Anyone play League of Legends?

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  1. I'm looking for some peeps to play league with tomarrow evening. i need like 4 other people. maybe 5 for hexakill?
    Anyways i mostly go jungle or top. So if you're interested just reply here. thank you.

    Btw, my username is. xXCrazyJXx
  2. Really? No one?
  3. I play league.

    Brovo also plays league (yeah I just threw you under the bus, Brovo)
  4. I play League of Legends on the North America server.
  5. Well add me guys. cause I'm going to get back on after tomarrow.
  6. Actually I stopped playing League a while ago. I got to platinum and just went "nope, done." I have a life to lead and other games to play. Haven't picked it up in over a month.
  7. A ton of people on this site play league ^^; i'm one of them and @Krnon <3 yeah budddy
  8. I did add you, I'm just not on at the moment.
  9. I do, I do. I'd love to try out Hexakill, but I don't really have any friends that play League anymore, QQ. My IGN is Garnet. I can probably sign on later tonight if anyone wants to play.

    Haha, I kind of did the same last season. I got my pretty plat border and went 'screw this man.' I recently started playing on-and-off again, just ARAMs mostly.
  10. Yeah i just get on every other day. so tomarrow is my day to play league.
  11. I play. My IGN is the same as this so add me if you'd ike. Just let me know you from the site or I won't accept. I'll be on tonight most likely.
  12. I've sent requests to both of you, hope to see you guys on sometime.
  13. Omg...we can so make an iwaku team on league.
  14. Btw. What lanes do you guys main?
  15. Support/Mid/Top

    Boobs 4 Justice, NA
  16. I play. :D my name is Ruskanna and I'm a lowly silver support main.
  17. I everything. Prefer jungle doh
  18. I added you today slater. sadly i just got off for today. and saren add me for next time. my username is xXCrazyJXx.
  19. I main as support, mostly just Braum, Mogana, Thresh, or Soraka. Secondary I prefer mid lane as Mordekaiser, Galio, Veigar, or Zilean. Top lane I have fun as Ryze, Mordekaiser, Caitlyn, or possibly Nasus. I can attack damage carry if people need me to, though I tend not to, as Vayne, Tristana, Caitlyn, or Twitch. As for jungle, I stay away from, but If people need me to, I can go there. I can jungle as Pantheon, Shen, Mundo, or Fiddlesticks.

    I have played the game since the end of Season one. As such I am always willing to help new people, or just have fun with people for a while. I do have a rank team that meets up on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so those days are out for me to be doing a lot. I'm not one to overlap a schedule.
  20. Support: Lulu, Janna, Sona, Braum, Thresh, Leona, Lux, Annie, Teemo, Soraka, Nidalee, Zilean, Blitzcrank, Kayle(AP), Karma
    Mid Lane: Akali, Diana, Nidalee, Teemo, Lux, Annie, Zilean
    Top Lane: Gangplank, Akali, Shyvanna, Irelia, Lulu, Volibear, Teemo, Kayle (AD), Quinn, Diana
    Jungle: Shyvanna, Amumu, Warwick
    ADC: Quinn, Ashe, Kog'maw, Draven

    Preferred lane in that order, the champions are situational^^