Anyone know any good VNs?

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  1. Hai! Perhaps a few of you already know this but I'm an avid..."player" of visual novel type games. Lately I've been feeling like I've been missing a good story to get into and enjoy so I wanna ask anyone here if they know of any particularly good VNs. I like dark stuff but I also dont like so incredibly dark I just dont give a damn.

    Some of my favorites include Steins;Gate, Dangan Ronpa 1+2, 999+Zero Escape, and the Phoenix Wright series, if anyone has any suggestions or inklings into things I'd might like just say it below, and for bonus Nickboom points! (Aka utterly worthless points) include a link to a thingy that gives a general feel for the thing.
  2. Have you not played Fate/Stay Night? It's one hell of a VN.
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  3. Aw shit, forgot to put that one down XD I've played Fate/Stay Night yes, but not any of the others in the series just that one (among the first I EVER played actually)
  4. Try and look around the Nitro+ VNs, I heard some of them are pretty good for people who enjoyed Dangan Ronpa. Dark themes and all.

    And if you like the Phoenix Wright series, give Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective a go, very similar thing going on there and pretty underrated in my opinion.
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  5. Katawa Shoujo. Prepare for the feels.
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  6. God you guys make me feel so dumb sometimes XD I've played Ghost Trick and some of Katawa Shoujo, though Katawa kinda lost my interest over time after completing Rin's arc. (GHOST TRICK IS LIKE, ONE OF MY FAVORITE GAMES EVAR! It made me cry at the end *SNIFFLES LIKE A MAN*) However I'll look into Nitro+ I've heard of the company but it seems like an interesting lead to follow.
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  7. I see. If you had gone down Emi's arc, you'd never be able to look at a lemon straight again. ;)
  8. Saya no Uta! Reverse beauty and the beast!! From Nitro+ , one of their first VNs in fact.
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  9. Sorry to disappoint but I have tried it XD I gave up around the neighbor scene (one cause it crashed and two cause I was like...oh mah gad so dark) Was definitely interesting though, interesting to know that's Nitro+'s work...hmm I'll definitely have to look into more of them!
  10. Try it again! It has a stable release now. :) the best part are the endings (ikr?). Damn, you are just getting to the good part! It is a short VN, you can do the rest in one or two sittings.
  11. Hmm...I'll see if during a break I get I can plow through that game, it'd be interesting ^.^ I just think I need someone to talk to about it XD I NEED TO BE ABLE TO MAKE JOKES ABOUT THESE THINGS.

    Also, Corpse Party or Higurashi - When They Cry for horror themed VNs? And if you're looking at Nitro+ you should also look at the Type-Moon (Fate/stay night) VNs.

  13. Corpse party was pretty good, and I heard of Higurashi, I looked into that one actually! It might be the next one I play once school cuts out for a break.
  14. I highly recommend Grisaia no Kajitsu, as it is my fav VN. Its mostly what you would call comedy, but I won't spoil anything.
  15. Play Grisaia they said... it'll be fun they said.
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  16. Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme
    Forbidden Love with my Wife's Sisters
    Hypno-Training my Mother and Sister
    I’ll break into the office of DLsite’s distribution system, and have my way with all their mascot characters!!!
    Let's Meow Meow!
    My Girlfriend is the President
    Sexy Demon Transformation

    No really. All of these are very good. Trust me.
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  17. G-Senjou no Maou is what got me into VNs myself if you haven't read it yet

    Have a opening~

    I'll provide a more extensive list once I am done raiding~
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  18. A friend has told me Cinders is a really good visual novel game!
  19. Haha yeah, the build up is great.
  20. Hehe, I FINALLY GET FREE TIME SO OF COURSE I GET VIOLENTLY ILL XD *hacks up a couple lungs* But seriously lots of interesting things up here!
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