Anyone play DayZ? Thoughts?

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  1. Just wondering if any of you lovely people are players of the infamous DayZ; and if you are, what your thoughts on the game are and whether or not you feel like playing with a fellow Iwakuvian sometime ^^ (That's me by the way, XD )
  2. I have it and I....I die way to often to enjoy it and also no body who has it on their game list really asks me to play, Ive asked a few people from here to play it with me and every time it was a no lol.

    I heard there was an update though and that they have fully functioning cars now?

    Can you even kill zombies? I can't kill a
  3. The broken military trucks are in as normal vehicles now, I've driven one, they're pretty cool.
    As for killing zombies, most of the melee weapons have been fixed nicely so that swings actually hit zombies now, and bullets are obvious killers. I have no problem with them anymore.
    I'd be happy to play! It's a much more fun game in a group, I get paranoid as a loner XD
  4. Mod or Standalone?

    Cos I've got very different opinions on the two.
  5. Standalone, I've yet to try the mod.
  6. I played the mod for years and have the standalone as well.

    I really enjoyed the standalone, I think during the first three weeks it was out I played some 200 hours, but I havnt played that much recently because I leave my gaming computer at home while I'm at school. Honestly how fun the game is depends largely on who you play it with, by yourself its a decent game, but with a good group of friends or a clan it's an awesome game.

    I remember times where my clan would do raids in Electro and try to hold the city for as long as possible, the firefights that ensued were a blast. Same with loot raids on the NWAF and Biota(?). On one server we played they had an Anti-KOS taskfroce that would go around the map and kill people who were raiding or camping (the thing was organised through reddit). So we raided Electro with five guys and KOS'd everything until eventually the task force showed up and absolute fun ensued, an all out war in Electro. M4's popping off on full auto, bullet impacts fucking everywhere while your sprinting through the street to keep from being flanked, snipers on the hill and counter snipers in the city, blasting a fully geared dude with my mosin in a hallway fight, then dying, coming back and killing two guys looting my corpse with a splitting axe before reclaiming my gear and bouncing.

    Honestly, find a good group of people to play with and it's an amazing game.

    That said the list of things that piss me off about it is also pretty long.
  7. Thing is, good luck finding even an AK these days.
    Updates made all assault rifles infinitely rarer, I've at most had an SKS for the last 3 months or so, though they're pretty common. Seen one AK74. Couldn't find a mag.
  8. Was fun when people played along when we captured them at gunpoint.

    More fun when you'd blast them in the leg and tell the others if they tried anything funny you'd do the same.

    More fun with a few friends. Nothing like one friend playing spotter while the other four try to shoot kids from a quarter mile.

    Oh, the lantern in the middle of the airfield was a blast too. You had to get creative to get people killed. But when you did and they screamed their lungs out at you for taking that rifle they just found? Glorious.
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  9. I have the game and played it alot, but was frustrated with all the bugs so I uninstalled it. I'll download it again once the game gets out of the alpha stages.
  10. It's either in beta now or very close to it. There's still a lot of content to add to it still though. As for bugs, the majority have been taken care of, the game crashes occasionally but that's no biggy right now. Other than that, loot will sometimes bug, though I'm not sure if this is because of dupers or not yet. (You get tons of loot everywhere but it's rarely useful in these instances.) The games biggest problem right now is server hoppers; military loot and other high level loot is stripped on an industrial scale by these people, to the point where on any official server I can go NWAF and not find a single item of loot except damaged boots. It's like that at every military base/area. So I tend to play on non-persistence servers more, at least loot respawns every so often then.
  11. I have the standalone for DayZ, but I have to admit, the Breaking Point mod for ArmA3 has definitely won me over because it hits a raw nerve of frustration that's almost... too exhilarating to ignore. With characters independent to each individual server, you don't deal so much with server hoppers, and that makes it really nice... and zombies that spawn on their own, but spawn in bulk should there be more than one player in a given area. Same niche, just as fun.

    In one of my recent experiences with the mod, I had made it out of the stronghold for my class and north along the shore to meet up with a friend - we met up, explored a few abandoned houses, and some twit with a hatchet started railing at me, unarmed and fresh out of spawn. It wouldn'tve been so rage-inducing had he not kept chiming, I love you, I love you, after I yelled at him for being such a [expletive, four letters, starts with c].

    Proceeded to respawn and get back to that point, hot micing all the while that we were going to take him hostage, gut him alive, and then drop his sorry bum in the ocean, because why not? Every time I log on now, I get this particularly pleasant strike of vicious inspiration, which amuses my gaming group for ArmA3. I'm not terribly good, but I come up with some pretty stellar plans.

    Definitely worthwhile, in my opinion.
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