treasure.

    A more specific view on the landscape of Archanea
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    The Three Cities

    - Caen Peer, The Light Blue Citadel
    The capital city of the continent of Archanea, it is filled with many different people who call the floating continent their home. They have the strongest guards of the country and a large wall protects them from roaming beasts. Withing the walls are a very technologically-advanced citadel of sorts surrounded by homes. Ruled by the council of Elders

    - Jaggda, The Desert Oasis
    The city of merchants. Based on the borderline of the plainsland and a desert it has a very Egyptian feel and architecture to it. On the dusty roads merchants are based on the sides peddling their goods from faraway lands. In the center of the city is large palace made of golden stone with blue fountains and streams running down the sides in form of water. The guard here are very careful as a thief guild calls the home the desert. Ruled by three merchant leaders.

    - Maris Soli, The City of Magic
    A city set in the northern area of Archanea, the snow bites at the people who travel towards this city but not the people within the light yellow force field that surrounds the perimeter. The inhabitance of this city learn the way of magic in the large prestigious academy based here. The queen, and ruler uses her magic to give the inners of the city a spring like climate.

    Notable villages

    - Roswood Village
    A small village located not to far from the capital. A farming village the people here live peaceful lives and are known for their skills in hunting.

    Notable Ruins

    -Arypth Halls
    The only explored ruins in Archanea. Explored by an expedition team from Caer Peen led to the discovery of many treasures and monsters, earning the curiosity of some sky pirates.

    The characters at first will have very little battle experience but they have a resolve and a dream of adventure. They will start out either together or they'll somehow join up via the ropes of fate, but they will be related to Roswood Village.

    When a Sky Pirate lands on Archanea in search of ruins they somehow manage to follow him/her into a undiscovered hall of Arypth which ends up to a faintly glowing crystal. The crystal all the sudden speaks saying a ominous thing will come over Archanea, come over the lower world and that six heroes will be blessed with its power to stop said evil. The Sky Pirate is about to venture out and find five warriors when the crystal gives it remaining light to him/her and the five villagers hiding behind him.

    They will begin their training with the pirate before they go on the first step of their epic quest. But news of monsters getting more and more ferocious as well.

    Thats all I've managed to come up with so far, but any questions are free to be answered. :)
  2. If I may ask, what exactly are you implying?

    And yeah its fine. xD
  3. An overall game theme perhaps? with five of the seven being the players who started as normal people and then became greater.
  4. While a Final Fantasy based system doesn't exactly strike my fancy, I would be all over a reboot or original work inspired by Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.
  5. Actually after some thought, I'd think it'd be fun as well.

    If you guys are still interested we might be able to make it happen. lol.
  6. (Oh hey, Cosmic... Sup?)
    Heys! Hiyas! Anna wants to join in on this!